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Roland Deschain
Roland Gunslinger (Roland Deschain)

Scalemates Schwalbe Group build 2021 „WIP"


39 | 1. January, 15:57
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Daniel Klink
Cool stuff and happy you joined mate 👍
1. January, 16:05
1. January, 16:29
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Daniel and Stefan!
I love GB's😉
This is going to be a „Inflight" build.
The GB is called „Schwalbe", so only the A-1 Version is „allowed" if im right?
1. January, 20:04
Łukasz Gliński
Damn Hitler's naming, Strumvogels are welcome of course 🙂
Schwalbe is such a nice name, even in German 😄
1. January, 20:09
Roland Gunslinger
😄 That's cool, because the A2 has a nice camo.
1. January, 20:12
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Ready fir the action !!!
1. January, 21:53
Jan Peters
Large scale sturmvogel, this will be great :)
3. January, 16:56
i am in 🙂
3. January, 21:29
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Mates! nice to have you aboard :)
I finally finished a piece. The fit is good. All OOB except the pilot and masking sheet.
8. January, 17:15
Guillaume Blanchet
That's going to be intersting. I see it's a level 5. How do you like the details so far?
8. January, 17:16
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Guillaume!
To be honest, I don't know how Revell classifies the "levels". My guess is that it is a "Level 5" due to the paintwork.
So far I think the details are excellent. you can even choose between the "rocket" and "bomb" control panel in the cockpit. The panel lines are IMHO correct and not too deep. The rivets are ok. A very good detail / effort balance in my opinion. If you can get the kit cheaply, in my opinion it is preferable to the Trumpeter. But the trumpeter comes with little PE. The Trumpeter panel lines are typical "Trumpeter".
8. January, 17:32
Nice start, the 'pit looks great.
8. January, 17:36
James C
Off to a great start👍
8. January, 17:47
8. January, 18:23
Daniel Klink
Really great start wow!!
That 48 and 32 stuff is so amazing today
8. January, 18:44
Nathan Dempsey
Gotta see this one.
8. January, 18:53
that cockpit is really nice
8. January, 21:19
Slavo Hazucha
Stylish pilot office! Squeezing out every bit out of the big scale, aren't you... 🙂 Really like what I see 👍
8. January, 21:19
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Mates and Thanks a bunch for your kind words! Much appreciated :)
After a few days of laziness, the sleeves are now rolled up again. Wings and fuselage prepared for marriage. So far everything fits quite well except for the cannon area. If you want it to be closed, like me, it involves a bit of work.
14. January, 17:29
Roland Gunslinger
Engine assembled. Only the most necessary parts, because you can't see anything anyway.
17. January, 09:34
Jan Peters
Unless you open up some panels of course
17. January, 10:26
Roland Gunslinger
That's right 👍 My 2nd build of this (the nightfighter) will be a „all open" build. But this one is a „inflight".
17. January, 10:30
Roland Gunslinger
Pilot painted. Sadly he lost his legs...
The engine covers fit is really bad. Sanding, sanding and sanding...
21. January, 17:23
Konrad Limmer
Nice painted figure 👍! Cool progress on this one.
21. January, 17:31
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Konrad :)
Painting figures is always an adventure for me 😄
21. January, 21:40
Łukasz Gliński
Handsome driver indeed 👍
21. January, 21:41
Konrad Limmer
Yes but a nice adventure ;)! I'm sure he's doing his job well ;)...
22. January, 07:09
Jan Peters
Quite a fanatical pilot, flying without his legs!
Nice paintjob :)
22. January, 09:52
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Lukasz! :)
Definitely Konrad😉
22. January, 10:15
a germany version of Douglas Bader, i guess😉
22. January, 10:22
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Jan!
Spanjaard, oh... indeed i see parallels😉
22. January, 11:11
Roland Gunslinger
Engines on. Pilot in. Next step canopy and then painting juhu ...
22. January, 16:29
James C
Looking good Roland👍
22. January, 16:31
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you James!
Rocket racks finished. Tried to make the wood look ...
23. January, 18:27
24. January, 07:43
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Juergen :)
24. January, 10:52
Jan Peters
Nice wood effect!
24. January, 11:53
24. January, 12:18
Roland Gunslinger
Ready for primer...
30. January, 22:13
Roland Gunslinger
Primer done ...
7. February, 14:39
Konrad Limmer
Very smooth surface!
Looking good.
7. February, 15:11
Jan Peters
Back in black
7. February, 15:14
Guillaume Blanchet
Looking good. What did you used to paint the wooden rocket rack?
7. February, 16:27
Christoph Kunz
Just found this report. And your work looks great. Die Holzroste sind der Hammer.
7. February, 16:49
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Konrad, Jan, Guillaume and Christoph :)
The AK primer is really great and doesn't smell quite as bad as MR surfacer. But still smells enough😉 Clear recommendation!
Guillaume, to be honest, I can't quite tell you anymore. But I think it was Vallejo model air Dark Nato Brown mixed with white for the light and with black for the dark. For the light one was added a drop of red. Then came a dark and a light wash. In the end it was a wild mix of everything I found in my paint box. I'm sorry I can't tell you more specific.
7. February, 17:42
Guillaume Blanchet
That's good enough thanks!
7. February, 18:01
Łukasz Gliński
Cool mottling, have you considered leaving it as the camo?😉
7. February, 19:41
Daniel Klink
Marbleous Roland 👍
7. February, 20:34
Slavo Hazucha
Looks delicious!😉 👍
7. February, 23:49
Jan Peters
Keep it coming
8. February, 15:24
Jim J
9. February, 01:51
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Łukasz, Daniel, Slavo, Jan and Jim! Much apprechiated!

