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1:48 Il-4 (Quinta Studio QC48100)
Il-4 vacuformed canopies
Quinta Studio 1:48
QC48100 2020 | New tool

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The 15 most wanted products from Quinta Studio at this moment are:

1:48 F-14A Tomcat (Quinta Studio QD48048)
F-14A Tomcat Interior 3D Decal
Quinta Studio 1:48
QD48048 2020 | New tool
1:48 F/A-18C (Late) (Quinta Studio QD48040)
F/A-18C (Late) Interior 3D decal
Quinta Studio 1:48
QD48040 2020 | New tool
1:48 F-4J Phantom II (Quinta Studio QD48055)
F-4J Phantom II Interior 3D Decal
Quinta Studio 1:48
QD48055 2020 | New tool
1:48 F-15C Eagle (Quinta Studio QD48039)
F-15C Eagle Interior 3D Decal
Quinta Studio 1:48
QD48039 2020 | New tool
1:32 F-16C Viper (Quinta Studio QD32003)
F-16C Viper Interior 3D Decal
Quinta Studio 1:32
QD32003 2020 | New tool
1:48 F-16С (Quinta Studio QD48037)
F-16С Interior 3D Decal
Quinta Studio 1:48
QD48037 2020 | New tool
1:48 Lockheed P-38G (Quinta Studio QD48030)
Lockheed P-38G Interior 3D Decal
Quinta Studio 1:48
QD48030 2020 | New tool


A histogram showing the amount and spread of releases:


Quinta Studio recently joined the scale modeling market. Based on our records the first release by Quinta Studio was roughly 2 years ago in the year 2019.

2 products from Quinta Studio have no clear release year and are not shown in the above statistics.