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Roland Deschain
Roland Gunslinger (Roland Deschain)


Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020

WIP Album

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1:48 Grumman F-14A Tomcat (Tamiya 61114)1:48 Aircraft Weapons: D (Hasegawa X48-8)2+
Grumman F-14A Tomcat
US Military US Navy (1794-now)
160685/104 (Iceman & Slider) | Top Gun Movie


14 | 5. March, 20:22
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Taking a seat here as well Please don't compare this kit to revells ;)
8. March, 18:48
Nathan Dempsey
I'll be the RIO. Seat #2!
12. March, 12:42
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Daniel! Nice to have you aboard :)

This is going to be an OOB build in "In-Flight" "action".
The Tomcat is getting "heavy weathering".
One challange for me will be scratchbuilding the camera pod (white pod).
12. March, 12:49
Roland Gunslinger
Oh, overlapped :)
Welcome Nathan! Nice to have you aboard :)
12. March, 12:52
Patrick Hagelstein
I feel the need, the need for speed! You can be my wingman, any time!
12. March, 12:54
Roland Gunslinger
You can be mine! :D
12. March, 12:55
Konrad Limmer
Waiting on three;)!
Count me in as well !
12. March, 12:59
12. March, 13:01
Slavo Hazucha
Guess I'll be the guy in the tower with the coffee mug again...! :D
12. March, 13:21
Konrad Limmer
Oh sorry but I have to ask.... Permission for a close Fly by Tower???
12. March, 13:40
Jeremy Wiltcher
That's a Negative Ghostrider... The pattern is full....
12. March, 14:54
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Patrick, Konrad, Slavo and Jeremy! Thx for interest!
With that „cast" we easily can start filming Top Gun 3. Maybe a prequel or a Top Gun Story: The rise of Air Boss Johnson.
12. March, 19:18
Konrad Limmer
Yep that could be a cool story ;).
12. March, 19:28
Jos Jansen
Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full...!
12. March, 22:04
I am pretty excited how the Hommage to this sentence&scene will look like in the new top gun^^
12. March, 22:42
Slavo Hazucha
There is one in the trailer: "You should be at least a 2* admiral by now... ...yet here you are... CAPTAIN" :D
13. March, 08:56
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Jos, i made some place for you :D

To be honest, because of scalemates "peer pressure" i was re thinking my OOB plans.
But I'm sticking to it. The kit looks great (like the Hobby Boss kit) and there's no need for Aftermarket stuff IMHO.
Ok, to be honest: I have already spent my money on toilet paper ;)

After a second planning phase, i started carving a pseudo "camera pod".

Slavo, that's definitely a quote candidate for the "Top Gun" history.
18. March, 11:06
love it, two's in ;)
18. March, 12:02
Interesting, is that pod the camera-housing they used for filming the scenes or is it an actual in-service Pod that I dont know of?
18. March, 13:43
Roland Gunslinger
Hi Augie, nice to have you aboard
Daniel, it's an camera pod, not used inservice. Maybe I find the source in my bookmarks later.

Here some more pics:
18. March, 14:02
nice addon!
18. March, 16:41
IIRC from interviews of the crews and production teams, they were custom made
18. March, 17:10
Roland Gunslinger
yes, Augie you are right. Somewhere i have bookmarked a video link...somewhere :S
18. March, 17:19
William O.
Mr. Roland is at it again... pull up a chair to watch...
18. March, 20:27
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome William! Thx for interest!
I hope the cinemas will open again in July..Will be very authentic... sitting, wearing a mask and watching the flight scenes...
19. March, 07:37
Roland Gunslinger
„Scratchbuild" Camera Pod finished.
20. March, 14:23
Slavo Hazucha
Looking forward for the pics from that cam! ;)
20. March, 14:47
Patrick Hagelstein
Way to go! looks good! Where did you find that lime green painted parts holder in picture 2?
20. March, 15:38
Roland Gunslinger
Pic uploaded ;)
Patrick, my wife said it's an "cosmetic brush holder". You can get it from "action" (1 or 2 €)
20. March, 15:56
William O.
Mighty fine Roland, mighty fine .
21. March, 01:37
Patrick Hagelstein
Thanks Roland! There's one in my parent's hometown. Sadly I'm stuck to an apartment in Oklahoma City for now. I can look for an equivalent now that I know what to look for. :)
23. March, 14:15
Bryn Crandell
Joining this build. Great work on the scratch built camera pod.
23. March, 19:38
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you William!
Patrick, you are welcome :)
Bryn, welcome and thank you for interest :)

