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Daniel Klink (Springbank)

*Finished* Loading Scene with S.M. 82 Crete 1942

This project should show a typical Loading scene of a SM.82 Canguro, the Transportversion of the Marsupiale Bomber, which was widely used by the Luftwaffe in the Mediteranean and North African Theatre.
It is situated around May 1942 at Heraklion (Crete)

The kit is the Italeri one, which is not a simple Build (fit and some material issues). The figures are a mix up from Zvezda, Preiser and Revell.
The Opel Blitz is from Roden.


27 | 11. March 2018, 19:38
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Nikolaos Kouzinis
Nice job Daniel
11. March 2018, 20:06
Marcel Klemmer
Well done Daniel
11. March 2018, 20:10
Daniel Klink
Thank you guys.. I hope to get the completed Dio to Wilnsdorf Marcel.
11. March 2018, 20:12
Marcel Klemmer
You can show it still. It would be a pleasure to see it in Wilnsdorf Daniel.
11. March 2018, 22:06
12. March 2018, 01:20
Greg Baker
That's an awesome dio. Where didnyou find the bus?
12. March 2018, 02:48
Gordon Sørensen
Great looking little dio, Daniel! The cockpit of the SM.82 looks great, and so does the Blitz!
12. March 2018, 03:19
very nice job.
12. March 2018, 06:17
Wow... Great result. Congratulations!
12. March 2018, 12:51
Daniel Klink
Thank you Guys for your kid words. I hope to finish the projekt within the next 4 weeks.
Ther are only a few things left to do but these little things left to do- often costs most of the total time 🙂
@Greg Baker.. The Bus is this kit: scalemates.com/kits/121150-roden-720-opel-3-6-47-omnibus
Cheers Daniel
12. March 2018, 19:28
Alec K
Very nice dio and subject Daniel. I love the history of the Crete operation.
26. March 2018, 00:41
Daniel Klink
Hey Alec, thank you and yes fascinating operation and history with all the logistical challenges etc.
This will be finished after the shidenkai. The 4 weeks from March this year were too optimistic 🙂
14. September 2018, 12:51
Alec K
Looking forward to it 👍
15. September 2018, 00:24
me too 🙂
15. September 2018, 10:33
21. September 2018, 17:00
A very nice looking diorama! Charming!
21. September 2018, 17:34
Daniel Klink
Thank you all very much Gentlemen... Much appreciated... still some way to go but it will be finished with a new Base and some additions soon...
Added some Pics of the progress.. My Gosh 2 Years nearly ...Time is a bitch
21. September 2018, 17:42
The fourth photo looks stunning imo. There is all this detail in the canopy glass, and then the depth, and then the different scales to things with the large airplane and the smaller things around it. 🙂 And the dark shadow under the plane and the bus is a very nice touch.
21. September 2018, 17:48
great to have the extra pics
21. September 2018, 20:33
Dave Flitton
Nicely done!
21. September 2018, 22:18
Es-haq Khosravi
Great dio!
21. September 2018, 23:00
Mike Daniels
Brilliant dio.
21. September 2018, 23:11
22. September 2018, 17:54
Daniel Klink
Woah, Thanks mates, much appreciated.. The new base is in progress👍
3. October 2018, 15:24
Norbert Steffens
Wow, a really fine Dio.
4. October 2018, 05:22
Łukasz Gliński
Awesome, pic 5 looks like a real photo (the only hint is the colour 🙂 )
4. October 2018, 13:29
John Thomas
Very nice
4. October 2018, 17:00
Christian Bruer
Very nice work 👍
4. October 2018, 18:32
Greg Baker
Why the new base Daniel? It already looks fantastic.
4. October 2018, 22:59
Daniel Klink
Thank you for your motivating and kind words chaps 👍
@Greg new is the wrong word . It gets an nearly complete refurbishment becaus ut is 2 years old by now and i used it for transportation. To fix the plane and things on it i used toothpicks. Too many holes showed off 🙂 And it will become a wooden Frame and a bit more vegetation and some colour treatment.
6. October 2018, 19:39
Daniel Klink
@Lukasz black and white gives it a special touch thank you mate.
But the exhausts are missing 🙂
6. October 2018, 19:50
Tim Heimer
Nice work Daniel! I like it!
6. October 2018, 21:35
Łukasz Gliński
Then the pic is so good that beholders don't spot it😉
8. October 2018, 14:48
Wow! What wonderful wonderful work! How you present your work! GREAT imagination and skill. Thanks
9. October 2018, 15:28
Roberto Rocat
Ah! Amazing work. I like it.
9. October 2018, 16:37
Daniel Klink
Thank you Henry very nice and motivating words 👍
@Timothy Thank you very much @Roberto really glas you like my italian Bird 👍
21. October 2018, 18:53
Daniel Klink
The Black Boys in summer outfit! The figures of Zvezda are not that bad.
But one of them took a shower in old oil as it looks. Macro is incorruptible 🙁
21. December 2018, 17:53
It looks simply fantastic
23. December 2018, 13:56
Daniel Klink
Thank you Spanjaard, much appreciated 👍
24. December 2018, 14:08
Johne 69
Nice Details in the Pit 👍
24. December 2018, 14:13
Jakub Fiala
Very nice!
24. December 2018, 15:35
Alex-Ovidiu Mihailescu
Top notch ! Love the scene ! What do you think about the Roden Blitz? Although I've seen a lot of positive reviews , some people who have actually built it are not so pleased. Thanks! Frohe Weihnachten!
25. December 2018, 05:51
Daniel Klink
Thank you mates! Much appreciated

