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Roland Deschain
Roland Gunslinger (Roland Deschain)



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1:32 Spitfire Mk.II Aces High (Revell 05688)1:32 Spitfire Mk.II (Eduard JX168)
Supermarine Spitfire Mk.II
GB Civil Iron Maiden
666/DR-Z/Aces High (Eddie)


25 | 12. February, 19:27
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Roland Gunslinger
Because the kit always looks so angry when I walk past, I decided to continue here :D
15. June, 16:16
Christoph Kunz
ich bin dabei
15. June, 17:07
Roland Gunslinger
Hi Christoph!
Sorry, ich habe deinen Kommentar irgendwie komplett übersehen :(
Das Projekt hatte ein bisschen Pause wegen dem F-14 GB... Aber jetzt hoffe ich, dass ich die Maschine zeitnah fertig bekomme :D
16. August, 15:45
Slavo Hazucha
"And now, to something completely different..."

Taking a place in front of the stage, ready to start some head-banging! ;)
16. August, 19:19
Guy Rump
Back to props Roland, watching! :)
16. August, 19:56
Nathan Dempsey
Yes please :) Love a big Spitfire build. Now to set the mood:

Youtube Video

16. August, 20:22
That film is bloody brilliant! The cracking face is just perfecto what fantastic animation!
Thanks for sharing Nathan

Oh yeah I'm watching the build too ;)
16. August, 20:32
Rui S
Big one. I'm in.
@Nathan Crazy vid. Thx for sharing
17. August, 01:30
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome mates, nice to have you abord
Steve Harris was my greatest „idol" and influence as a Bass player (long time ago). So, the band has been with me my whole life, even if I don't like all the albums anymore, they never actually produced anything really „bad" (IMHO). This doesn't apply to many bands.

Nathan, thx for sharing this video. The collision scene would make a cool dio. Greg where are you? :D
17. August, 16:26
Nathan Dempsey
This is already looking great. Nice cockpit :)
17. August, 17:49
Oh, didnt know you were already exploring the world of big scale wwII props :) Taking a seat here!
Cockpit looks amazing are these all kit parts?
17. August, 20:00
Rui S
Beautiful paintjob on the cockpit. Excellent weathering
17. August, 21:16
Roland I'm with you on the technical ability of Mr Harris, I saw them at the Gentng Arena a couple of years ago & they were perfect
I've been a big Maiden fan since the 80' when Paul Dianno was vocalist, brilliant Brit band ;)
17. August, 21:29
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you mates! Much appreciated :D

I have some props that I still want to build. Since I live in the home of the BF 109, some 109s and 262s are of course also planned.
The large parts are better for my eyes and fingers :D

As a Briton, it is practically a civic duty to attend a Maiden concert ;)
18. August, 12:14
Slavo Hazucha
Well I was a kid in the 80´s, but already aware of the good stuff - Maiden, Motörhead & co... even some odd German stuff like KREATOR & SODOM ;) - not sure if that would be a topic for a 109 or 262... :D
18. August, 16:18
Roland Gunslinger
I think there were a couple of planes on the "agent orange" album cover. But don't know exactly what that was anymore. Certainly not a "Messerschmitt" :D

Complete OOB build :)
The fit is "good". Of course, after the Tamiya kit, a little "descent" ;)
The details (especially the rivets/panel lines) are great IMHO. But I can't say if it's accurate. I'm absolutely no Spitfire expert.
18. August, 17:12
Roland Gunslinger
Applied a testshot of my RAF Sky mix. IMHO the AKSky is to„greenish" so i added some superior blue and RAF Gray.
19. August, 15:45
Looks good!
To be honest every time I try & replicate Sky it comes out a different shade, I just go with what looks the best rather than accuracy.
19. August, 17:49
Roland Gunslinger
Yes, that's my way too :D

If, like me, you want to put Eddie in as a pilot, the pedals may be in the way. I had to remove them. Maybe it's because my Eddie gained a bit in lockdown.
19. August, 21:57
Daniel Klink
Really fantastic interior work mate
19. August, 22:03
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Daniel! Much appreciated :)
21. August, 14:34
Roland Gunslinger
Base is ready: Thanks to my beloved wife: she created this with a photo transfer technique.
21. August, 14:40
Nathan Dempsey
That looks sweeeeeet!
21. August, 15:27
Christoph Kunz
That Base looks fantastic.
22. August, 15:03
Slavo Hazucha
Base looks top notch!

Now to the really difficult one - if the model looks better than the base = obviously not advisable in this situation... If the base is better than the model = not cool & dangerous too, when your wife provides such a top spec part, you better have to perform...! A special degree of harmony seems to be needed here... ;)
22. August, 16:41
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you mates. I passed the praise.