Painted underside RLM76 , Top RLM82 and RLM81 . Next step lines with RLM70 .
12. February, 16:48
Nathan Dempsey
Looking good Roland. I love that AK Real paint 🙂
12. February, 16:57
Jan Peters
Looking good indeed! Never used these paints, but the results look great. Ate these specially for airbrushing, or do you have to dilute them first?
12. February, 17:22
James C
Looking awesome👍
12. February, 17:32
Guillaume Blanchet
Looking good, can't wait to start my schwalbe build.
12. February, 17:35
12. February, 18:03
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks mates!
The AK real colors are my favorit colors. I thinned it with the AK thinner plus a few drops of Tamiya laquer thinner. IPA works also very good.
RLM70 applied.
12. February, 18:57
Roland Gunslinger
Here comes the red nosed Sturmvogel...
13. February, 18:31
Łukasz Gliński
Shouldn't we call him Rudolf?😉
13. February, 20:53
14. February, 13:06
James C
Superb paintwork Roland👍
14. February, 16:18
Konrad Limmer
Here comes Rudolf the red nose sturmvogel :).
Ok could be a hit, if not your build definitely is it 👍!
14. February, 16:38
Roland Gunslinger
Many Thanks James and Konrad! Much appreciated :)
14. February, 16:55
Jim J
Fantastic camo Roland.
15. February, 01:29
Jan Peters
Will you extend een the motling to the wings? Or was it applied to the wings only?
15. February, 16:56
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Jim, much appreciated !
Jan, Usually there is no mottling on the wings with this camo. There is nothing in the instructions either.
15. February, 17:08
Sebastian Meyner
Excellent paint job Roland 👍
15. February, 17:09
Jan Peters
Ok, thanks, I didn't know that :)
15. February, 17:22
Gary Kitchen
Hi Roland. I'm late to your superb build but following now. I see you're using the AK primer, it says straight out of the bottle. I tried it and clogged the airbrush very quickly. Any tips on dilution/ thinning and air pressure please.
Also, loving your pilot and his loss of legs- the Luftwaffe's Douglas Bader perhaps😉
16. February, 07:33
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Sebastian and Gary! Much appreciated!

Gary, I have no clogging with this AK thinner straight from the bottle. I spray with a 0.4 mm nozzle and about 20 psi; Rather less. A 30-minute spray session is not a problem (I usually spray more at once). Then I'll rinse through, also because the pot looks ugly. I could imagine that a smaller nozzle could cause clogging. Unfortunately, I can't tell you exactly because I've only taken my 0.4 so far. It is also important that you apply very, very thin layers. Especially the first. Then it can "eat" himself perfectly in the plastic and is bombproof. In my opinion, only MR surfacer is comparable. But I don't want that smell in my room anymore.

Jan, I have to admit that there are enough exceptions to this "rule". There are also not many pictures of this "Edelweiss" that I build. Strictly speaking, not one on which you can see the wings. At least I haven't found one. So you could probably do what you want with the wings 😄
16. February, 10:28
Gary Kitchen
Thanks Roland. I think I'm on 0.3 nozzle, I'll go bigger 0.5 and see how I go. Thanks again. 👍
16. February, 13:33
Łukasz Gliński
Which AK primer exactly are you meaning?
16. February, 15:44
Greg Baker
Wow.... this one is turning into something very special. No surprise there... but still needs to be said.
16. February, 15:50
Gary Kitchen
Hi Lukasz - PM you so we don't hi jack Roland's thread.
16. February, 16:24
Roland Gunslinger
Gary, You're welcome. No problem, you can keep talking here.
Łukasz, It's about the AK Primer and Microfiller.