Started gluing some parts together and just want say: It's a pleasure to build the Tamiya kit. It's like playing LEGO. The fit til now is just perfect. The Hobby Boss kit was great, too. But IMHO the Tamiya kit is a little bit more better.
If it weren't that expensive (in germany) :D
24. March, 16:18
Roland Gunslinger
Little progress on the office and the driver(s). Iceman and Slider ready for take off...
9. April, 16:49
Jos Jansen
Great build Roland... Iam an enormous fan of the movie Top Gun...nice pit man!
9. April, 17:07
Slavo Hazucha
Very nice cockpit & helmet details!

So that is the Tamiya pit OOB I assume... Hardly much more needed, it provides quite a show on it´s own, well done. Also a very interesting comparison of the 3 pits, helps me somewhat to navigate the Tomcat waters in 48-scale for a (far-) future build
9. April, 17:13
Michael Phillips
Not entirely sure how I missed this, but better late than never! Great start so far, cockpit looks great and Ice and Slider look frickin' saweet!
9. April, 18:06
Konrad Limmer
How fu... cool is that ! Awesome Roland!!!!
9. April, 19:06
Maciej Bellos
Missed it too. Sat beside Michael!
9. April, 21:10
great job with the cockpit and the dudes Roland The TID looks like it is actually illuminated, howd you do it?
10. April, 19:07
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks a lot mates, much appreciated!

Jos, July 2020! I hope both parts will be shown in the cinemas.

Slavo, yes completely OOB. I don't want influence to much, but what i saw til now in the Academy box doesn't looks very good. But there are great builds here on scalemates.

Konrad, im looking forward to see Miss Molly ;)

Michael + Maciej as long as you keep 2 meters apart you can sit next to each other ;)

Daniel, to be honest: I did nothing :D These are only box decals over the clear green clear parts.

12. April, 00:16
Kerry COX
Most impressive Roland. . Now I need one too.
12. April, 00:22
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Kerry, much appreciated! Yes, you definitely need one ;) Great kit!
13. April, 10:11
Guy Rump
Great start, cockpit looks amazing :)
13. April, 15:16
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Guy :)
13. April, 17:27
Patrick Hagelstein
I like the subtle tonal difference between the two parts of the fabric cover over the RIO's IP. Nice catch!
13. April, 17:51
Jos Jansen
Roland, I believe the Top Gun sequel is postponed through the damn Corona virus...!!
13. April, 19:11
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Patrick :)

@Jos NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We don't belive that ;)
13. April, 22:23
Roland Gunslinger
Some progress today: Intakes painted and fuselage "marriage" completed.
17. April, 14:47
Slavo Hazucha
A lovely couple... The marriage must have been quite a thing, Ice & Slider are obviously sleeping out some hangovers... :D

The Tamiya kit really looks a pleasure to work on, beautiful clean stuff, keep it coming
17. April, 15:49
Roland Gunslinger
The marriage was easy because they are soulmates :D
This kit is like playing with LEGO.

But before you buy:
- No PE parts (Hobby Boss does)
- No flaps/slaps configuration possible (Hobby Boss +1)
- No weapon bay (Hobby Boss +1)
- No "complete" engines (Hobby Boss +1)
- Intake ramps only one (easy) configuration possible (Hobby Boss +1)
- No Airbrake (Hobby Boss +1)
- No Radar possible (Hobby Boss +1)

I just wanted to mention ;)
17. April, 17:01
Slavo Hazucha
And then there is the AMK D-version kit, with probably more to follow... No wonder you can build Tomcats & it does not start to feel repetitive for years... :D
19. April, 07:10
Johne 69
So far so good
19. April, 07:35
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you and welcome Johne 69!

Slavo, maybe the AMK kit is the "Eierlegende Wollmilchsau" :D
19. April, 21:46
Patrick Hagelstein
"Eierlegende Wollmilchsau" würde sicher zu den AMK Bausatz passen. Aber... When it comes to ease of assembly and correctness of the given details, I would go for Tamiya any day of the week. Unless you're building a Tomcat on the cat or coming in for a landing, all slats and flaps would be retracted anyway. If in flight or if parked on a deck, the wings are always buttoned up. I admit, I bought the AMK Tomcat for it's wing features, but I will only use the spoilers while building my Tamiya VF-21 bird taxiing out of Atsugi. From the parking spot to the runway threshold, the crew checks all flight controls and I have a lot of pictures of them checking the spoilers with extended wings. Other than that, the Tamiya is as good as any Tomcat but with the added benefit of being a true shake 'n bake kit.
21. April, 22:56
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you for the overview Patrick The AMK kit sadly isn't available in germany (only import). Maybe they have no distribution? IDK...

