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Sebastian Meyner (SMey)



19 | 2. October 2020, 19:14
Agustin Prellezo
That cockpit is stunning!!
28. December 2020, 22:45
looking really good so far!
29. December 2020, 18:46
Daniel Klink
Promising Wow Start... Count me in Sir 👍
29. December 2020, 18:51
James C
Looking amazing. Following👍
29. December 2020, 19:35
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks mates! 👍

@Augustin: the cockpit is OOB...except the seat belts from Fine Molds. Very nice little kit and a joy to build!
30. December 2020, 13:55
1. January, 11:19
Sebastian Meyner
Welcome Kees! Sadly I did mess up the paint job a bit. Spilled IJA grey over the NMF..... 🙁 Will have to polish that out and re-paint it later.
1. January, 13:06
great that you recovered from it. looks good again 🙂
1. January, 19:06
Sebastian Meyner
Thank's Spanjaard! 👍 To bo honest when it comes to NMFs I am still very much a beginner. After dodging NMFs for years I finally found the mental strength to make a first atempt 😄
1. January, 20:00
it is going pretty well, i must say. what are you using?
1. January, 22:16
Sebastian Meyner
Thank's again Spanjaard! I used AK's Extreme Metals. I think they're easy enough to use but stink like hell...
2. January, 05:12
Sebastian Meyner
Since I had my circle cutter out (for my japanese 'what if' Me 262) I decided to continue with this baby.
24. February, 19:57
Kees Kleijwegt
25. February, 10:56
Sebastian Meyner
Welcome Kees!
25. February, 11:15
Roland Gunslinger
Count me in ... Great job so far 👍
And totally agree, the AK Xtreme Metal smells like hell 😄 I quickly discovered for myself (relatively new to the hobby) that the good things are usually the most poisonous ... (Enamel , laquer colors...)
25. February, 11:32
Sebastian Meyner
Welcome Roland...und Danke! Für 'relatively new to the hobby' sind deine Bauten aber allererste Sahne, ganz besonders die Lackierung 👍
Well I usually get my buzz from Tamiya or Gunze paints 😛 AK's extreme metals takes that to a whole new level...however I still have an unused set of Alclad II sitting on my shelf simply because after taking a sniff I coundln't bring myself to spray that stuff....I know sounds silly 😉
25. February, 17:19


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Kawasaki Ki-61-I Tei Hien
JP 大日本帝國陸軍航空部隊 (Imperial Japanese Army Air Service 1912-1945)
55 Hiko Sentai (2nd Lt Takeo Adachi)
Januar 1945 - Komaki Airfieldi

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