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Geoff Heyland (Gph)

Canadair CL-52 Conversion


16 | 6. March, 04:48
Bernd Korte
Great project!
6. March, 12:01
Geoff Heyland
Thanks Bernd - still trying to figure out how to do projects on Scalemates, so it's a bit clunky!
6. March, 14:30
Bernhard Schrock
Excellent build and finish. Very remarkable how exactly you represented the ripped off paint areas...
15. March, 06:07
Raphael Bernecole
great work ! ;)
15. March, 08:16
Beautiful colors and finish!
15. March, 10:44
Geoff Heyland
Thanks gentlemen - really appreciate it! Just awaiting custom decals and probably a bit more panel definition.
19. March, 03:07
Matthew A
19. March, 13:27
Alexander Grivonev
This is some amazing work and finish👍 Stunner!
19. March, 13:36
Fascinating! 🙂 I really like how the darker lines goes down all along side the metal skin.
19. March, 14:00
Geoff Heyland
Thanks - I made a mask from strip plastic, sort of like a picket fence, and sprayed the darker colour through it. I then just moved it along the fuselage and repeated the process. Modelled on an approach I learned from Roger Hardy, who did a build article here on the Hasegawa B47.
21. March, 03:21


1:72 Boeing B-47E (Pavla Models C72114)

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