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Roland Deschain
Roland Gunslinger (Roland Deschain)


Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020

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1:32 F-14D Super Tomcat (Trumpeter 03203)1:32 F-14 placards S.A. (Eduard 32605)7+
Grumman F-14D Super Tomcat
US Military US Navy (1794-now)
VF-213 Black Lions 164603 | TPS


30 | 7. May, 21:58
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Sergej I
***pulls a chair***
7. May, 22:21
man, I am super exited for this big boy
8. May, 06:51
Greg Baker
Whoah... I'm in... an F-14 groupbuild, hmmm...
8. May, 07:01
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Sergej, Daniel and Greg.
@ Daniel your big Rhino is a good inspiration and there's no better reason to finish a big toy than a GB :D
Greg, as i said to Patrick Hagelstein: do you have a choice at all? ;)
8. May, 07:49
Greg Baker
Likely not... I had no say in the Australian Truck GB, but this one... well, let's assume my 1/144 cat will fit inside the cockpit of yours... ;)
8. May, 08:02
Holger Kranich
Ja hier mache ich es mir mal bequem.
8. May, 08:09
Roland Gunslinger
"my 1/144 cat will fit inside the cockpit of yours" LOL So you can save fuel...

Hi Holger. Ja bequem ist wichtig, könnte ein längerer Bau werden :D
Hab grad gesehen du bist in/aus Wangerooge. Was für ein Zufall. Ein Bekannter von mir war letztes Jahr bei einem Modellbau "Treffen" (oder Workshop?) dort.
8. May, 21:25
Jos Jansen
Woooah..1/32, I am absolutely in... !
8. May, 21:58
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Jos! Nice to have you on board :)
10. May, 13:44
Patrick Hagelstein
12. May, 04:28
Roland Gunslinger
:D And because i give a s?!t about authenticity this goes OOB. Call me heretic :D
12. May, 13:02
Maciej Bellos
Whoa a big cat!
12. May, 13:39
Roland Gunslinger
Maciej, there are two more in my stash :D
It's a really big kit with lot's of plastic. But the instructions looks like it's the same build as the 48 hobby boss i recently build. So, im optimistic i can finish it til christmas.
12. May, 22:52
No time to waste :) I can only warn you that suddenly all your 48 scale tomcats will look boring with the big toy in the same room ;) just my experience. OOB is cool, curious what this kit can deliver without help
12. May, 23:03
Roland Gunslinger
I believe you about that :)
Another problem: My display case is slowly getting full...
Especially because i want to build it "all open" like my "Vark" (Radome, flaps, slats, weapon bay,...)
13. May, 10:42
Daniel Klink
That will be big! I'll grab a seat
13. May, 11:08
13. May, 13:17
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Daniel and Falk! :)
I still need a few days. But I'm starting the kit next week.
13. May, 15:21
Any fun ideas? Imagine a low flying F-14 over the ocean. :) Maybe impractical for 1:32 scale though, now that I think about it, maybe too large. :|
13. May, 15:27
Roland Gunslinger
This big cat is going to be a "all open" display build (like my Ardvark"). The kit comes with lot's of options: Radome, slats, flaps, weapon bay...
Here (Top Gun" double build) im trying to do a "low pass dessert fly"
DCM Album: Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020
DCM Album: WIP Top Gun Maverick F/A-18E
13. May, 15:34
Roland Gunslinger
Just a short update: Because i'm a weak human individual i can't resist my online shops "aftermarket weekend offer". So, this isn't a OOB build anymore ;)
1. June, 13:53
Slavo Hazucha
I know where you are coming from... Particularly the smaller models need aftermarket to pepper them up..! ;)
1. June, 14:26
1. June, 22:07
Greg Baker
So that's what that noise was. I heard the rumble all the way here in Seoul when you put the box down on the table. That thing is MASSIVE!
1. June, 23:20
Roland Gunslinger
ROFL Yes Greg, this box is just ridiculously big :D
2. June, 11:08
Roland Gunslinger
My order arrived today. Let the games begin :)
5. June, 10:56
Sergej I
Not enough paint mate :D
5. June, 13:30
Roland Gunslinger
I think you could be right :D
5. June, 13:35
Jos Jansen
Let's build....
5. June, 14:46
These are some nice additions interesting paints, have you tried those already? Enamel right?
6. June, 19:37
Roland Gunslinger
Yes, these are Alclad 2 enamels. I wanted to test them for a long time but they were often sold out when I ordered. I was lucky this time. Heard a lot of good things about it. Unfortunately, they stink like hell and without a spray booth I don't think they can spray at all. I haven't tested it in detail yet.
6. June, 20:42
Slavo Hazucha
A proud collection of extras & I love the cockpit-to-plane size comparison :D!

