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please don’t be dogshit
Ka-52 "Alligator"
Zvezda 1:48
4830 2024 Nieuwe mallen
3 13 November 2023, 05:44
Seyid Elters
Haha, I have faith in Zvezda I think they can pull it off
15 November 2023, 16:39
Nikita Nikulin
with dog shit, it's to other manufacturers
15 November 2023, 18:21
Seyid Elters
really? I've heard Zvezda is pretty good
15 November 2023, 22:47
alessandro magrelli
Personal experience:
IL-76TD (144), well detailed and perfectly fitting
Mi-24P (48),well detailed, at times "over engineered" but a very good product
A320 NEO (144) well detailed, overall a very good product
Mi-8, still in the box but, as far as I know, super detailed, the best around in 48
C-130J (72), started. A geological era after the Italeri ones

Ovwrall they know their stuff.
15 November 2023, 23:00
Seyid Elters
Exactly that's what I thought, I personally haven't owned any of their kits but I'm looking at their 48 SU-57. I haven't seen a bad review idk
15 November 2023, 23:35
Andreas Apostolopoulos
I have their Su-57, it is a very good kit overall, and pretty accurate.
16 November 2023, 07:35
Nikita Nikulin
Translation difficulties. I meant that the star does not make straight bad models
16 November 2023, 09:16
I dont agree with comments about su-57 and mi-24P. Both are totally flat. Ok, Su-57 is a new and secret aircraft. but what about Mi-24? There are one in museum in Monino near Moscow in perfect condition. But new kits like Su-25 and Mi-8 have very good detalisation and i hope that Ka-52 will be like this kits.
18 November 2023, 09:29
alessandro magrelli
The Mi-24 doesn't have all the lines and riveting one may wish for but overall it is a very good detailed product and, with the Mi-8 they learned that very last lesson. Highly recommended.
18 November 2023, 10:40
Antony Theocharidis
If its like their Su-25, it will be great in detail. SU57 and Mi24 are upscaled from their old 1/72 kits and are completely flat with no surface detail.
18 November 2023, 19:21
We'll just have to wait and see, so we can compare manuals to compare the parts numbers between the 1/48th Ka-52's and the 1/72th (7224). What I'm more concerned with is general availability of the kit in the EU and how much of a markup we'll see, because Russian AFVs and aircraft are currently in higher demand and it's driving prices up (and not just for Zvezda kits). ie the ancient (ex-Dragon) T-72B is like 12Euros RRP, but my local hobby store (and Amazon) have priced it between 30 and 40.
19 November 2023, 18:21

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