Greg, thank you for you kind words, much appreciated!

Decals are ready, now the fun begins. Next step: airbrush postshading and weathering with oils.
17. February, 20:59
Daniel Klink
Fully agree with Greg... 👍 Exceptional paintjob ..
Mine will become a white nose btw. hehe
17. February, 21:32
Alec K
Very nice work Roland 👍
18. February, 03:48
18. February, 06:00
That mottling and splinter camo go very well together. 👍
18. February, 12:21
Slavo Hazucha
Superb looking "nest of pissed snakes" camo on the fuselage & nacelles! 👍

The later pictures also show that all the prep under the splinter camo was definitely worth it - very nice indeed!
18. February, 18:41
Jan Peters
It is looking better everytime i see it Roland
19. February, 18:19
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks a lot Daniel, Alec, Christian, WhiteGlint and Slavo, much appreciated!
Post shading completed. Next step blending and Oils. It will get a little dirtier😉
19. February, 18:20
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Jan, much appreciated!
19. February, 18:23
Beautiful paint job. What gloss varnish did you use, it's shiny!
19. February, 18:36
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks OttovonLindberg, much appreciated!
I used Mr. Hobby H101 "premium Clear". Diluted with Tamiya Laquer Thinner. IPA can also be used, but lacquer thinner makes the surface smoother. At least that's my experience.
H101 Mr Hobby Color Aqueous Premium Clear, Mr. Color Gloss, Acrylic, 10ml
19. February, 18:48
Thank you. I had no idea you could use lacquer thinner for acrylics. Would Mr. Levelling Thinner work or is that too strong?
19. February, 18:51
Roland Gunslinger
You can't say that in general, but in my opinion Tamiya and Mr Hobby Acrylics even work better with lacquer thinner than with IPA.
Yes, you can use Mr. Leveling Thinner. In the end, this is nothing more than a laquer thinner mixed with a retarder.

PS: I mix with laquer when I want a smooth and shiny surface. With IPA if the surface should look as matt and dry as possible.
19. February, 18:57
Guy Rump
Beautiful job Roland, particularly like your pre-shading and your camo is superb. 🙂
19. February, 20:22
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Guy, much appreciated!
19. February, 20:56
Clifford Keesler
Looking awesome Roland.
19. February, 22:23
Christoph Kunz
Moin Roland, I agree, this paintjob looks fantastic.
The preshading on the wings is a bit too strong in my opinion, so I'm looking forward for your next steps.
20. February, 09:12
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks a lot Clifford, much appreciated!
20. February, 12:03
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Christoph! Which preshading do you mean? The marbling or the panel lines. Both are still blended. The panel lines are deliberately made with post-shading because they should be more intensive.
20. February, 12:05
Christoph Kunz
I meant post-shading, my mistake.
20. February, 13:35
David Pearson
nice paint job, looking really good.
20. February, 21:30
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks David!
22. February, 18:45
The belly looks great too. Did you already do some weathering?
22. February, 20:10
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks WhiteGlint! Yes, weathering is done: post shading of panel lines with Tamiya smoke + brown, green and black oils + dark brown panel wash. Unfortunately, you don't see it as well in the picture as I thought.
22. February, 20:14
22. February, 21:12
Jim J
22. February, 23:31
Clifford Keesler
I agree with all above.
23. February, 00:56
Slavo Hazucha
Excellent looking bottom - particularly the 2 "Weisswürste" under the wings!😉 Good you are doing an in-flight so all that tasty beauty will remain actually reasonably visible! 👍

Q: Would it be a valid last-resort tactics to shake a bandit by shooting the 4 Mk108´s and letting him fly into the cloud of 30mm cartridges? 😄
23. February, 11:42
Łukasz Gliński
"Weisswürste" ROTFL 😄
23. February, 11:54
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Nathan, Jim, Clifford and Slavo! Much appreciated!
WeisswürSCHte, After all, I'm a Bavarian😉 😄

Click here for the finished bird:
Scalemates Schwalbe Group build 2021 | Album by Roland Deschain (1:32)
25. February, 14:06
Juergen Klinglhuber
Perfect - great build & I just went through your album once more: 👍
13. March, 08:23


1:32 Me262 A-1/A-2 (Revell 03875)1:32 German Luftwaffe Pilot with seat for Me 262A - Hasegawa / Revell / Trumpeter - (Aerobonus 320 119)1:32 Me 262A TFace (Eduard JX245)
Messerschmitt Me 262 A-2a
3R Military WkNr. 170122,2.
KG 51 Edelweiss
1944 World War 2 - Rheine

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