I sure would go through some make-up melting scenes having to ultimately cover-from-view all the beauty behind the seats in the Aires pit... Maverick & Goose ejection scene, anyone? ;)

I only checked some Alclad metals until now, initially, the smell is +/- on par with MRP´s, maybe just a little stronger, but the Alclad "Axe effect" definitely stays longer (both in the air & on the model) - no idea if that´s a bad thing or just honest & the MRP´s employ some nose-cheating chemicals...
8. June, 10:48
Clifford Keesler
Looking forward to this one.
9. June, 02:13
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Clifford, nice to have you abord :)

Slavo, this time no Top-Gun :D
I will try a "All open" build. I'm thinking about cutting off a engine view window.

Since the cockpit is almost a kit of its own, I thought to myself: before the saw a "whats in the box".
16. August, 19:40
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Anna-Elizabeth :)
Super Detailed? I will try my best :D
16. August, 19:41
Guy Rump
Interesting, watching with interest :)
16. August, 19:55
Rui S
Yes, another big one. So, I like it already ;)
17. August, 01:41
Greg Baker
Oh, my...
17. August, 05:09
Any special tweaks or customizations for this project?
17. August, 08:09
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Guy and Rui! Nice to have you abord :)
@ Greg The cockpit has more parts than the 72nd BF 109 i built :D
@ Treehugger Nothing special, just a lot of bling bling and open flaps.
19. August, 13:13
Daniel Klink
19. August, 14:56
Clifford Keesler
Looking forward to seeing this one take shape.
20. August, 02:10
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Daniel and Clifford :)
23. August, 16:23
Greg Baker
Geez, it must be pretty easy to build a model you can sit in while you do it...
26. August, 13:49
26. August, 16:48
Roland Gunslinger
Unfortunately, I wasn't ready yet. For the last few days I was buried under a sprue that fell on me.
26. August, 17:22
26. August, 18:20
I heard people are small in Korea greg - but I had no idea...! :D
26. August, 19:33
Greg Baker
That's more a comment on how BIG this kit is... ;)
27. August, 05:26
Roland Gunslinger
Since there are no more jokes about koreans here, I can continue building.
Before I start painting the cockpit, I thought I'd make a few comparative pictures.
6. September, 14:56
Clifford Keesler
No comparesion between Resin and Kit parts.
7. September, 23:44
Tip: Afaik, the top side "console" in the middle of the canopy has a handle bar for the "wizard" in the rear seat to grab onto when getting in and out of the rear seat. On my Aires resin in 1:48, the handles weren't there and isn't shown in the instructions, so I made one of styrene parts. Edit: Ah, looking at photo7 it looks like this handle is actually articulated on your large resin kit, nice.
8. September, 20:51
Roland Gunslinger
Unfortunately, in my opinion, you have to pay a lot for that :D

