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Andrea Brenco (homusbrencus)

Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3 yellow 15 III./JG 52 Karl Wolff


19 | 4. February, 01:05
Neil Patrick
I'm in Andrea. Looks like it will be an interesting comparison with the Special Hobby E. The 14th Feb deadline would terrify me!
4. February, 22:41
Stefan Schacht
nice start, count me in.
4. February, 23:04
4. February, 23:06
Yes Man
@Neil Patrick: Consensus seems to be that the Special Hobby Emil is the better of the two (and best in 1/72 in general). AZ Emil is still accurate and cheaper though, just the details are softer.
7. February, 08:05
Neil Patrick
@Yes Man: Agreed and Andrea's build of the SH kit proves it I think!
7. February, 09:37
Łukasz Gliński
Thanks for sharing this build review of new AZ. Pity the SH doesn't offer such interesting decals 🙁 (e.g. the Swiss ones)
11. February, 09:10
Andrea Brenco
thanks everybody for your comments! I finished the build tonight: I wrote some notes about it in the picture, it is a nice kit but not so easy as I hoped.
I have a couple more in the stash and will build them as a OOB quick build just to relax with some of the beautiful camouflage that the Emil sported!
14. February, 23:48
Jim J
Nice work Andrea. Although the kit had some shortcomings, your result is very nice - especially for 1/72. In particular, your mottling on the fuselage and tail is very convincing.
15. February, 01:51
Juergen Klinglhuber
Great result Andrea! I like it! 👍
15. February, 06:32
Andrea Brenco
Thx Jim and Jurgen!
I will take a small pause from Emils now... maybe will start the 262 Group Build sooner or later...
15. February, 08:28
Roland Gunslinger
Very nice Andrea 👍 Great paintwork!
15. February, 08:32
Wounded 1
I'm building the same version in 1/32
15. February, 08:53
this would be an excellent job in 1/48, amazing in 1/72
15. September, 09:19
Andrea Brenco
Thanks again!!!
15. September, 13:34


1:72 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3 (AZ model AZ7658)
Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-3
3R Military Wehrmacht Luftwaffe (German Air Force 1935-1945)
III./JG 52 Gold 15 (Karl Wolff)
August 1940 FR
RLM71 RLM02 RLM65 White

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