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Airfix Model World 35

Airfix Model World


Magazine:Airfix Model World
Number:35 | October 2013

Table of contents

Editorial | Page 3
Editor's Desk

by Glenn Sands

News | Page 6
News Bulletin

Latest Updates

News | Page 10
Show Scene

Diary Dates

Build Report, 1:48  | Page 12
Radar Hunter

by Tom Sunley
Tom Sunley builds the aircraft in the vanguard of missions over turbulent Lybia in 2011

Build Report, 1:48  | Page 22
Devil of a Biplane

by Jan Maes
Jan Maes show how to get the best from Aeroclub's Hawker Demon

Build Report, 1:232  | Page 30
Last of the Six

by David Fisher
David Fisher makes an Olympian effort to improve Encore's Premium Edition Protected Cruiser

Build Report, 1:35  | Page 42
Press Ganged Runabout

by Toni Canfora
Toni Canfora presents a beautiful little viginette, with Tamiya's Simca 5 as its focal point

Reference | Page 48
Out and About

by Glenn Sands
Royal International Air Tattoo

Build Report, 1:72  | Page 52
Gloster's Battling Biplane

by Peter Fearis
Peter Fearis is mightily impressed by Airfix's all-new Gloster Gladiator Mk.I

Build Report | Page 60
I am the law!

by Pete Watson
Pete Watson delves into the world of comic book fantasy to complete one of its mist famous characters
70mm Judge Dredd (Dark World Creations )
Judge Dredd in 70mm
Dark World Creations 70mm
2013 | New tool

Reference | Page 66
Out and About

by Ian Grainger
Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013

Reference | Page 70
Out and About

by Glenn Sands
FAA Finesse!!

Build Report, 1:35  | Page 72
Daring to Win

by Paul Cawte
Paul Cawte takes a trip down memory lane by re-visiting Italeri's ageing Commando Car

Review | Page 80
On The Shelf

Aircraft Books

Review | Page 82
On The Shelf

Books & DVDs

Review | Page 84
On The Shelf

Aircraft kits
1:72 Gotha P.60 C1 (AZ model AZ7412)
Gotha P.60 C1 "Nightfighter" (Luftwaffe '46)
AZ model 1:72
AZ7412 2013 | New tool
1:48 I-16 Type 24 (Eduard 8468)
I-16 Type 24 Weekend Edition
Eduard 1:48
8468 2009 | Changed decals
1:72 Shinmeiwa PS-1 (Hasegawa 04008)
Shinmeiwa PS-1 STOL anti-submarine patrol flying boat
Hasegawa 1:72
04008 (K8) 1987 | Changed box

Review | Page 86
On The Shelf

Military kits

Review | Page 88
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Decal Sheets

Reference | Page 90
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Build Report | Page 92
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| Page 94
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Also recently released

Editorial | Page 98
Cutting Matt Chat

by Peter Johnston
AMW contributor Peter Jackson has built for the magazine since Issue 2. Here, he reminices about hus roots in the hobby