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Guillaume Blanchet (Guillohm)



14 | 5. March, 00:40
Nathan Dempsey
Nice cockpit. This one's going to be good🙂
5. March, 11:40
Sebastian Meyner
Late war 109!? ....following for sure 👍 Very nice start Guillaume!
5. March, 12:43
Guillaume Blanchet
Thank you both. Yes I'm nearing the end of the war with my german figthers projects. I should be ready to enter the german jet age around april. I really like these late war camo. Espescially the RLM 76 V.2 (the greenish one) I had my AK paint order stuck in Fedex's Memphis warehouse due to a snowstrom. So I started this one since it's the same camo pattern than my other current project (FW-190D). I'll probably paint them both in the same paint session.

I had a lot of fun adding details in the cockpit. I used the video bellow to get an idea of the cockpit details. I ,usually use War thunder for that purpose, but I'm not far enough on my tech tree to acces the BF-109k-4.

Youtube Video

5. March, 14:06
Nathan Dempsey
The camo came out nice Guillaume🙂
8. March, 00:37
Rui S
Looking good. I'm in😎
22. March, 01:30
Guillaume Blanchet
The decal are applied, still need a few touch ups & to finish the landing gear.
26. March, 23:48
Roland Gunslinger
Lovely work 👍
10. April, 21:12
Guillaume Blanchet
Thanks Roland 🙂
12. April, 01:16
Patrick Hagelstein
Nice late war 109! 👍
12. April, 03:46
Sebastian Meyner
Great looking 109 Guillaume 👍
12. April, 05:25
Guillaume Blanchet
thanks guys!
13. April, 01:26
Damian Güttner
Good evening Guillaume
Just found your Bf 109 K. Very well built, great paintwork

8. May, 20:40
Guillaume Blanchet
Thanks Damian, Much appreciated 🙂
9. May, 15:54


1:48 Messerschmitt Bf 109K-4 (Fujimi 27032)

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