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Roland Deschain
Roland Gunslinger (Roland Deschain)


Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020

Heres the WIP Documentation:
Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020 | Album by Roland Deschain (1:48)

Here the Group Build:
Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020 (1. Mai til 31. Desember, )

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Album: 2 med 82 bilder
1:48 Grumman F-14A Tomcat (Tamiya 61114)1:48 Aircraft Weapons: D (Hasegawa X48-8)2+
Grumman F-14A Tomcat
US Military US Navy (1794-now)
160685/104 (Iceman & Slider) | Top Gun Movie


14 | 13. August, 17:06
very nice job!
13. August, 19:53
James C
Congrats Roland on this awesome looking final reveal.
13. August, 20:04
Nice one !
13. August, 20:12
Nathan Dempsey
That's a real beauty Roland! I'm really digging subtle dirtiness on this build.
13. August, 20:13
Slavo Hazucha
A much awaited reveal from the GB..! Pic 21 looks pretty much like your project title picture. Great job & you brought another rather different perspective on the F-14, blue-ish accents & different weathering compared to the "wet" ones from the carrier decks... I think you could actually make a fortune on selling this one claiming it's a practical effect studio model from 1986... ;)
13. August, 20:28
Konrad Limmer
Awesome presentation Roland ! Your result is stunning and something you can be proud of!
13. August, 20:41
Jos Jansen
Poooah...excellent build Roland, also great in flight display! Bring back a lot of good memories from the movie Topgun... 8) What a superb add to this legendary GB.
13. August, 21:29
Sergej I
Awesome! Love every bit of it.
13. August, 22:14
Clifford Keesler
Fantastic job, I love it.
13. August, 23:39
Greg Baker
Oh, just beautiful!
14. August, 05:55
Are those Sidewinders from the kit?
14. August, 07:37
I love photo 7 and 31. :) As if looking at the plane in a movie or something.
14. August, 07:42
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Spanjaard, James, Augie, Nathan, Slavo, Konrad, Jos, Sergej, Clifford, Greg and Treehugger for your nice comments! I appreciate your kind words!
Scalemates is the best "Mojo-Afterburner" that I know :D

@Treehugger Yes, the Sidewinders AIM-9G/H are from the kit. IMHO they are better than the "Hobby Boss" Sidewinders but there are no Eduard either.
It's all OOB except the Camera-POD (carved from a Hasegawa targeting POD), the Alfa Probe (I didn't even know why I even had it :D ) and the decals.

I know I've written it before, but the kit is fantastic. If you want a quick and easy build, I think this is the best kit on this scale on the market. There were no problems at all and the level of detail is relatively high.
14. August, 10:03
I noticed that there are rivets on this kit of yours, which seems nice. None of that on my Academy one in 1:48.
14. August, 10:20
Rui S
Beautifuly done. Great photos & presentation
14. August, 15:41
Roland Gunslinger
Treehugger, yes the Academy is more „minimal". I have started it a while ago. I had bad fit issues. Now it's in the Box of doom :D

Rui, thank you! Much appreciated :)
14. August, 19:08
Perfect. Paintwork so subtle ........
15. August, 09:09
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Neuling :)
15. August, 10:55
15. August, 18:29
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Andrew! Much appreciated!
15. August, 23:06
This GB has become a real Tomcat celebration! and what would that party be without a topgun machine? Your take on it is really a joy to behold, cool color shades, cool pose, great stuff!
17. August, 20:14
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Daniel :) The kit was a pleasure to build: Shake and bake :D
17. August, 20:39
Michael Phillips
Wow Roland, this is really quite fantastic! The weathering is just spot on compared to the movie cats. Bravo!
18. August, 00:45
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Michael for your kind words! Much appreciated :)
18. August, 14:54

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