Today i started to reduce the huge pile of sprues and glued some parts together. So far the pieces have been working very well together. Not as perfect as the 48 Tamiya but better than expected. Especially since you read almost only bad things about this kit, at least in German forums. Only the details are not very well worked out. In addition, the kit has the same strange panel lines as the Hobby Boss kit. Somehow this was to be expected ;)
8. September, 20:55
Roland Gunslinger
@Treehugger Our comments have overlapped. Thanks for the hint :)
8. September, 21:10
Nathan Dempsey
Somehow I've missed this one. Following!
8. September, 23:24
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Nathan, You haven't missed a lot :)
9. September, 18:47
Clifford Keesler
It is looking good Roland.
10. September, 01:01
Michael Phillips
Oooh, somehow I missed this one too! Count me in. Looking good so far, that cockpit is going to be a beauty!!!
10. September, 01:36
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Clifford and Michael :) Take a seat. Lots of gluing but not really a big progress :D
11. September, 18:29
Roland Gunslinger
While I was initially optimistic, the kit has now turned out to be the ultimate horror. Actually, nothing fits with the intakes and lower fuselage. Everything is warped and must be glued with force. Although my motivation is very subdued, I will definitely bring this to an end: no matter what the cost.
1. October, 16:44
Clifford Keesler
I know you will whip it into shape and it will be a stunner.
2. October, 00:58
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you for your motivating words Clifford :)

I have now managed to fit the Aires cockpit into the front fuselage. A bit of carving was necessary, but now it also fits in with the gear box.
3. October, 11:12
Guy Rump
Looking good Roland, persevere and your normal great result will happen :)
3. October, 16:00
Christian Kohl
Good evening Roland! You have set yourself a huge task. I am very curious about the construction process. The F-14 is legendary and beautiful. Have fun, '' Maverick '' ;)
3. October, 18:23
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice Roland, impressive job on getting the pit to fit. I had no doubt you could do it.
4. October, 02:20
Slavo Hazucha
I guess that's the up & down curve with models this big - when things work, big fun, when not, you get gaps where a squadron of Greg's Area 88 bitds would fly throug... :D

But I completely hear you... hope you manage, many things on the pics look spectacular already!
4. October, 13:21
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks mates for your motivating comments! Much appreciated :)

@ Guy "Perseverance" is a good synonym for model making :D

@ Clifford "I had no doubt you could do it."
It's one of the best compliments you can get :)

@ Christian Yes, it's my biggest F-14 project with lots of aftermarket stuff til now. We'll see how it turns out ;)

@ Slavo, Tthat applies very well. It's really very different: Some parts fit like the Tamiya kit, others are held together and you think there is still a component missing in between. The air inlets and the engine fit e.g. not at all.
4. October, 20:59
Henrik Persson
That is what i call a big bird!
4. October, 21:27
Donald Dickson II
Lotta stuff there!
4. October, 21:32
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Henrick and Donald!

It shouldn't be much bigger. I don't even know where to put the model. But since there are so many parts it takes a while until I finish building the bird. I still have a little time to think about it :D
7. October, 08:25
looking really interesting :) funny the size comparison with the 1/144, love it.
7. October, 08:47
Slavo Hazucha
Seems you got from the troublesome to the encouraging - the LG wells look great. Seeing the huge 32-scale playgrounds, I envy you at least as much as a 72-scale builder looking at 1/48 ;)
7. October, 08:55
Sergej I
Hahah Slavo, indeed brings every scale its own details and traits with it... I often look sadly at beautifully detailed rivets and panels of 48th scale...
32nd is carpentry from my pov .. :D
7. October, 10:24
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Spanjaard!
"32nd is carpentry from my pov"
@ Slavo + Sergej
You have to honestly say that this Trumpeter kit is not exactly exemplary for the 32nd scale guild ;)
The small GWH 72nd scale F-14 probably has more details than this big F-14 here OOB.
7. October, 10:47
Guillaume Blanchet
That's some nices details. Keep the good work & I'm sure you'll turn this lo quality kit into a beaty.
7. October, 11:06
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Guillaume! Much appreciated!
7. October, 15:13
Donald Dickson II
How you guys manage to detail color the tubing and such is beyond me. If I use paint, it becomes a horrid mess. Pencils, I cant get it to color the part sufficiently with the exception of silver. You and Slavo need to do a tutorial series for those of us too ham handed to figure it on our own.
7. October, 16:39
Jos Jansen
Beautiful details in those wheel bays...excellent, looking really forward to the reveal of this mighty (big) Cat!
7. October, 21:14
Clifford Keesler
Excellent wheel wells.
8. October, 03:01
Well well, some well made wells
Cockpit and engines look very promising as well :)
9. October, 11:36
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks a bunch Mates :)
Donald, im glad you like it. To be honest, I don't have any special tricks except: no caffeine :D

