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Daniel Klink (Springbank)

Refurbished B-26C Airfix from 1976

This old dog disqppeard for centurys somewhere in a cardboardbox in built but never painted state. Lots of cement spots and gaps between the main Parts.
ca. 4 Years ago i decides to give it a second chance
It is not a perfect build evenwhen you look at the age of the kit.
It was when it was new a rather good kit from Airfix.
But just see the Pics


23. September 2018, 19:12
nice resurrection project!
23. September 2018, 19:39
Daniel Klink
Thank you sir...It is kind a mixed parts from the Grabbox.. But i n the end it looks like a Marauder
3. October 2018, 15:17
Martin Oostrom
Marvellous work Daniel. Nice and clean and sharp and …. (please continue yourself ;) )
3. October 2018, 15:40
Nice diorama! Which scale?
10. October 2018, 16:34
Daniel Klink
Thank you Guys. Much appreciated that you like the result of this old dog of a kit
11. October 2018, 20:01
Very nice work. Congrats!
11. October 2018, 20:29
Daniel Klink
Thank you very much Sir 👍
26. October 2018, 23:30
Daniel Klink
@Neuling Thank you It is 1/72nd the old Airfix tool
26. October 2018, 23:31
Daniel Klink
@Martin...wrong D-Day stripes 🙂
26. October 2018, 23:37

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