After a little intermezzo with my "Eggcat"

Completed! | Album by Roland Deschain (1:Egg)

and reorganizing my workspace i'm back in "Top-Gun".

Ice and Slider are placed in their office. Dry fit of wings and stabilzers are perfect. Next step: painting!

PS: On this build i don't "black basing" because i'm not convinced about that technique. I'm goning to focus on "postshading". IMHO thats more "natural".
30. April, 22:03
Patrick Hagelstein
:D That Eggcat looks sweet! Yeah..... Vallejo...... I only use them for brush painting small details. Anything else: lacquers! They are really tough and endurable and can stand a bit of masking abuse. ;) Curious to see that post shading! I'm a big fan of black basing, but always open to new approaches.
1. May, 01:02
Jos Jansen
Your build is an excellent reference for my Tamiya Cat...Iam also build this kit completely OOB, and yes you're totally right about the Hobbyboss variant...much more option! But man, this Tamiya is one hell of a shake and bake kit...absolutely superb fitting !! Are you building it in flight display are standing on a carrier deck?
1. May, 07:30
Slavo Hazucha
All fine here - Ice & Slider playing it safe, masks-ON and staying 1,5m+ apart - nothing can go wrong! ;)

Whispering...: "I think pre-shading as a "must-do" technique in general is often over-rated... not saying it does not work if done really well, but I definitely think a lot & more can be achieved with post-shading, washes, & other techniques applied on the base color... ;)"
1. May, 11:11
Jos Jansen
I totally agree with Patrick, with Black-Basing you've more control over spraying the paint in thin layers on your model. Just play with your airbrush and at the end of the day you can always use some post-shading, washes etc what Slavo said. With pre-shading you almost already determine where your shadow lines run....but that's just my humble opinion... :D
1. May, 14:41
Roland Gunslinger
OMG i didn't wanted to start a discussion about that :D
@Jos Both TOP-GUN builds are "In-Flight" .
1. May, 16:29
Michael Phillips
LOL Roland, I know you don't want to have a discussion on this here, but I do want to add my two cents. While I do usually black base pre-shade (unless the main color of the subject is a dark color, then I use gray primer) on my own models, I agree post shading and other weathering techniques are more important and have a more profound effect. Black basing is just another tool in the shed to help create more paint and finish tonal variation.

Anyway, with that being said, you have some really nice progress going on here. It surely is amazing how perfect everything fits on this kit.
1. May, 17:02
agreed, pre-shading alone is pretty boring, but I think a quick pre-shade always is a nice starting point to get the imagination going for the for the post-layers and a nice thing to work with and post-variate in different areas on the jet.
But lets now discuss the vallejo vs. lacquers problem, because I perso… (gets hit by blunt object) :D

Coming along nicely Roland, whats it gonna be wing-sweep-wise? Triangle or Turkey? :)
1. May, 18:55
Great job Roland! Looks impressive, and the Eggcat is very cool also.
I have the book 'Bye Bye Baby!' about the Cat's farewell.. with a lot of nice stories from RIO's and crews working with the F-14.
3. May, 10:39
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Michael, Daniel and Dick for your kind words and comments :)

@Michael + Daniel I agree with you but i want to try a (for me) new way. I watched a lot of "wargame painters". They do a lot of cool things i never tried out :D

@Daniel It will be a turkey "In-Flight" like the "project picture".

@Dick I agree. It's a must read book :) I also can recommend this book:

Book: Black Aces High: The Story of a Modern Fighter Squadron at War (by Robert Wilcox)

Black Aces High: The Story of a Modern Fighter Squadron at War (Unknown )

Have i already mentioned that the kit fits perfectly?
3. May, 21:33
Roland Gunslinger
The best canopy fit i've ever seen...
4. May, 13:15
Konrad Limmer
It seems to me that there is a small gap...
Just joking :)!

Looking awesome Roland !
4. May, 13:25
4. May, 13:37
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Konrad ;)
4. May, 13:37
4. May, 14:02
Guy Rump
Looking superb :)
4. May, 15:27
Jos Jansen
What good reference this is...superb quality, you're "two-steps" ahead on me...keep ongoing Roland, this will become a stunning looking Cat!
4. May, 15:58
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Guy and Jos! Much appreciated!

