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Roland Deschain
Roland Gunslinger (Roland Deschain)


WIP Top Gun Maverick F/A-18E

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1:48 F/A 18-E Super Hornet (Revell 85-5850)1:48 F-18E Interior (Eduard FE344)3+


1 | 5. March, 20:23
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Roland Gunslinger
Because i'm waiting for a part to complete the stand for the aggressor cat and "TOP GUN: Maverick" is coming "soon" to the cinemas, i decided to start a Top-Gun "double build":
F-14A 104 "Ice-Man" + F-18E (Maverick).
Both in "In-flight action".
I hope i can finish them til July, and i hope the Revell kit isn't that bad.
For those who haven't seen the Trailer (seriously?):
Youtube Video


F-14A Album:
Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020 | Album by Roland Deschain (1:48)
8. March, 16:28
Ingmar Stöhr
That copyright is indeed a bit aggressive!
8. March, 18:10
Shotgun! Be glad they didnt make it recessed ;)
8. March, 18:46
8. March, 20:00
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome mates! Thx for your interest :)
The copyright is really aggressive, because it's inside, too.
Daniel, compared with your trumpy build the revellkit is like an "Überraschungs-Ei" :D
Thx for the link Matthew. The sprues do have slightly different colors, so maybe it's a mix of several production lines.

Dry fit is good so far. But flesh is a problem on some parts. Especially the landing gear parts are really bad. Luckily I don't need them :D
9. March, 22:26
Patrick Hagelstein
Apart from the obnoxious copyright stenciling, the kit's panel lines look nice. I'm curious to see how you can turn this one in a beauty as well. Enjoy the build!
10. March, 03:58
Roland Gunslinger
So far the kit isn't bad but more "OK'isch" than good. The first real problem is the "In-Flight" Mode.
Maybe i was to naiv but the kit isn't designed for it. The landing gear flaps doesn't fit lol (to small).
15. March, 15:37
Ingmar Stöhr
In may experience that's a problem with most kits. They are not designed for in flight. Which is only reasonable, as most models are represented on the ground.
15. March, 15:50
Slavo Hazucha
Too small is the worst-case, I hear you...

Nice pit though, the PE fit nicely, but how did you get that white cross on the trim-button on the stick?
15. March, 16:00
Roland Gunslinger
Ingmar, totally agree. It wasn't a problem with other kits. In that case the front landing gear flaps are wrong in size and form.
But it's not an unsolvable prob ;)

Slavo, I'm not Augie aka goddess of brushes, so have to cheat with PE parts ;) The Buttons on the stick are part of it.
15. March, 23:46
Roland Gunslinger
After testing all my pilots i have found in my stashed kits NOONE fits. Not even as a torso :D
20. March, 14:26
Slavo Hazucha
Time to file-off some lardy butts...! ;) :D
20. March, 14:46
20. March, 15:40
Guy Rump
Following Roland; the copyright on the outside is a bit of an imposition :( there must be some pilots out there who are small enough to be Tom Cruise look alikes :)
20. March, 15:52
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Guy :) The problem is, that not only the seat is to small for the pilots I have, also the room for legs is not big enough. So, probably I build it without a pilot.

Picture 6 is „Plan 9" ;)

Slavo, after my last surgery i lost my license as a doctor :D
20. March, 19:42
Dont have to be a doctor to amputate some legs x]
20. March, 21:08
Slavo Hazucha
The same way as Jesus or a Holy Person sometimes appears on a wall, Maverick has shown up in Rolands cockpit...! :o :D
21. March, 10:30
Roland Gunslinger
Jesus...Maverick...isn't that the same thing? :o

After a little break to take a deep breath the hardest part finished: It's a sanding monster. I hate that kit now, and i was about to throw it in the trash. But the pulse has calmed down so let's go :D
31. March, 13:43
Ingmar Stöhr
Hey Roland, it happens to all of us. Great to hear, that you charged up your energy.
I like to say: "Life is to short for bad kits!"
But here I am, working on a kit, that is easily the worst modern ship model kit that I came across so far. Somehow it triggered my ambition to prove that I can master it....
1. April, 07:07
Roland Gunslinger
„No pain, no gain" some people say ;)
The good thing, i'm also working on the Tamiya F-14. And that's definitely the best kit I've ever had!
1. April, 07:34
And be glad you didnt choose the Italeri product, it could have been worse ;) I ve built several revell rhinos, but never tried one in flight, well I am warned now :) Neat work. Have you managed to fit in a driver?
1. April, 07:56
Roland Gunslinger
Oh, i have a Italeri in my stash, too :o
The worst part of this Revell kit is the front fuselage + canopy. The canopy is smaller than the cockpit section. I will try to heat the canopy with a hairdryer to widen it.
After long casting sessions fortunately we have a pilot!
1. April, 08:18
Slavo Hazucha
I hear you, just went through my own path of penance, scratching the belly and all other bits of an F-18 before daring to get some primer on, then scratch some more... But true, there was no Revell copyright molded in the plastic... :D

