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Kees Kleijwegt
Kees Kleijwegt

Major Maurenbrechers Warhawk


59 | 2. February, 18:19
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Eelco Gregoire
Lekker Kees!
18. March, 20:52
James C
The interior painting is impressive, but that natural metal finish you've done is something else! 👍
18. March, 23:07
Tom Gardiner
Looking incredible! Great finish.
19. March, 00:57
Guillaume Blanchet
Good looking interior! Very excited to see the finished exterior.
19. March, 02:57
Jan Peters
Great bm finish!
19. March, 09:19
Kees Kleijwegt
Thank you mates, much appreciated! 👍
19. March, 12:57
Erik Leijdens
Fantastic work so far Kees! As usual mate
25. March, 22:04
Clifford Keesler
Looking great Kees, excellent metal finish.
26. March, 00:46
Jos Jansen
Already a raw gem Kees...just need some polishing ;)
27. March, 09:12
Kees Kleijwegt
Thanks Erik, Clifford and Jos 👍
30. March, 20:16
Mirko Römer
Oh my, looks awesome!
30. March, 20:35
Eelco Gregoire
Great work Kees!
30. March, 21:03
14. April, 21:14
Daniel Klink
14. April, 21:14
Nathan Dempsey
That metal finish is beautiful. Great work!
14. April, 21:29
Sebastian Meyner
Fantastic looking bird! 👍
14. April, 21:35
wow!! beautiful bird
14. April, 22:37
Clifford Keesler
Agree with everyone, beautiful job.
15. April, 00:06
15. April, 00:45
Patrick Hagelstein
Wow! I really love the subtle weathering on this one. My brother just sent me the trailer for the new Amazon series 'De Oost' (The East, a series about Indonesia gaining it's independence from the Netherlands right after WWII), right in time to watch after seeing this beauty here. 😉
15. April, 01:35
Kees Kleijwegt
Thanks you for you positive feedback mates, much appreciated! 👍
Just working on the final bits and then she's finished.

@Patrick: Actually this aircraft is not from just after, but during WWII. Although the Netherlands and Dutch East Indies surrendered, the RNEIAF kept fighting. This aircraft was from the unit commander during 1944/1945
15. April, 05:46
Robert Podkoński
Simply awesome!
15. April, 06:58
Eelco Gregoire
Geweldig Kees
15. April, 08:15
Patrick Hagelstein
Good to know Kees! I have a Special Hobby P-40N sitting in my stash waiting to be built and the decal options have decals for it fighting during WWII and immediately after and I prefer to build it as a testimonial to the liberation rather than otherwise...
15. April, 16:38
Daniel Klink
That dirty metal effect is amazing and perfectly done Kees and fits the P-40 very well👍
15. April, 16:47
Really nice seeing somebody using an aftermarket vacuum canopy.
Q: Are you happy with the result? Presumably it looks a lot better than thicker plastic. I have a few such vacuum canopies in store for various kits, but haven't yet fiddled with any of them.
15. April, 16:47
Björn Svedberg
That is a really beautiful plane! 👍 Great job!
15. April, 17:02
Hanno Kleinecke
😮 😮 😮 Beautiful bird in very realistic looking metal finish, excellent work !
15. April, 17:37
Jan Peters
Prachtig werk! Great job!
16. April, 06:58
Christoph Schnarr
A Warhawk always rocks, simply beautiful 👍
16. April, 16:18
Marek Nagy
Well done! Your models are at a high level.
16. April, 17:09
Kees Kleijwegt
Thank you Robert, Eelco, Patrick, Daniel, Treehugger, Björn, Hanno, Jan, Christoph and Marek.
Your positive comments humbles me 👍

@Treehugger: For this model I only replaced the sliding part of the canopy with a vacuum part. But in general they are quite easy to use and they can be a great improvement
17. April, 06:18
Jos Jansen
Absolutely a beauty Kees, just what I said did it again!
17. April, 18:27
Erik Leijdens
A real masterpiece Kees! This must be the most beautiful P-40 model I have EVER seen. The more than perfect build, the scratch build bomb racks, the eye for tiny details, your NMF finish and the's just phenomenal Kees! I'll take my hat off for you mate...!
19. April, 19:47
Sebastian Meyner
Simply beautiful Kees 👍
19. April, 20:01
Nathan Dempsey
Yes, I'll be dreaming my NMF even come close to this.
19. April, 20:04
A masterpiece. Absolutely convincing paint work.
20. April, 08:39
Kees Kleijwegt
Thank you Jos, Erik, Sebastian, Nathan and Neuling! 👍
As I already mentioned above, to receive such positive feedback from great modelers like you really makes me feel humble and is a great inspiration..
Thanks again! 🙂
20. April, 16:32
James C
That's a stunning looking result Kees, and one of... if not, THE best metal finishes that I've ever seen. Congrats mate 👍👍👍
20. April, 16:55
Eelco Gregoire
Really a great job mate!
20. April, 16:58
Rui S
I like it. Very well done 👍
20. April, 21:34
Patrick Hagelstein
One can almost imaginary run one's finger over the skin and feel the oily and grimy residue, that realistic... 👍
21. April, 13:47
Kees Kleijwegt
Thanks James, Eelco, Rui S and Patrick!
Much appreciated👍🏻
21. April, 15:35
Jim J
Wow. Kees, that's fantastic! I love the detail and metal finish. Inspirational! Congrats.
22. April, 02:40
Giannis Kaltapanidis
That's awesome! Bravo!
22. April, 09:38
Eric Lamare
Kees, all your models are so neat. The quality of the build and paint are superb. Looking forward to see the next ones from your list 👍🏼
22. April, 15:48
Bart Goesaert
Very beautiful addition to the finished kits list... superb work...
23. April, 03:44
Kees Kleijwegt
Thank you for the positive feedback Jim, Giannis, Eric and Bart! 👍
23. April, 17:11
Gordon Sørensen
Great metal finish, Kees! The weathering looks fantastic!
23. April, 17:17


1:48 P-40N Warhawk 'Natural Metal' (Hasegawa 09924)1:48 P-40N (Eduard EX113)1:48 P-40N Warhawk (Rob-Taurus 48046)6+

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