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Daniel Klink (Springbank)

Early Builds in 80's, 90's and early 00'S

no shading, no Decal setter, no Vallejo painting semi Brush and airbrush, bad photos
But mainly no internet so no flood of information long research
Good old times. 🙂 in some way
Lets build the new Revell Hurricane with colours already in stock.
Most of them who survived the "Aces Cats" are stored in boxes now in the garage.


6 | 1. November 2018, 18:47
Nice early collection. Congrats!
1. November 2018, 19:47
Roberto Rocat
Lovely early works, you had the right stuff from the start :) By the way, yours is the first built Shiragiku that I see...Interesting aircraft.
1. November 2018, 20:49
Alec K
Very cool Daniel. I love this old stuff! I definitely agree about the "no long research" times - it was more fun that way. Your Bf 109 diorama brought back memories: I built one just like it back in the 80's. Thanks for sharing 👍
1. November 2018, 22:47
very nice old collection 🙂
1. November 2018, 22:56
Daniel Klink
@Alec, your written words were exactly my intention with this album. No masterpieces just a bit of nostalgic moments to share. Getting Dio accessoires from the garden or wifes Decobox. Thank you very much for your kind words and 👍
1. November 2018, 23:11
Daniel Klink
@cuajete Thank you! Many of them went to nephews or neighbours kids. or fell for the furby Hunters in the house, who wanted to help with the dust on it🙂
1. November 2018, 23:17
Daniel Klink
@Roberto Thanky ou Roberto! Yeah the Shiragiku were an odd thing that wasn't succesful in any way.
But i had to make it 🙂
1. November 2018, 23:20
Rick Corts
How did you get the open canopy on your shiragiku? Just cut the canopy? I build mine closed. It doesn't look as goed as yours though!
You can check mine in my photo album if you want
2. November 2018, 11:24
Now I understand... I really like the Hurricane. And your Shiragiku is also my first seen.
2. November 2018, 14:20
Aah, this gives me an idea. Would be nice I think, so see an entire winter diorama with a white painted airplane. Then, heh with the snow and all, most of it would be white. 🙂
2. November 2018, 15:18
Daniel Klink
@Olly yes the Hurricane Mk.I is the old Revell tool and was made within 1-2 days as a teenager.
Good ol times 🙂
4. November 2018, 12:04
Guy Rump
Great collection Daniel, your skills were impressive all those years ago. 🙂 As with others that is the first Shiragiku kit that I have seen.
12. September 2019, 18:32
Daniel Klink
Hi Guy, thank you very much. Ya the pavla kits were unique in many ways 🙂
24. September 2019, 08:37
Andy Ball
Wow!!, this was you at your 'most basic'?!!!....I share your evolutionary desire to improve on modelling skills!
27. September 2019, 11:17
Bryn Crandell
Some really great looking builds @Daniel.
27. September 2019, 11:58
Stephan Ryll
Very nice collection of great work Daniel 👍
27. September 2019, 14:49
Jim J
Nice collection Daniel.
27. September 2019, 15:24
Daniel Klink
Whoo, thank you guys for your nice comments. Good old OOb times 🙂
29. September 2019, 21:28
Hi Daniel, just checked your albums... Wow! There's some huge amount of work in here! Very nice collection of builds 👍
28. March, 23:51
Dynamite collection Daniel.
And on Neil's suggestion, I'll
pursue the back catalogue here.
29. March, 01:34

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