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Continuation and end of this long project which consisted in converting a very old Revell kit into a Boeing 747SP.
33 | 4. May, 16:14
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Łukasz Gliński
Very interesting. The SP kits are hideously expensive, so that's a great tutorial 👍
4. May, 19:11
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Thanks Łukasz Gliński, the prices of the 747SP kits are way too expensive that is one of the reasons why I am starting to convert an old Revell kit.
4. May, 19:22
Łukasz Gliński
Could you elabprate a bit more on how you blended the fuselage and what changes are needed for wings, engines etc.? I'm willing to learn more 🙂
5. May, 19:14
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Hi, I add comments below the pictures to explain how I transform this kit,
The fuselage, once cut to be fitted, is glued I afterwards add pieces of plastic card to give the very particular shape of the SP
The rudder has been extended once the elevators with plastic card,
The engines are different especially the nacelle which holds the turbo it is necessary to modify them.

6. May, 10:04
Łukasz Gliński
Perfect! Thanks a lot 👍
6. May, 15:00
David Taylor
Seen one of these next to where I work taking off,bloomin huge.
6. May, 15:24
Bart Goesaert
great looking conversion. It sure looks strange such a shortened 747...
7. May, 12:55
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Thanks Bart Goesaert, Yes when shortened it looks like a cartoon airplane.
7. May, 13:02
Nathan Dempsey
Your engine nacelles look great.
10. May, 14:49
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Thank you very much Nathan Dempsey for your compliment, it's nice,
A lot of time it took to improve this good old JT9D Pratt & Whitney.
10. May, 15:57
Łukasz Gliński
The engine pods are awesome 👍
10. May, 20:22
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Thank you very much Łukasz Gliński ??
11. May, 07:18
Paulo Fonseca
Excelentes metalizados 🙂
12. May, 22:22
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Obrigado Paulo ??
13. May, 07:48
Robert Podkoński
Fantastic work so far - I am especially impressed with your reconstruction of the engine pods and the dorsal "hump" just in front of the vertical stabiliser (frankly, I have not noticed it before your built... but there it is🙂
18. May, 17:14
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Thanks Robert, Yes a lot of work it took to improve the Revell engines which were at my best quality,
I hope to be able to finish this B747SP despite the difficulties encountered,
There is still a lot of work to do, for example the landing gear and the decals,
18. May, 18:49
Nathan Dempsey
Looking great! Your white looks shiny & perfect.
18. May, 23:28
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Thanks Nathan Dempsey ??
19. May, 08:54
David Taylor
Looks better and should be stronger.
5. June, 18:02
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Yes David with this integral transformation normally it should be much more solid ?
11. June, 07:55
Robert Podkoński
Perfect paintjob. I deeply admire your skills Jorge!
14. June, 16:52
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Thank you very much Robert I appreciate ?
This paints was not easy to do a lot of work to come up with something that resembles
The TAP Air Portugal color of the time.
14. June, 18:21
David Taylor
Stunning paint job.
14. June, 19:40
Nathan Dempsey
Coming together very nicely. It looks better with each upload. Your paint work is superb too ?.
14. June, 21:14
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Thank you very much guys David and Nathan ?
15. June, 06:10
Robert Podkoński
You are bringing it to life with decals, Jorge. Looking better and better 🙂
4. July, 15:03
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Thank you very much Robert yes I agree with the decals it completely changes the plane it comes to life.
4. July, 15:09
Rui S
Belo trabalho 👍
Este traz-me uma bela memória, da primeira tempestade nocturna vista de cima, quando vim de Moçambique com 8 anos sozinho, entregue às belas e simpáticas hospedeiras da TAP e muitas horas sem dormir, só a apreciar (a razão da viagem é que não foi a melhor, mas isso é outra história).
Aguardando os gigantes reactores e finalização.
4. July, 15:19
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Muito obrigado Rui ?
A linha Lisboa Moçambique no 747 um destino regular na altura, obrigado pela paratégua da vossa viagem ??
4. July, 18:11
Rui S
Julgo que foi dos primeiros voos que os 747 fizeram entre LOURENÇO MARQUES E LISBOA EM BOEING 747, JUNHO DE 1973, antes era o 707 a fazer o serviço, outro belo avião.
4. July, 19:51
David Taylor
Looking better and better.
5. July, 14:13
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Sim confirmo Rui avião muito bonito o 707?
Thanks David ?
6. July, 19:10
Robert Podkoński
Looks like you are on approach, Jorge 😉 We are all waiting for final result.
14. July, 18:27
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Thank you Robert yes I can't wait to finish is to see the final result ??
14. July, 18:32
David Taylor
Getting close.
19. July, 16:35
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Yes David, it's soon the end of this very long edit ?
20. July, 15:43
Łukasz Gliński
Can't stop lurking here on the daily basis 🙂
21. July, 07:42
Jorge Justino Fernandes
I'm glad you like my model, it will be finished soon Thank you Łukasz ??
21. July, 17:26
Mark K
Another beauty!
21. July, 18:57
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Thank you so much Mark K ??
22. July, 16:54
22. July, 17:13
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Thanks, Merci beaucoup Laurent ??
22. July, 17:17
David Taylor
Big round of applause.
28. July, 13:21
Robert Podkoński
Fantastic! Congratulations, Jorge!
28. July, 13:22
Nathan Dempsey
Beautiful finish. Such great work on converting your kit.
28. July, 14:34
Mark K
28. July, 15:44
Bruce Huxtable
Very impressive results - you can be very proud of your achievements 🙂
28. July, 16:17
Łukasz Gliński
Beautiful finish 👍 Very inspiring 👍
29. July, 07:52
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Thank you very much guys for your compliments it's nice ?
Thank you again friends for having followed this conversion project I am happy that you like the result?
29. July, 17:35
Paulo Fonseca
Great Job pal ! well done 🙂
4. August, 01:17
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Thank you very much my friend ??
4. August, 18:05
Very nice. 🙂 Initially I wasn't sure what to think, as I've never looked that much at a 747, and assumed wrongly that the bumpy shape behind the wings on the fuselage was wrong. 🙂
4. August, 18:19
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Thank you Treehugger Yes very good remark it took a lot of work to get the fuselage hump correctly adjusted with the wings,
They are not one hundred percent perfect, I would have liked to improve my skills with Scratch,
I hope with my next model to do better ??
4. August, 18:53
Bart Goesaert
Splendid result... and very nice conversion
6. August, 10:58
Jorge Justino Fernandes
I'm very glad you like it thanks for the compliment Bart ??
6. August, 12:58

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