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Andreas Apostolopoulos (Brutalos)

Sukhoi Su-34 1/48 Hobbyboss


34 12 April 2023, 07:19
Slavo Hazucha
Tons of added details, looking quite special 👍 looking forward how you´ll deal with the landing gear & the armament and finish - great work so far!

12 April 2023, 08:21
Andreas Apostolopoulos
Thank you Slavo. Your works are stunning and an inspiration to say the least. Since I really love this aircraft I want to give it justice. This forces me to delay for no apparent reason! 😄
12 April 2023, 09:16
I'll just say 😲 WOW!
12 April 2023, 09:51
George Papanicolaou
Fantastic job Andreas!! we are looking forward for the final stage!!!
13 April 2023, 01:43
Andreas Apostolopoulos
Thank you, George! It will not take long now. Keep on inspiring us with your builds dude!
14 April 2023, 08:36
wow, as Slavo said, tons of added details. they look fantastic.
14 April 2023, 11:05
Pero Susinger
Impressive! I'm taking a seat and can't wait to see this build finished.
12 May 2023, 18:45
Villiers de Vos
Lots of details added. Very nice progress.
12 May 2023, 21:15
Nathan Dempsey
Excellent paint work and that cockpit… 👍👍
13 May 2023, 04:00
Slavo Hazucha
Perfect subtle work on the upper camo - looks very true to original in every aspect! 👍🏻
13 May 2023, 08:17
Guy Rump
Very impressive paintwork. 👍
13 May 2023, 09:39
Wow, the scratchbuild, the perfectly integrated PE, the rescribe, the realistic paint job - pretty blown away - high skill modelling here 👍
13 May 2023, 11:04
Sergej I
Awesome! 👍
14 May 2023, 10:47
Andreas Apostolopoulos
Thank you very much for your kind comments. Soon update is coming!
14 May 2023, 20:28
Jos Jansen
What a build... can't wait for your update...👍🏻
4 July 2023, 16:04
Speechless, incredible dedication and results. Definitely taking a seat and looking forward to the final stage! 👍👍👍

Also inspiring since I have the same kit with similar aftermarket. What references did you use for the rescribing and scratch-building?
4 July 2023, 17:25
Villiers de Vos
A very nice camouflage pattern.
4 July 2023, 17:35
Shar Dipree
Wow, that looks fantastic so far. 👍👍👍
4 July 2023, 17:56
Andreas Apostolopoulos
Hey! Thanks for your kind comments. Alexander its great to hear you have the same kit with the same aftermarkets! It will be a big task to take forward, let me tell you 🙂 For reference regarding the rescribing and scratch-building I used a mix of walkaround images from web sources (which I can share with you if you want) and also from the surprisingly well-made surfaces of the Kittyhawk Su-34.
14 July 2023, 07:41
That would be nice to have. I also have the book by Yefim Gordon but it's not terribly full of pictures, so it's good to have as many references as possible. 🙂
And I'm familiar with big tasks such as these 😄 (although, the plane here is bigger for sure)
14 July 2023, 09:25
Definitely a labor of love with this kit - the detailing, and the paint job is astounding! I can't wait to see the final result. Πολλά ορεαι!
16 August 2023, 14:57

Album info

A kit that started three years ago, required a lot of work and persistence to achieve an acceptable level of detail. It was re-scribed fully and rivets were added to the whole body. Corrections were made to the nose the tail and various scoops through the airframe using the Cold War Studio sets.
The 30 mm Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-1 cannon was heavily improved using the Cold War Studio set. The cannon muzzle and its frame were made from scratch using copper sheet and the muzzle itself comes from a hollow metal tube that was cut to shape. One of the most demanding tasks, although someone would not easily identify it, was to achieve a seamless joint between the airframe and the cannon reinforcement panel. That process required trimming enough plastic just before the panel lines, in order for the panel to drop fit into the frame, but enough so, that it would protrude just as much as to be seen as a separate panel. I believe it's now ok or at least acceptable! 🙂
Improvements were made on the upper body of the airframe by rescribing the wrong panel lines to represent the later model's variation.
Wheel wells were improved by using copper wire of various diameters and plastic rods for certain areas. These were combined with the Eduard PE set.
The cockpit was heavily modified and improved by using Metallic Details resin set. The PE parts that accompany this set for the canopy were wrong and were not used. A lot of details in the canopy are made from scratch except the main column which is from Eduard and some bits from Metallic details. Very thin metallic rods were used to represent the rails that guide the curtains. These were combined with thin plastic sheets cut to shape in order to achieve the final result.
The Ejection seats used are the Neomega K-36DM's with some modifications.
All the trailing edges of the aircraft were thinned to razor-sharp edges as per the real thing. Where the result was not satisfying, a thin plastic sheet was used and re-thinned accordingly in order to achieve the desired result.
The painting was done using MRP colors exclusively. These were Mrp 202-203-204 that where lightened in ratio 1/4 with white. MRP-LPG Fine Surface Primer - Grey was used as a base. No pre-shading was done. The camouflage was done freehand using Harder & Steenbeck infinity and Iwata Kustom Micron airbrushes. At least four different shades were used to achieve a worn-out result on the camouflage of the airframe. Two lighter shades and two darker in order to get a better depth feeling. More to come soon!
Thanks for watching.

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1:48 Su-34 Fullback (Eduard BIG49175)1:48 R-77/AA-12 Adder (Eduard ED648143)1:48 Static Dischargers for Modern Sukhoi Jets (Master AM-48-113)16+
Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback
RU Военно-воздушные силы России (Russian Air Force 1992-2015)
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