Because there are more than one cat builds in progress, i created a Group build event. So we can bundle our builds
Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020 (1. Май До 31. Декември, )
Feel free to join!
7. May, 18:45
Martin von Schreckenstein
hey Roland! what are the rules for joining? finished two cats in April, have two on bench and planning a few more this year :) great progress btw :)
7. May, 18:59
Roland Gunslinger
Rules? Hmm, I don't know. I would say, no rules. Just building a Cat? :S
7. May, 19:05
Martin von Schreckenstein
I mean, do I include all my 2020 cats or just pick one? :)
7. May, 19:26
Roland Gunslinger
Hm, thats a tough one. My suggestion: Only the builds wich were started and not ready yet and max three builds? But we should ask the other mates, too.
7. May, 20:06
Jos Jansen
Because it is the start of a new group building, I think it would be interesting to see how an F-14 is built. Seeing the whole process of building from other modelers is always interesting. Finished models are of course also nice to see, but I would suggest putting them in a separate album and just sharing them in the general newsfeed of SCM ... that's my humble opinion ;)
7. May, 20:19
OOO group build.. whens the end date?
7. May, 20:28
Roland Gunslinger
I agree with Jos.

Augie, that has not yet been decided. I would be happy if you participate :)

Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020 (1. Май До 31. Декември, )
7. May, 20:34
Ooo tempting very tempting
7. May, 20:58
Roland Gunslinger
We are the Tomcat collective. Resistance is futile ;)
8. May, 20:22
Dominik Weitzer
:-D another one! keep on watching.
8. May, 20:30
Patrick Hagelstein
True! Jos has a good point! That's what I always look for in an album, how things fit together and what a person's painting process is. Please add comments to your pictures as well to explain what's happening. :)
8. May, 21:50
Sergej I
How did I miss that one :)
9. May, 06:48
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Dominic and Sergej!
Patrick, because i'm relatively far with this cat im going to start a big one for the GB. And i will try to comment the build as you suggested. I agree, that's a good idea ;)
9. May, 16:16
Patrick Hagelstein
A big one? Like 1/32 big? :o Curious to see what you come up with! :) Enjoy!
11. May, 14:59
Patrick Hagelstein
Boh! Sieht super aus!
12. May, 04:28
Roland Gunslinger
Thx Patrick, Sry for missing your comment :)

Because the Maverick Super Bug is finished, it's time to work on here. I'm testing the "Salt-technique" on this one because i watched a very nice video. Pics following soon...
9. June, 15:36
cool, looking forward to it! my tip: grind your own salt and make it as fine as possible + vary it a bit on the grinder during the process
9. June, 21:23
Slavo Hazucha
No better way to prep-up a NAVY bird than with a good deal of salt-crust!

The helmets & cockpit details look pretty fancy through the super-clear & warp-free canopy
10. June, 10:07
Thomas Bischoff
Agree with Slavo: the crew looks great! Are these decals for the helmets?
11. June, 11:07
Greg Baker
I'd better sign up here...
11. June, 11:35
Roland Gunslinger
@Daniel I will try a mix of coarse and fine salt. Not sure if that's an goo idea but learning by doing ;)
@Slavo I think Tamiya wins the "clearest canopy" contest easily :D
@Thomas Yes, you are right. The helmet symbols are decals from the Fightertown Top Gun sheet.
Welcome Greg, nice to have you aboard! You haven't missed much ;)
11. June, 19:41
Clifford Keesler
Looking great Roland.
12. June, 14:43
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Clifford! :)
12. June, 22:14
Roland Gunslinger
AK Primer and Microfiller applied. BTW: A very good primer...
To everyone who expects "Black Basing" or other Pre-Shading airbrush acrobatic: It won't happen here. There's nothing to see here. Everything will be done afterwards in "post-shading" ;)

13. June, 08:51
Whhhaaaat? I want my money back! I want to talk to the manager!
Nah, cool to see so many different approaches here, and cool that a lot of GB cats are receiving their color now, everyone in their unique way
13. June, 10:11
Jos Jansen
Fantastic to see all those different techniques, but at the end of the day, there are all beautiful models! I love this GB already...go for it guys, lets spray... :D
13. June, 10:52
Sergej I
Wow Roland, nice smooth application of the AK Primer. I could never do it so smooth, then fully switched to Mr Surfacer 1,5k. Did you sand it afterwards?
13. June, 12:07
Roland Gunslinger
@Daniel and Jos Let's see if my plan works :)

