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Torben H. (mostrich)

Messerschmitt Me 262A-1a/U3

Building this one as Wk-Nr. 170111 (not 100% proofed) like it was found in Lechfeld or Schwäbisch-Hall in April '45. Two first-timer for me included here: Using Alclad and a "Mäander-Tarnung". It was fitted with a single MK 108 in its nose.


15 February 2015, 22:06
Es-haq Khosravi
Well done!
16 February 2015, 09:40
Wim van der Luijt
I'll be following this one as I have it in my stash as well. Liking what I see so far!
16 February 2015, 10:15
Bart Goesaert
Looking nice so far...
16 February 2015, 12:07
Torben H.
Thank you, mates! This kit has a top price/performance ratio. I've just fitted the wings and the fit is close to perfect. The only small disadvantages are the slightly wrong nose shape (only nerds will notice) and -only for the recce version- two wrong cannon ports in the nose tip who are to be filled.
20 February 2015, 08:24
Holger Kranich
Wow, this is really looking good!
Seems as HobbyBoss made a good job! And you too, Torben!
20 February 2015, 09:34
Clifford Keesler
Looking good.
20 February 2015, 19:44
Torben H.
The light blue base is done. Next step is to do the meander scheme. Not an easy task at all.
14 May 2015, 14:05
Clifford Keesler
It sure is looking nice and I bet it will turn out great.
14 May 2015, 17:41
Torben H.
Thank you, Clifford. Glad you like it.
14 May 2015, 21:08
Marc Schimmler
Cute ... I have built the twin seat version as a nghtfighter. Fair value for the price ...
14 May 2015, 22:16
Aghis Barberopoulos
Very nice prep work!
15 May 2015, 18:20
Torben H.
Spent some time to apply that meander scheme. Not my cleanest work, but the real ones were painted free hand in the woods with spare colors, so I think I could come away with it.
21 December 2015, 23:56
Bart Goesaert
Not an easy camo, but it looks nice
22 December 2015, 08:07
Marc Schimmler
I like this camo ...
22 December 2015, 09:26
Steven Baerselman
cool camo!!
22 December 2015, 09:41
Norman Gruss
I like it
22 December 2015, 10:11
Kerry COX
Must unusual, but super effective. 🙂 👍
22 December 2015, 10:27
Markus Antonius
plain grey looks best...
22 December 2015, 10:50
Torben H.
Thank you gentleman!
M.A.: You mean for not disturbing the lines of the airframe? Bit boring though...
22 December 2015, 11:27
Clifford Keesler
Awesome camo job.
23 December 2015, 21:57
Thomas Mayer
Fine example of an airbrush master! Very cool!
16 March 2016, 07:56
Kerry COX
Wonderful attention to detail Torben. A great job all round. 👍 🙂
16 March 2016, 08:00
Laurent Demaille
Amazing paint job, very nice
16 March 2016, 11:01
Great! Very nice effect of "scribble" painting pattern.
16 March 2016, 14:34
Maciej Bellos
One difficult camo, one skilled modeller. Well done!
16 March 2016, 19:52
Martien Lourens
Excellent paint job, Torben
16 March 2016, 20:12
Clifford Keesler
I agree with Martien, fabaouls paint job.
16 March 2016, 20:14
Torben H.
Many thanks! Vielen Dank! Dank je wel!
16 March 2016, 20:36
Alistair Graham
nice squiggles
7 April 2016, 23:21
Ulf Petersen
Very attractive camo, Torben!👍
8 April 2016, 04:31
Thomas Mayer
Hope you still have some space to place your awards for this build on! I am sure you will get lot´s of first prizes with this one!
8 April 2016, 05:34
Kari Saarni
8 April 2016, 06:36
arne vd burg
What a beauty
8 April 2016, 07:40
Germen V
very nice, great camo
8 April 2016, 11:45
Clifford Keesler
Very nice job.
8 April 2016, 15:02
Torben H.
Thank you very much, Gentleman! It was an on and off-project for over a year and I lost motivation for it several times. But I learned a lot about airbrushing along the process and I made my first step into creating model bases.
I can't praise HB high enough for providing us with such a nice kit of a 262 for such a small price tag.
Thomas: Don't make me blush! I hope I'll make it to Cheb this year and maybe I participate on the contest there.
8 April 2016, 19:11
Alistair Graham
how did you manage to control the oversray? I tried a similar scheme on a BF110-G4 and it was not as successful as yours. That was with a Badger 360 but even since i got a Harder and Steinbeck Infinity with a fine needle i still get overspray when doing fine lines. you have mastered it.
8 April 2016, 22:29
Torben H.
Now Alistair, to be honest there is some overspray that this blurry picture gently hides. But overall I'm satisfied for my first attempt on such a complex scheme. I used heavily thinned Mr.Aqueous paints (60% Mr.Color lacquer thinner). Lacquer thinner works perfect for this type of acrylic based colors. Worked with a 0.3 mm needle and 0.8 bar pressure. Due to the thin color you have to build up the lines in 2 or 3 layers. It's a bit tough to follow the lines a second and third time, but you are able to laminate little flaws of the foregoing attempts.
Patience is (as always) the key. I needed three sessions to finish the camo and letting my wrist recover. 🙂
8 April 2016, 23:34
Stephan Ryll
Very nice 👍
9 April 2016, 07:49
Fantastic work on this! 👍
9 April 2016, 10:41
Bart Goesaert
Hello Allistair, I tried someting similar on a Ta-152, and then I found that a thin mix of tamiya (40%paint/60%thinner) spraying at low pressure and close to the model (a few mm's), without the needle protection of the AB (for some reason you can spray thinner lines, I guess it has has something to do with air turning around in the spray cap) gives the best results, while not holding the AB still at one point. Just by changing the speed at which you pass over the surface and building up the lines slowly gives a rather good result. I also try not to start spraying above my model but outside of it to avoid a first blob of paint. When passing fast enough to the point where you want to start nothing will be seen. But as always, before I do that, I exercise on a bottle till I get the feeling in my fingers of the pressure, and how to set the airbrush.
11 April 2016, 06:54
Thomas Mayer
Exercising on a bottle! That´s smart! Never thought about doing this. Thank you!
11 April 2016, 09:04
Bart Goesaert
It works better for me than on paper, because it doesn't absorb the moisture when the paint was thinned to much (I received this tip also from a friend 😉 )
11 April 2016, 09:12
Torben H.
Thanks for the explanation, Bart. I also work without the needle protection attached.
Like the idea with the bottle, too.
11 April 2016, 14:34
Jean Pierre CULIS-FERY
Très joli montage, Bravo!
11 April 2016, 16:49
Torben H.
Added some gallery pics.
14 April 2016, 18:57
Lee Fogel
Wow this is a stunner! Very sharp and I love the base
15 April 2016, 03:40
Alistair Graham
Thanks for the advice guys. I will persevere, practice makes perfect
15 April 2016, 09:41


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