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Bernd Korte (centuryfan)

B-Wing Bandai 1:72

I'm building this Star Wars B-Wing as a somewhat late Xmas present for my brother.


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😎 start
10. January, 12:05
Roman Modelar
will be watching😉
try to add some more contrasts into the interior
11. January, 14:04
12. January, 09:08
12. January, 09:20
Jay Dubya
Red six - standing by
12. January, 10:40
Erik No
Looks good! Tip for the figure: A layer of matte varnish and a brown wash work wonders. 🙂
12. January, 11:18
Bernd Korte
Thanks guys! Yes, I'll apply a wash to the figure. I hope it'll look better then. In the meantime I tried out some paint chipping on the cockpit hull.
16. January, 17:52
Stefan Schacht
bin dabei 🙂
16. January, 17:53
Bernd Korte
Some more progress. What's really different from my "regular" plane model is that this kit is best dealt with by building it in quite a few sub-assemblies.
23. January, 16:56
Looking good Bernd! I'm following along, as I've started a B-wing myself, from the old Return of the Jedi kit. 👍
23. January, 22:43
All looks nice 👍
24. January, 08:34
Bernd Korte
Thanks JD and Torsten! If possible it would be great to see some photos of your B-Wing, JD!
I've now finished decal work on my model. Tomorrow I'll start weathering/"washing" my brother's little space fighter!
30. January, 18:46
It's looking great Bernd! Mine is nearly finished, just need to do the decals.. Too bad the old Airfix kit only came with 2 orange dots to work with. I'll look over my stash to see If I can find a few more to add.
30. January, 23:57
Btw, if you use a black stand against a black background, you can get to sort of "hide" the stand. 🙂
31. January, 13:38
Nathan Dempsey
Looking great 🙂
31. January, 14:09
Look great
31. January, 15:47
Bernd Korte
Thanks guys!
@Treehugger: Yes, I definitely need a black back drop. A light grey model in front of a white back drop is not ideal for taking photos as I just had to experience...
31. January, 18:38
Hanno Kleinecke
Cool subject, excellent paintjob very good result Bernd !
31. January, 19:54
Torben H.
Very well done. I'm happy that I got the last one from MBK in December. These Bandai kits are a joy to build.
4. February, 21:37
very nicely done Bernd
4. February, 21:59
Bernd Korte
Thanks for your comments! As you can see I have painted the display stand black (as per my brothers request who followed Treehuggers suggestion). If I only had a black backdrop as well! I just have white sheets for my photo box. In normal times I could just go to the paper store across the street to by some decent sized black cardboard. But, of course, that shop is still closed for lock down. Once I have a black background I'll take some more photos. A light grey model doesn't really "pop" in front of a white background 😄
5. February, 17:58
Bernd Korte
@Torben H.: Yes, the kit was a joy to build! I'm really somewhat spoiled now...
5. February, 17:59
Yeah black backgrounds are😎 Bandai kits are great, and have spoiled me for sure! They are so fun and easy to build, more like a puzzle really..
5. February, 18:49
Well done😎
6. February, 08:54
Fantastic job 👍
6. February, 09:02
Bernd Korte
Thanks guys! I have to admit the B-Wing looks good in the display cabinet - but that's only its temporary home till I'll be able to give it to my brother (what a pity 😄).
14. February, 09:41
Gareth Burge
Cracking project Bernd, I wish I'd picked one up now! Lovely finishing on it. Thanks for sharing!
14. February, 09:57
Marcel Richener
Very nice build. Super weathering! Well done.
20. February, 09:43
Christian Lehmann
Something I missed until today. Very nice result!
2. April, 14:02


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1:72 B-Wing Starfighter (Bandai 0230456)

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