@Sergej Thanks! The AK Primer is my new favorite primer. It's sprayed out of the bottle without any thinner (The thinner is just used for cleaning the airbrush), 4mm nozzle (HS evolution) and 1,5-1,8 bar in thin layers. No sanding/degrease/cleaning before and after. Cleaning the airbush just needs a few drops and you are done.
I think the Mr surfacer is the better "Microfiller" but i don't need the "Microfiller" property. I use the Mr. Surfacer no more because it just smells horrible to me. But everyone feels that differently :D
But there is no question that Mr. Surfacer is one of the best primers out there.
13. June, 12:36
Roland Gunslinger
Started the nozzles with priming and first layers of XTREME METAL...
15. June, 16:11
Sergej I
I love xtreme metal! Especially Kampfar and Dimmu Borgir :D
Also use the paints... :)
15. June, 17:47
Clifford Keesler
I have yet to try any of the AK metalizers, other than the true metal colors in the tubes. I will have to give them and their primer a try. I have been using Alclad's primer for my NMF finishes.
15. June, 19:31
Roland Gunslinger
LOL Amen Sergej :D
Clifford, I don't think there is much of a difference. Both enamels are usable. I recently became a big fan of enamel colors. They spray fantastic.
15. June, 19:42
Clifford Keesler
I have been afraid to use enamels, when I first started airbrushing I ruined my first airbrush because I did not get the enamel paint cleaned out of it properly. But think I would do ok now. Right now I use mainly Tamiya and Model Master acrylics thinned with alcohol. Plus laquers. Though I do have a whole Bin full of Model Master enamels. I used them when I used the old "hairy stick" like Augie. Though my brush painting skills never even came close to hers.
15. June, 19:51
Roland Gunslinger
Yes, to be honest, I was a little afraid of cleaning. But im using the AK xtreme cleaner. Just a few drops and the gun is cleaned. The Tamiya airbrush cleaner works also very nice but stinks more.

Unfortunately I want to test as much as possible. That's why I don't have a main color system yet.

Xtreme Cleaner (AK Interactive AK 470, No)

No Xtreme Cleaner (AK Interactive AK 470)
15. June, 20:13
Clifford Keesler
I will give it a try. I have some of the AK true colors line, but have not used them yet.
15. June, 20:16
Nathan Dempsey
Its great stuff Clifford.
15. June, 20:25
Slavo Hazucha
How long do they take to dry? I may have sluggish progress on my projects, but when I work, I need things happening fast... ideally :)
15. June, 21:28
Sergej I
I use Gunze Tool Cleaner on basically anything in my Iwata... nothing stays in.
...just let's keep the PU acrylics as far away from my airbrush as possible... that thing scares me :)

Mr.Tool Cleaner-R (Mr. Hobby T-116, No)

