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Tom Gardiner
What are peoples thoughts on this kit? I get that they are good value for money, but I haven't been that thrilled with the last couple of HobbyBoss kits as they just don't seem to have the same level of refinement as other manufacturers. However, from what I can tell this is the best option for modelling a 1:48 scale Warthog.
A-10C Thunderbolt II
HobbyBoss 1:48
81796 2022 Nye deler
3 May, 22:36
James C
I have the earlier boxing from 2007 A-10 "Thunderbolt" II (HobbyBoss 80323, 1:48) and can confirm that it's a very good kit. You get a LOT of plastic for your $$$ and a great selection of ordinance to choose from. The only other 1/48 scale Warthog that I'm familiar with is the old Tamiya kit which doesn't come close to comparison.
The following review is quite good and should tell you everything you need to know. cybermodeler.com/hob..b/kit_hb_80323.shtml

3 May, 23:43
Ali Yulianto
I read that both Academy and GWH will also release their version of A-10C (and also A and A+ in case of GWH). So I'll be keen to wait and see which company produce the best kit.
Italeri has also released an A-10C, but I'm pretty sure that will be blown out of the water by the new releases as the cockpit is still based on the A-10A.
4 May, 01:45
Tom Gardiner
Thanks gentlemen. That's good intel. I've always loved this aircraft and would love to have one on the shelf before long!
4 May, 11:55
Thats good news Ali, a refined and updated A-10C is really needed 🤞
4 May, 12:05
Tim Sloan
I doubt this will be an actual "C" model, unless they did retool the wings and fuse to add all the bumps and warts ..bet they just changed the cockpit..the Italeri kit isnt an actual C either. would love to see GWH make one..Im sure it,ll be top notch
5 May, 15:33

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