Gearwells closed, I guess this one is ready to gain some speed!
1. April, 08:27
Roland Gunslinger
Sometimes i think i must be insane doing scale modeling :D
Now the copyright placement makes sense for me. Thoughts of the kit engineers :"the poor modeler has to sand the whole aircraft, so i can put the copyright wherever I want" :D
1. April, 08:45
Ingmar Stöhr
The Tamiya Tomcat really is the best fitting kit I ever build. After that I build the Tamiya F-16 and wondered what a poor fit this kit had. So I guess the Tomcat has raised my expectations towards kits somewhat...
1. April, 10:34
Patrick Hagelstein
Yeah, that Tamiya Tomcat is awesome! I was glueing the wings while watching TV and forgot which wing I already glued. couldn't see it when they were lying in front of me. Only when I picked the unglued wing up, did I find out there were just dry fitted together. 8) Amazing engineering! :D
9. April, 15:08
Patrick Hagelstein
Not that the F-16 is bad....but I know what you mean, Ingmar. ;)
9. April, 15:09
Ingmar Stöhr
Not bad at all! Just not as good as the Tomcat.
9. April, 21:53
Jos Jansen
Totally missed this...I'll grab a seat over here!
9. April, 22:48
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Jos! Nice to have you aboard :)
After some more sanding (grrrrr) i applied some primer to see whats going on. I think it's ok now. Next step painting...
5. May, 16:27
Roland Gunslinger
Applied first layer of FS36375. i used a small nozzle (1,5mm) because i tried to get a "used-marble" look ...
6. May, 15:08
Jos Jansen
Looks really good Roland...Iam not sure if I would choose for the Revell kit.... but yours looks already stunning!
6. May, 16:11
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Jos!
I am sure you would NOT choose the Revell kit. I would NOT choose the Revell kit now, too ;)
I don't recommend this kit to anyone. But now i'm in, so „no pain, no gain" :D
6. May, 16:43
Ingmar Stöhr
Coming along nicely
7. May, 11:38
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Ingmar!
Applied FS35450 for the blue stripe bands. Now i have to find out how wide that is...
BTW: There are no decals for the stripes included on the sheet; only for the tank :(
9. May, 11:42
Guy Rump
It's looking good Roland, your work is definitely paying off. :)
9. May, 13:32
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks a lot Guy. As i said before: Avoid that kit :D
9. May, 16:18
Roland Gunslinger
Masked the Stripe bands and sprayed black. Not perfect but better i expected. I'm happy :D
10. May, 11:04
10. May, 16:16
Jos Jansen
Which paint did you used for the light blue stripe...just curious. By the way, an awesome neat stripe .
10. May, 17:24
Roland Gunslinger
Thx Ingmar and Jos!
Jos, I used AK FS35450 for the blue stripe. It's the official color used for the rhino.
10. May, 18:21
Since its maverick flying this air superiority blue is only fitting :) Stripes looking good just noticed the film hornet has no pizza box on the nose, interesting...
10. May, 18:30
Roland Gunslinger
Thx Daniel!
Yes, there are hornets without the pizza box but there are also ones with. Let's make the confusing complete: The stripes of the „official" (Fightertown Decals) Maverick hornet ends over the pizza box. But there are others with endings in front of the pizza box :D
10. May, 18:44
Ingmar Stöhr
Can't they think of us poor modellers?
10. May, 19:00
oh, well, things look easy until you start researching^^ Didn't even know that there are pizza-free super hornets at all - until now
10. May, 19:37
Roland Gunslinger
LOL Ingmar, I don't take it very seriously.
Daniel, i thought it's an difference on E/F. Because the two seater F has the pizza and the one seater E not. But then i saw the E with pizza and slightly different paintings then the E without and thought WTF.
But now i don't care. Only the masking of the pizza box with the tamiya tape wasn't that funny ;)
10. May, 20:35
Sergej I
Better late than too late :)
13. May, 17:06
Slavo Hazucha
Those lines really came out razor-sharp!

And it's always a pleasure to learn some relevant Hornet/Top-Gun trivia! ;)
13. May, 21:42
Clifford Keesler
Very cool project. I like it. Watching.
13. May, 22:09
Konrad Limmer
Very nice progress Roland !
14. May, 04:33
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome and thank you for your kind words! Much appreciated :)

The last bits are painted...
16. May, 14:21
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice sir.
17. May, 00:41
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you sir :)