No Mr.Tool Cleaner-R (Mr. Hobby T-116)
15. June, 21:33
Roland Gunslinger
@ Slavo I would say max 30 minutes and the surface is dry. 1-2 hour scratch-resistant. I have no camparision with the Alclad II Metal colors but with the "normal" colors (Some FS). Nevertheless I think for Alclad II users theres no need for switching to AK xtreme metal because I think they're pretty much the same. But compared to the Vallejo metallic range (IMHO a good acrylic line i sprayed often) the AK is much more scratch-resistant and drier.
15. June, 21:57
Clifford Keesler
I still want to give the AK extreme metals a try.
16. June, 19:07
Roland Gunslinger
LOL I already knew that ;)
16. June, 19:24
Sergej I
Roland, how long do you dry the Xtreme Black Base? I don't think it ever dries rock dry, starting to think it dries/bonds only when metal layer is applied to it...
16. June, 21:29
Roland Gunslinger
Sergej, The best way for me is to apply a very thin layer and then wait a moment. Then apply more thin layers. So the primer dries in a few hours. BTW: Tamiya gloss black also works well.
16. June, 22:05
Patrick Hagelstein
Sergej may be right. Maybe the paints are designed to cure together, just like some sort of 2K clear.
18. June, 18:53
Patrick Hagelstein
Cool to see the difference in picture 16 and 17 by the way. The black has some slight orange peel, but the metal levels (that) out completely. Nice!
18. June, 18:55
Roland Gunslinger
Patrick, yes, i also think that's a kind of "two component" metal color. On the other side: i can't see a significant difference using the xtreme metal without a primer :D
19. June, 18:00
Kerry COX
Clifford. The 'extreme metals' from AK you mention.
Is that the tube paint. ?
19. June, 19:45
Clifford Keesler
No it is the bottled paints. I have used the ones in the tube, and I love them.
19. June, 20:37
Clifford Keesler
Cool base Roland.
19. June, 20:37
Greg Baker
Nice work on the base for sure!
19. June, 23:00
Kerry COX
Muchas gracias amigo. ;)
20. June, 01:09
Torsten Wendt
WOW, the base looks very 8)
20. June, 08:20
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks mates :) Much appreciated!
Applied first layers FS36320 base color. Switched from Alclad II (Enamels) to Gunze Mr Hobby because the smell was horrible. Will probably give away the Alclad colors :D
20. June, 11:36
Very cool idea for the base roland Nice mottled paint application - sneaky black basing thinking we wont notice huh? ;) Is this bird dark ghost gray all over?
20. June, 14:08
Roland Gunslinger
Thx Daniel! Haha, not sure if it's called black basing. I call it „on the fly mottling". I only used FS36320 til now. Next step is FS35237 (canopy) and post shading the upper side.
20. June, 14:24
Clifford Keesler
Looking great Roland.
20. June, 15:03
Michael Hickey
Love the weathering and faded effect you've created on the in pic 21.
20. June, 15:45
Slavo Hazucha
Great job on the stand with some authentic Miramar sand! ;) And the shady business on the top side looks most promising too...
20. June, 16:30
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks mates! Much appreciated :)
Started post shading: Panel lines with a mix of FS35237 + Tamiya XF-82 (Ocean Gray) + XF-17 (Sea Blue)
21. June, 17:15
Very nice is this the ak real Colors FS35237 you are using?
21. June, 18:50
Roland Gunslinger
Thx! For FS35237 i used Gunze Hobby Aqueos (Acrylic) because the layer below is Enamel.
I read that spraying lacquer on enamel is not a good thing. Not sure if that is true but I didn't want to test it on this build.
21. June, 18:59
Greg Baker
It's true... best not to mix and match paint types directly over on another, but if you must, I believe lacquer goes down first, then enamel, then acrylic. Otherwise, the thinner in the paint will eat the layer below it. I've never tested it with paint per se, but I've made enough thinner mistakes to know not to try. ;)
21. June, 22:13
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks for the confirmation. I learned painfully a while ago that using Vallejo wash on Vallejo Model Air is not a good thing :D
22. June, 10:13
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice Roland. I quite often use enamel primers and then paint Acrylic's over it. I learned the hard way about trying to paint lacquer over enamel. LOL. I sometimes use lacquer clear coats over acrylic, when I am going to use an acrylic based wash. I make a lot of my own washes using pastel chalks and water color paints. Then seal them with a lacquer clear coat. I have also been able to use future or Alclad aqua gloss, or Tamiya X-22 over them also.
22. June, 16:26
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Clifford.
I tested AK Real colors for the underside and had no problems. However, I diluted it with IPA and applied it very thinly. Maybe it depends on whether the layer underneath has dried thoroughly and can still breathe. And how thick the top layer is. I still don't want to try it myself :D
22. June, 17:03
Slavo Hazucha
Very nice work with the greys!

