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database for skalabyggesett | samlingshåndterer



A short video tutorial explains how it works.

The following examples demonstrate how you can use the search engine, Searching for:

  • Tornado - Finds all results that contain the word "Tornado".
  • Tornado Tigermeet - Finds all results that contain both words.
  • Tornado Seat* - Finds all results containing "Tornado" AND words starting with "seat" (eg. seats, seatbelts...)
  • Tornado 1:72 - Finds all results that contain the word "Tornado" and filtered to scale 1:72.
  • Tornado 1:72 Revell - Finds all results containing "Tornado" and filtered to scale 1:72 and company Revell.
  • "Panavia Tornado IDS" - Finds all results that contain the exact phrase "Panavia Tornado IDS".

Smarte filtre vil vises på høyre side når du utførte et søk, bare velg ett eller flere filtre for å utvide resultatene. Avhengig av delen du søker, vil du se andre filtre.

Hva kan du finne?

By default you search all sections, a dropdown list in front of the searchbox allows changing the scope to:

  • Products: Our huge kitdatabase with 430.000 kits, detailsets, decals, figurines...
  • »» Market-Place: Search all products, and show immediately where to buy info.
  • »» Reviews: Search all products, and show immediately available reviews
  • Gallery: 63.000 feature articles of finished models on 1300+ sites
  • Paint: Our database of paints & colors.
  • Books: A massive database for scale modeling reference books.
  • Walkarounds: walkarounds found on the WWW.
  • Projects: Scale modeling projects started by our members.
  • Members: Our 59.000+ members
  • Companies: Our companies list
  • Sites: Online magazines, forums, clubs, blogs...
  • Shops: Online or offline scale modeling shops across the globe.