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Michael Hatch
Michael Hatch

Case Blue F2

Converting Tamiya brand new Panzer IV Ausf. F into an Ausf. F2 because reasons.


10 | 19. December 2020, 18:58
Will you paint it eventually ?
26. December 2020, 20:53
Michael Hatch
Yes. Factory fresh Panzer Grey.
5. January, 20:32
You should try AK Real Colour Panzergrau. It is imho the perfect nuance.
5. January, 20:58
Michael Hatch
Funny you should mention that. I plan on using AK11025 German Gey from their Standard line of 3rd Generation Acrylics. I found it from watching this video Youtube Video

5. January, 21:47
very interesting video
5. January, 22:24
Thanks for the video. I have not tested the 3rd gen. which I should. The one I mentioned I enjoy also for its ease of use.
6. January, 10:15
Rui S
I didn't year the presented arguments, just read the text. That Said:
So the number One is the color not to use in scale modeling.
It can be the Best to paint for a recovered 1:1 WWII ral 7021 german tank, but not for a 1:35 or a 1:72 model, due to scale factor.🤔
6. January, 23:19
Michael Hatch
Rudi S I would recommend watching the whole video to get the reasoning for their results.
7. January, 00:20


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1:35 Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. F (Tamiya 35374)1:35 7.5cm KwK 40 L/43 (RB Model 35B08)

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