@Chemistry topics - since I discovered my dream-team of MRP paints with Oil on top, I hardly move away from it at all - sometimes with acryllics, which I seal with MRP Varnish & things are all fine again :)
22. June, 17:59
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Slavo!
I've heard only the best about the MRP colors. I will definitely try it out. Unfortunately the FS colors I wanted to order were always sold out. Seems to have a good reputation :D
22. June, 19:22
Clifford Keesler
I have yet to try MRP paints either. Every time I try to order them, like Roland finds they are out of stock. I have some Mission Models paints and I like them very much. I also like the fact they come in 1oz bottles. I have only found one place that sells MRP paints here in the States also.
22. June, 20:05
Soeren .
Looking really good so far!
23. June, 13:07
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Soeren :)
23. June, 14:05
Clifford Keesler
Roland, what did you use to get the non skid surface on your intake walkways?
23. June, 17:37
Roland Gunslinger
Clifford, i took a piece of foam insert from an Eduard resin pack. Dabbed with tweezers. I used a mix of Tamiya gray and black as colors. It is best to dab while the paint dries. Then you get this structure. Tamiya colors are particularly suitable because they are so "rubbery". But Mr. surfacer should also work very well. I didn't use it because I didn't know if it might react with the lower layer of paint. To matte the whole thing I used "mud green" pigments (dry brushed).
23. June, 18:03
Clifford Keesler
Thank you. Just flat decals always seemed to leave something to be desired. Your's looks much more realistic.
23. June, 18:08
Slavo Hazucha
Definitely way to go - I used decals on me'olde Hornet, then applied some layers on those, but you can't beat the broken surface effect And the irregular edges. Maybe throw the faintest layer of grey mist over them to ease the contrast just a tiny bit? In any case, good stuff & great choice of color blend
23. June, 19:49
James C
Looking fantastic Roland
23. June, 19:50
Patrick Hagelstein
For MRP, this is my place to go in the US. I used to order directly through Rene Molnar when I lived in The Netherlands and did that for a while since moving to the US, but Rene guided me to HobbyWorld-USA as (one of) his distributors and I find their stocks quite filled and if not, paint is quite frequently reordered.
23. June, 20:00
Roland Gunslinger
Clifford, my pleasure :)
Slavo, yes i plan to blend more. I wanted to try dry brush, but your suggestion sounds very tempting :D
James, Thank you! Much appreciated!
23. June, 20:29
Nice non skids! (Though the rear rectangle only covers ~half the panel, sry to point, but I just noticed as I masked mine today ;))
This is coming along very nicely and you have some great reference pics in that book
27. June, 20:00
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks mate! I know what you mean. You are right BUT IMHO the rectangle covers the whole panel as you can see on the book (the last rivet line defines the panel). But the Tamiya kits panels are not accurate (Heretic! Sry for rivet counting) so the last rectangle looks too big . Beside that, there are different combinations of rectangle sizes applied. So, there is no right or wrong ;)
27. June, 20:27
27. June, 20:37
Clifford Keesler
Looking good Roland. If my references are correct, the bird I am doing only has one walkway on the port intake.
27. June, 23:40
Konrad Limmer
Wow Roland! Thats really an amazing work here! The Cat comes out really nice! Looking forward to your next steps.
28. June, 05:52
Roland Gunslinger
@Daniel That's a good example ;)

Thanks Clifford! Much appreciated :)
Yes, that could be possible because it is an early A version. Unfortunately I have not found a suitable reference picture.

Thanks Konrad! Much appreciated :)
Your place here in the group build is still free ;)

The cat is ready for decals now...

29. June, 10:34
Konrad Limmer
Thanks Roland I will add my „Miss Molly" to the group build soon ;)!

I cant find some modelling time at the moment :(.
29. June, 13:04
Roland Gunslinger
No worries, take your time. The group build lasts until New Year's Eve ;)
29. June, 15:01
Patrick Hagelstein
At that day 23:59 I might be posting my finished photos.... :D
29. June, 16:13
Patrick Hagelstein
Exactly a half year to build my Tomcat then. I'll get her done! ;)
29. June, 16:14
Roland Gunslinger
Yes, you can :D
29. June, 17:48
Clifford Keesler
Looking forward to seeing yours with the decals on Roland. @Konrad, hope to see your Miss Molly.
29. June, 20:47
Jos Jansen
Beautiful work Roland, I've been busy with my work lately ... I see I'm lagging behind some builders in the GB. Yours is absolutely a gem...can't wait to see the final reveal. One question, you paint the walkways on top of the intake, what kind of stuff did you mix the paint to make it look rough?
29. June, 21:00
Roland Gunslinger
Clifford, i still have to find out about the stencils. I'm still not sure if I need them all. I think I will watch TOP GUN again tomorrow :D

Thank you Jos for your kind words!
For the walkways i used the Tamiya Acrylics out of the bottle (XF-1 and XF-22).
I dabbed it on with a sponge (foam from the Eduard inlays). As the paint dries, it becomes "gummy" and looks "rough". After the paint had dried, I applied mud green pigments with a brush and brushed dry.
Later on weathering, i'll blend it a little more with oil paints.
29. June, 21:29
Jos Jansen
Thx Roland... !!
30. June, 09:22
Greg Baker
This is a beauty!
30. June, 11:07
Slavo Hazucha
Woohoo, this cat is coming out great..! You should stop posting pics lest someone is going to steal it!! :D

+ that´s a hell of a source book you got there!
30. June, 13:29
Clifford Keesler
Nice reference book.
30. June, 19:55
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks mates! Your comments are very motivating! I try my best not to screw up the cat :D

Thx Jos for the link ...