Not much to present at the moment. I am currently painting the cockpit and that is relatively time-consuming.
14. October, 14:28
Roland Gunslinger
Cockpit ready for installation.
31. October, 21:07
Mirko Römer
Tomcats need their time to mature to perfection :)
31. October, 21:07
Patrick Hagelstein
Great! Looking forward to it being installed!
31. October, 22:06
Jos Jansen
Nice to see that are still Tomcat modelers busy with their builds...after finishing my WW2 109 I've to finish my F-14 build first before I start with something new...!
31. October, 23:02
Patrick Hagelstein
Same here Jos.....
1. November, 00:01
Patrick Hagelstein
:D In picture 19 there's a Bf-109 hidden in the back.
1. November, 00:02
Thats a great pit roland, looks nicely worn and really lifelike
1. November, 07:37
Roland Gunslinger
Cheers mates :)
In fact, I am building a complete aircraft in the time it took for this cockpit :D

@Jos This is the second cat for the GB ;)
1. November, 11:24
nice cockpit!
1. November, 14:02
Slavo Hazucha
In 32-scale, you should be practically capable to install an i-Pad behind those screens! ;)

Very nice work on the cockpit, top paint-job so far
1. November, 14:26
Michael Stewart
Wow. I'm really liking this! Beautiful work Guns!
1. November, 20:30
Clifford Keesler
Agree with every one else, great looking pit.
2. November, 00:33
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Spanjaard, Slavo, Michael and Clifford! I really appreciate your comments!
2. November, 08:25
Roland Gunslinger
After hours of epochal cursing and blasphemies that were not youth-free, the seats are now with belts and other pe parts. After a wash, I take photos of the entire cockpit.
13. November, 17:10
Maciej Bellos
Nice seats! Maverick would be proud!
13. November, 19:42
playtime 222
Stirling 'Duchess' Archer! Ha!
13. November, 23:41
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Maciej!
Playtime, i love this show :D

I have finished the office now. To be on the safe side, I took photos in case I couldn't get the part into the fuselage :D
15. November, 14:22
Daniel Klink
That looks quite promising Roland.. Great stuff!
15. November, 14:24
Christian Kohl
Wow, wow, wow...!! It's just amazing ;)
15. November, 14:50
Andy Ball
it gets to the stage where you ask yourself "am I looking at a model, or the real thing?"....superb progress Roland!
15. November, 15:13
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Daniel, Christian and Andy! Much appreciated!
15. November, 17:11
Guillaume Blanchet
I have to agree with Andy, the textures rendering is very lifelike. It makes me forget the scale.
15. November, 17:39
Clifford Keesler
Most excellent Roland.
15. November, 18:19
Donald Dickson II
You are like the Tom Brady or Joe Montana of models. Incredible.
15. November, 20:06
Guy Rump
Excellent cockpit Roland, your perseverance has paid off :)
16. November, 09:04
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you all for your positive comments! That's a big motivation. Much appreciated!
Especially with such a large project (for me at least) the mojo varies from time to time. Even if I build models: patience is not exactly my strength :D
16. November, 10:39
Murad ÖZER
it doesn't get any better than this, WOW. 8)
16. November, 10:58
The best start you could wish for on your big scale journey, fantastic!
16. November, 13:47
Nathan Dempsey
Gorgeous cockpit there Roland.
16. November, 15:26
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks a lot Murad, Daniel and Nathan for your kind words! Much appreciated! Cheers!
16. November, 22:05
Rui S
Great pit, as expected
16. November, 22:10
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Rui! Glad you like it :)
17. November, 12:18

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