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Roland Deschain
Roland Gunslinger (Roland Deschain)

Scalemates Schwalbe Group build 2021


33 | 25. February, 13:47
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Roland Gunslinger
I call it done 😄
My thoughts on the kit: I can fully recommend the kit. The price-performance ratio is very good (at least here in Germany) and I would also say the detailing. Didn't find any real issues, but I'm not an "expert" on the ME262 either. For the "inflight" mode you have to calculate a bit of effort, as the covers do not fit particularly well. But most of the time you have the problem. The Aerobonus pilot definitely needs an amputation. Overall, a great kit for me. I will definitely be building the Nightfighter version of it soon. With all covers open.
25. February, 14:14
Alec K
Very well done and beautifully painted Roland 👍
25. February, 14:18
Konrad Limmer
Very nice Roland 👍!
Congrats to this nice model and your unique presentation :)! Once you see this stand you know ahhh it's a Roland plane ;)!
25. February, 15:19
Slavo Hazucha
Flawless pass through the finish line - a very realistic looking finish over all areas - just the right amount of effects, looks all very convincing - big scale for big results 👍 Looking forward to the Nightfighter, but let´s give the 32-scale Tomcat a proper shunt before!😉
25. February, 15:58
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Alec, Konrad and Slavo :)
Konrad, I think these acrylic blocks are pretty cool, but of course that's a personal matter of taste.
Slavo, yes, the big Tomcat is now prioritized again and already on the bench.
25. February, 17:23
Beautiful 👍
25. February, 17:39
Guillaume Blanchet
Awesome! I'm particularly impressed by the camo pattern on the fuselage. Your rendering of it is perfect.
25. February, 18:01
Nathan Dempsey
Beautiful finish. The camo came out great & I like your display block too.
25. February, 18:25
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you WhiteGlint, Guillaume and Nathan! Much appreciated!
25. February, 19:00
Jan Peters
Congratulations on a great looking me-262!
The ' in flight' perspective is showing the clean lines of the design to good effect.
25. February, 19:34
What a beautiful result. Excellent job Roland!!
25. February, 19:42
Sebastian Meyner
Very well done!!! I love the paint job 👍
25. February, 19:47
Greg Baker
Another masterpiece...
25. February, 20:00
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Jan, Spanjaard, Sebastian and Greg! Much appreciated! Cheers :)
25. February, 21:16
Top build and presentation! Some pictures really suggest an in flight situation 👍!
26. February, 11:32
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Neuling :)
26. February, 12:30
James C
Stunning looking 262 Roland. I just love how that camouflage turned out as well. Awesome result 👍
26. February, 16:06
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks James! Much appreciated!
26. February, 16:40
Greg Baker
It's nice to see Rudolph get so much positive feedback. It must do wonders for his self-confidence after how the other Schwalbes treated him...
26. February, 16:47
Daniel Klink
Eyecatching beauty 👍
26. February, 17:34
Murad ÖZER
gorgeous all around! 👍
26. February, 17:37
Christoph Kunz
26. February, 18:45
Rui S
Nice clean work 👍
26. February, 18:46
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks a bunch Daniel, Murad, Christoph and Rui! Cheers!

Greg, but like everything in life, I am now getting the negative side of its success. He's developing into a rock star diva, drinks all day, pestering the other Schwalben and shouting vulgarly at me from his shelf ... He's like "Ted" without a fur.
27. February, 12:10
Gary Kitchen
Fabulous photos of a masterful build.👍
7. March, 20:05
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Gary! Much appreciated!
8. March, 00:35
Clifford Keesler
Stunning build sir, very well done.
14. March, 02:40
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks a lot Clifford! I really appreciate your words!
14. March, 09:34


1:32 Me262 A-1/A-2 (Revell 03875)1:32 German Luftwaffe Pilot with seat for Me 262A - Hasegawa / Revell / Trumpeter - (Aerobonus 320 119)1:32 Me 262A TFace (Eduard JX245)
Messerschmitt Me 262 A-2a
3R Military WkNr. 170122,2.
KG 51 Edelweiss
1944 World War 2 - Rheine

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