Decals finished...
18. May, 16:44
18. May, 20:34
18. May, 21:31
Nathan Dempsey
Lookin nice Roland! The avatar too, lol.
18. May, 23:57
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks mates!
@Nathan "Keeping up foreign relations" ;)
19. May, 17:08
Roland Gunslinger
Finish line in sight :D
Next step: weathering part 2 and base...
20. May, 14:56
Clifford Keesler
Man you are just kicking butt on that thing. Beautiful.
21. May, 02:06
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks a lot for your kind comment, Clifford!
21. May, 13:07
Roland Gunslinger
Wash and weathering: done...
22. May, 14:28
nicely done Roland, just perfect intensity for a movie bird
22. May, 14:34
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Daniel! Now, i'm struggling with the base. My first try to make a "pseudo diorama" with sand :D
22. May, 14:49
Slavo Hazucha
Great job with the stripes & the gentle treatment of the underbelly! I guess you really miss the Revell text moulded in now... ;) :D
24. May, 08:50
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Slavo! Don't look to close ;)

While i was working on the base, i deceided: nope. Sometimes you only find out that it is not good when you're almost done :D

Now, the second base is already finished (waiting for a order) and pics will following soon...
24. May, 19:21
Donald Dickson II
They are supposed to be coming with this as a kit soon. Looks great!
24. May, 19:51
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Donald!
Yes, you are right. There are coming a lot of kits but im not sure in US, too:
24. May, 20:13
Jos Jansen
Great work so far Roland, can't wait to see the new movie light the fire mate!
24. May, 20:38
Donald Dickson II
Roland, yes indeed here as well. I have the two 1/48 kits reserved. :)
24. May, 21:16
Cant wait to see the base and wondering what you ordered for it... :)
@ Donald: But watch out, they reboxed the 1978 F-14 moulds...
24. May, 21:29
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Jos! #Metoo :D

Daniel, i ordered nothing special. The base will be more minimalistic...

Donald, that's a good hint from Daniel. I think for collecting the kits will be cool. But for a build i don't know: The hornet is the same like i build and IMO it's not a very good one (Ok the price is cool). I'm convinced a hasegawa Super Hornet + the fightertown decals is the better choice for easy going. I can't say anything about the 1978 F-14 but i'm sure there are better ones (Hobby Boss, Tamiya) ;) Just my 2 cents...
But maybe there are other opinions...

PS: but i am also considering buying the kits :D
24. May, 22:01
Donald Dickson II
I built a different version of this kit and have this exact one in my stash. I found it to be a rather enjoyable build.

Marine Hornet | Album by smokeriderdon (1:48)

I did the F-14 back in the day and have one sitting. Yeah, it has challenges, but its buildable.
24. May, 22:49
Roland Gunslinger
Don't forget: you are a much more experienced modeler than me.
I speak as a beginner and a sloth :D
24. May, 23:10
Pero Sušić
Hi. Nicely done!

Aber mal 'ne Frage: Diese grün-weiße Schale, in der die Holzstäbe mit den Piloten drin stecken: Wie heißt die und wo kann ich die besorgen? So etwas brauche ich auch. ;)
24. May, 23:35
Donald Dickson II
Was that a backhanded way of calling me old??? ;) LOL
25. May, 02:37
Patrick Hagelstein
:D Pero, I saw that exact same picture too and found it as a make-up brush holder on Amazon. Hopefully this link works:
25. May, 02:42
Patrick Hagelstein
Maybe Roland has stocks in that company? ;)
25. May, 02:43
Roland Gunslinger
@Donald LOL :D

Danke Pero! Das gibt es für ca 3-4 € bei „Aktion". Entweder in der Bastelabteilung oder bei Kosmetik. Das weiß ich nicht. Hat meine Frau organisiert und ist schon ein bisschen länger her. Aktion Markt gibts mittlerweile fast überall. Dieser Halter ist super praktisch als Werkzeug oder Lackierteilehalter zu verwenden.

Patrick, I don't, but my wife probably in „Action„ :D
25. May, 07:18
Pero Sušić
Patrick, the Link worked. Thanks. This thing will be very useful.
25. May, 07:27
@Roland: ah ok, I was anticipating a film team and maybe a Fallon guard house with a tin roof ;)
25. May, 07:40
Roland Gunslinger
Daniel, I leave that to the professionals ;)
25. May, 14:02
Clifford Keesler
Excellent looking Bug. As the saying goes, I feel the need.
25. May, 17:19
looking good
25. May, 20:13
Patrick Hagelstein
@ Roland, in mein Heimatdorf gibt es auch einen Action. Viele tolle und vor allem billige Sachen. Seit ich aber in die US verlegt bin, ist Amazon für mich etwas Einfacher hier.
26. May, 13:15
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Clifford and Spanjaard! Much appreciated!
Pictures of the finished super bug following soon as possible. Waiting for an order to complete the stand.

Patrick, das habe ich mir schon gedacht. Ich glaube "Action" kommt ja sogar aus den Niederlanden :)
26. May, 21:17
Calvin Gifford
Nicely done!
3. September, 19:46
Roland Gunslinger
Many thanks Calvin! :)
3. September, 20:28
3. September, 21:11

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