No i'm not nervous. Just no pressure...
22. August, 16:59
Slavo Hazucha
Nice progress - I love the in-flight action pose!

Seems Aces high Eddie really was flying high for prolonged periods of time, his grin does resemble the shape of the pilots oxygen mask "a bit" :D
29. August, 13:21
Guy Rump
Great looking pilot, looks just like someone I used to know..... :)
29. August, 16:25
Fabio Cannova
Great job!!!!
1. September, 15:27
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Slavo and Guy!
Eddie reacts extremely to criticism regarding his mouth, sooo psst ;)

Very little grinding was necessary. Then applied primer + marbling.
1. September, 15:28
Roland Gunslinger
Many thanks also to Fabio :)
1. September, 15:31
Daniel Klink
Marblemania at its best..
Looking great Roland
1. September, 17:11
Roland Gunslinger
Many Thanks Daniel!
Applied underside color. Sadly you can't really see the marbling effect on this picture.
2. September, 16:42
Fabio Cannova
Very smooth, I like it.
2. September, 18:01
Soeren .
The paint job looks really great! ;)
4. September, 15:47
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Fabio :)
After masking the underside, i sprayed AK Real colors RAF dark green. I want rough edges that's why I sprayed it freehand.
4. September, 15:51
Roland Gunslinger
Many Thanks Soeren! Much appreciated :)
4. September, 15:53
Looking good
4. September, 16:00
Nathan Dempsey
Oh that first color is nice! I've got to admit that every time I use AK Real I fall a little more in love.
4. September, 17:11
Jos Jansen
Cool subject Roland...!
5. September, 07:40
Guy Rump
Looking great Roland, your marbling is superb :)
5. September, 08:12
Slavo Hazucha
Upperside marbling definitely kicking through
5. September, 08:30
I'm learning more every time I check in ;)
5. September, 10:03
Rui S
I'm with you Munkyslut.
This Marbling Thequenic is great.
Your result is looking excellent, Roland
5. September, 10:15
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks a lot mates for your nice comments :)

@Nathan These colors are a godsend for me. No clogging and forgiving of any kind of wrong dilution or pressure. You can basically dilute it with anything you have standing around.

@Slavo The plan is for the plane to be pretty weathered. Therefore, the paint should really not look new. After I recently fell in love with oil paints, it should now be a good playground for weathering.

@Rui/Munkyslut To be honest, I'm usually not a big fan of this technique, but in this case it is very useful. With jets in particular, I now prefer postshading. It always depends on the desired effect. But that's just my opinion :)
5. September, 12:58
Rui S
@ Roland, Well it seems to me that it is more efective in the darker green, than with the Brown??? :S
5. September, 13:20
Andy Ball
Great effects with that pre-shaded marbling
5. September, 13:31
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Andy, I really appreciate your comment!

@Rui Yes, it actually looks like this in the picture. But that's because I didn't have good lighting for the picture. The brown is lighter than the green and therefore reflects more strongly. I took another photo without the light: the effect can already be seen. Of course you can also marble with different colors or, as i prefer, post-shading later.
5. September, 14:01
Fabio Cannova
Hi Roland, it's only marbling effects or you added some post-shading? Great job!!
5. September, 16:54
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Fabio! It's only black basing, no post-shading.
5. September, 18:58
Fabio Cannova
Ok, thanks Roland.
5. September, 19:36
Wow, this kit has nice surface detail and you used it to max effect - fanstastic paint job!
Big fan of AK RC myself, best paints I used so far
5. September, 19:40
Slavo Hazucha
You managed to keep the marbling very nicely consistent through the transitions, the result looks excellent! What a canvas for all the subsequent weathering fun... :)
6. September, 07:10
Roland Gunslinger
Many Thanks Daniel and Slavo :)
The kit indeed is very nicely detailed. The fit is great: shake'n bake :D Especially considering the very low price for the MK2 version without Eddie.
6. September, 10:12
Interesting. There is apparenlty an IXC version for this, I might go for that one as I am a sucker for the mk IX variant.
11. September, 16:02
Roland Gunslinger
I also have the IXc in stash. It's almost the same kit.
11. September, 16:14
Christian Kohl
Exzellent, great work!
12. September, 16:38
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Christian :)
Started weathering today, finish line in sight...
14. September, 19:22
Guy Rump
Looking really great Roland :)
14. September, 20:25
Slavo Hazucha
Those roundels just absorbed themselves into the rivet lines... :D Starting to look the role for some cover pics!
15. September, 16:09
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you for your kind and motivating comments! Much appreciated :)

Here are the final pictures:

Eddies Spitfire Finished | Album by Roland Deschain (1:32)
16. September, 15:11
Andy Ball
Grand! I'm sure Bruce Dickinson would approved too!
16. September, 15:29
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Andy! Much appreciated!
16. September, 18:30

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