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Daniel Klink (Springbank)

First ever Matchbox kit Fury Mk.I

Few Years ago I found this kit in my Stash... It is an Reissue from the Revell era of Matchbox i guess..
But it is nertheless the first ever produced Aircraft kit in 1/72 by Matchbox (Lesney prod) .. It does not stand on top of my to-do list, but i will give it some rigging and washing. The Exhaust needs some drilling too The colours and decals look still quite good.

Good old Days 🙂


22. September 2018, 15:56
Sometimes it's good to give a second chance to the old kits. Watching 🙂
22. September 2018, 19:32
nice idea 🙂
2. October 2018, 21:58
Daniel Klink
Thanks Guys! The MAtchbox kits somehow are quite charming to me.
3. October 2018, 11:10
old memories😉
3. October 2018, 11:16
Daniel Klink
Yap, good old children days.. When you could buy them in a supermarket for some coins
3. October 2018, 11:19
when i could only afford to buy one kit every school holidays, spend the holidays on it, and ... no stash! 😄 😄
3. October 2018, 11:20

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