I can fully recommend the book to any F-14 fan. Many pictures are very rare and not or very difficult to find on the Internet. But I prefer physical books anyway. Another very good book is here:

Book: Grumman F-14 Tomcat (by Tony Holmes)

Grumman F-14 Tomcat (Haynes )

1. July, 12:10
Clifford Keesler
That is a nice book.
1. July, 15:31
Roland Gunslinger
Little progress: Main decals applied. Next step weathering...
11. July, 09:41
Looking at photo 32, it gave me an idea, re. slimelights which aren't articulated on some kits apparently. I guess one could try find a scribing tool that has the shape of the inner yellowish part, and the outer frame part. :)
11. July, 09:52
Urban Gardini
Looking great so far mate! You got the slime light colour perfect with your mix.
11. July, 11:01
Nathan Dempsey
Thats a thing of beauty Roland.
11. July, 12:29
Rui S
AHH... well, it seemed to me that this was a group build and it is indeed.
Looking good your work on this cat. The cockpit and pilots just Great
11. July, 12:34
James C
Looking awesome Roland
11. July, 18:21
Slavo Hazucha
Great progress and an excellent starting point for the weathering! I see the pilot & RIO names are in place too :)

Really like your approach so far to capture the "movie look" of the "dry weathered" Miramar Tomcat, great contrast to the super-salty one by Daniel and the early "white belly" layout by Jos... Watching the whole GB still a pleasure, keep up the good work!
11. July, 18:48
Jos Jansen
I totally agree with Slavo...superb progress mate, kudos !!
11. July, 19:06
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks a lot mates for your kind words! Much appreciated! :)
12. July, 10:50
Clifford Keesler
Nice progress, looking awesome.
13. July, 17:30
Agreeing with slavo as well, looks desert dried and sun bleached. Really looking forward to your next steps, so far a beauty already
13. July, 22:42
Roland Gunslinger
Thx mate! Much appreciated!
16. July, 09:33
Roland Gunslinger
Little Update: Weathering with oil paints is done. It's the First time im using oils (btw: they are great)
I'm not sure how long the oil will have to dry before I can seal :S
8. August, 18:18
Slavo Hazucha
I use to give at least 3 days as a rule of thumb on major surfaces... Enjoy & keep the windows open :D

Looking better and better with each step, close to the checkered flag now
8. August, 21:26
Jos Jansen
Looking great Roland, you can increase the drying time by using a hair blower from a distance...normally after one day I spray the final matt/satin cover/seal layer... 8)
9. August, 09:41
Roland Gunslinger
Thx mates! Gunze aqueos shouldn't be a problem over oil i hope. What's about laquer over oil? Any experiences?
9. August, 12:08
Slavo Hazucha
Lacquer over oil should be no problem at all, I use it all the time. What Jos writes is quite right, technically/chemically there is nothing in the way of spraying over oil after a day - I just use to give more time, since I use to tweak the oil layers further even after 24 hours with brushes and swabs, if need be dipped in the thinner - and I'm sure I'll seal a fingerprint somewhere unless everything is really dry-dry :D
9. August, 12:39
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks again! I'll wait until tomorrow -> two days -> the Golden middle :D
9. August, 14:00
Konrad Limmer
Roland thats absolutely amazing what you've done here ! Congrats to that and I'm really excited to see it final Position !
Have I already mentioned that this one looks cool.
Anyhow it looks cool ;)!
9. August, 16:13
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Konrad for your kind words! Much appreciated :)
9. August, 17:09
Clifford Keesler
Looking amazing Roland, I like it a lot.
11. August, 00:14
Gary Dahlström
Tidy work; excellent job of measured weathering and use. Color scaling is spot on.
11. August, 00:26
Greg Baker
Oooooh... what a beauty!
11. August, 17:48
Warning: Using oils can lead into addiction! ;) Great stuff mate, I think maverick would accept it as his wingman any time :D
11. August, 18:49
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you mates! I really appreciate it :)
I wonder why i haven't used oil paints much earlier. It is so easy :D
11. August, 19:30
Slavo Hazucha
They are like videogames... once you get the trick, it´s easy and when you mess-up, just re-set... :D
11. August, 22:57
Roland Gunslinger
As a man who wastes hundreds/thousands of hours in gaming, I can understand the comparison very well :D
13. August, 19:53
Roland Gunslinger
The cat is finished and the final pictures are here:
SCM Album: Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020

Thank you all again for your many motivating comments during the build! :)
13. August, 19:56

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