@Alex Many thanks for your kind words. The Roden Blitz is very good in Detail and overall fit.
But especially the Bus versions goot some really evident fit issues between Cabin and Roof.
With mine there were also big differents in Materialthickness in this area.
You have to do a lot of dryfit and sanding there, which i did not enough.
So i decided to cover the worst part with the tarpaulin from the Black Box set.
It is a fine kit after all. I have 2 additional of them in my stash and next time i know the issues😉
26. December 2018, 18:45
Roberto Rocat
Great work, bravo.
26. December 2018, 21:26
Daniel Klink
Thank you Roberto 👍
27. December 2018, 23:10
Holger Kranich
Wow, very nice Daniel! How could i missed this? The paratroopers look nice, are they from Preiser?
9. March 2019, 11:14
Stephan Ryll
Very nice and detailed dio Daniel - a real eyecatcher 👍
9. March 2019, 11:49
Erik Leijdens
Great job Daniel. Impressive
9. March 2019, 12:04
Greg Baker
Keep this up and I'm going to have to start calling you Mr. Klink...
9. March 2019, 14:00
Daniel Klink
Hi folks, thank you for your very nice comments.. there are only a few things left to fix with this scene.
Just waiting for the material.
@Holger glas you finally found it and thanks mate👍 Yes these are the Preiser figures, they are still in progress by now.
@Stephan Thank you the kit of the SM 82 was not real fun but i am glad with the result.
@Erik Glad you like it 👍
@Greg you can also call me "Tiescher"😉 Thank you SIr👍
9. March 2019, 23:53
Mike Daniels
Looking great Daniel!
10. March 2019, 00:46
Daniel Klink
Thank you very much Mike👍
13. March 2019, 20:06
Andy Ball
Wow! Simply wonderful!
13. March 2019, 21:35
Daniel Klink
Thank you Andy, much appreciated 👍
14. March 2019, 18:36
Daniel Klink
So finally finished the crete scene. Tomorrow i will make pictures outside!
12. April 2020, 19:22
Oh ho... I had bi-passed this one. Great scene.
17. May 2020, 13:34
Daniel Klink
Thank you Mate 👍
Forgot to take the aditional pics ..arghhh will follow soon
17. May 2020, 14:22
It looks very good anyway.
17. May 2020, 19:23
Daniel Klink
Thanks Neuling...really honoured you like it! 👍
17. May 2020, 20:16
Nathan Dempsey
That came out wonderfully. I never realized that plane was so big 🙂
18. May 2020, 00:22
Clifford Keesler
Very nice job. I like it a lot.
18. May 2020, 00:28
Daniel Klink
Thank you very much Clifford and Nathan👍
Yes it is really a big plane. And easy prey for the experienced MTO squadrons once detected.🙂
18. May 2020, 10:21
Cristian Bordina
Congrats Daniel I like it very much... also in "wrong colors" (I'm italian ahahah)
18. May 2020, 14:27
Dave Flitton
Nice finish!!
18. May 2020, 20:02
Daniel Klink
Thank you Dave and Christian...
This thing looks impressive in any color btw. 🙂
19. May 2020, 20:21
Guy Rump
Great dio Daniel 🙂
17. March, 20:25
Erik Leijdens
Impressive work Daniel
17. March, 20:26
Rui S
I agree, really great work alround but I really like the SM.82 Canguro weathering 👍 Also the B.W. photos😉
17. March, 20:26
Daniel Klink
Thank youGuy, Erik and Rui for your kind words feels good 👍
Just added a pic that i found ..
@Rui yes, i also llike the outcome. Those Aircraft were exposed most of the tim to heat, Dust and sunshine.. Glad you like the effect 👍
17. March, 20:58
Clifford Keesler
Awesome build Daniel.
18. March, 04:02
Dietmar Bogatzki
Fantastic Job, Daniel, the Plane, the Dio, the Weathering and the Photos 👍 👍 👍
18. March, 07:53
Daniel Klink
Thank you Clifford and Dietmar, very much appreciated👍
18. March, 12:56
Urban Gardini
Nice work but it's cheating to build an Italian bird in Luftwaffe colours😉
18. March, 13:07
Daniel Klink
Thank you Urban, the Bomber Version will be italian😉
The colors are italian btw🙂
18. March, 13:26
Urban Gardini
Looking forward to that one mate!
18. March, 17:02
Daniel Klink
Guess i will start it next year🙂
22. March, 11:54
Zsolt Czegle
Klasse Arbeit! 👍
22. March, 14:49
Daniel Klink
Danke schön Zsolt!!
Compared to your small masterpiecs these words are very appreciated 👍
28. March, 21:31


51 bilder
1:72 SM.82 Canguro (Italeri 1273)1:72 SM 82 Marsupiale 1/72 (Eduard CX204)1:72 Opel 3.6-47 Omnibus (Roden 720)4+
Savoia-Marchetti SM.82 Marsupiale
3R Military Wehrmacht Luftwaffe (German Air Force 1935-1945)
13./KGr.z.b.V. 1 1Z+BX
1942 - Heraklion GR
RLM70, Lt.grey

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