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Greg Baker added a new photoalbum.
42 | 8. January, 07:41
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Greg Baker
Ok... Roland Gunslinger is a bad influence...😉

Everyone seems to be building these, but I bet mine is going to be a bit different than everyone else's.😉
8. January, 07:44
Greg Baker
Not much of an auspicious start though. After studying the Academy instructions, I discovered they have a typo and call for the front wheel struts to be painted yellow instead of grey. I knew that was wrong, but it took me a while to figure out why. That's the danger of reprinting old instructions. In the original kit instructions, 8 is grey... in the new ones 8 is yellow. Someone forgot to update the file.
8. January, 07:46
Jan Peters
Following :)
I see this has the early tail as well as the c1 and late tail. Which machine are you going to build?
8. January, 09:10
8. January, 18:20
Interesting... Following!
8. January, 19:48
8. January, 19:49
Thomas Espe
8. January, 21:40
i was checking the color schemes of this model in the instructions, out of curiousity, and I see that fuselage/wings are painted with colors 11-12-13 but the list of colors ends at number 12......
8. January, 21:51
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Welcomae to the group ,,,, but ,,,,, I don't recall any 262 in a Tintin book ;) ,,,,, following
8. January, 22:15
Greg Baker
@Spanjaard - if you compare the paint call outs from the original tool box, you'll see the problem pretty quickly. Personally though, I doubt I will look much at the paint instructions anyway...😉

@Julian - Not EVERY model I build is Tintin.😉 This one is based on an American graphic novel that came out in 2001 called Enemy Ace War In Heaven.

Anyway, it's certainly begun now.
9. January, 07:21
Roland Gunslinger
You called, here I am😉
9. January, 09:54
Greg Baker

I added 8g of ballast to the nose (as per the instructions). One thing ai recently learned was not to use CA glue with lead weights. Apparently over time the two react and cause a white powder buildup that can actually burst the seams. So, playing it safe, I decided to go with white glue. There's no real wiggle room in there once it's all closed up anyway.
10. January, 01:18
Ben M
I've been embedding lead weights in milliput. I wonder if I will have trouble later.
10. January, 04:35
Jan Peters
I have used ca glue in the past, but noticed that many of my models rattle when I pick them up, so the weights must have come loose. Goid tip to use white glue Greg, will do next time.
10. January, 09:39
Greg Baker
Well, the website I saw it one says it takes 5-10 years to build up to the point of bursting the seams... but it was ugly.

Anyway, I painted a bunch of bits... will begin some assembly tomorrow likely.
11. January, 06:08
Erik De Smet
I am not familiar with the comic , but I guess this will be the red Schwalbe of Hans von Hammer, inspired by the Red Baron Manfred von Richthofen.
11. January, 12:24
Greg Baker
That is correct. In my mind, it already looks cool. 🙂
11. January, 21:26
it certainly will 🙂
11. January, 21:41
Ben M
Jan, yes, I have found CA glue doesn't seem to hold lead in place long term. I thought it was mostly because I use bullets (just the lead part, not the whole thing, lol) which are usually coated with a light grease to prevent bore fouling when they are shot. Milliput seems to keep a hold of the lead and keep it in place.
12. January, 01:06
Greg Baker
See all the great things you can learn on Scalemates?
12. January, 07:05
David Januska
Nice one, watching. To add something to the discussion I'm using Uschi Flexible Nose Weight (item 4011). The advantage of this is that it also adds some weight.
12. January, 07:19
Jan Peters
You watch and learn, always :)
12. January, 15:26
Daniel Klink
In and great progress Greg!
Love the subjects already! 👍
12. January, 16:06
Greg Baker
Thanks Daniel... I've been following off your work already~
12. January, 16:58
Alec K
A red Me 262? This I have to see 😄
14. January, 13:21
Looks very nice so far, Greg 👍.
But pics 8 and 9 are twins 😛
14. January, 18:26
Greg Baker
Thanks Cuajete. All fixed now, but I should've said "it's before and after" and see how many people can find something different.😉
14. January, 21:26
14. January, 21:29
14. January, 21:35
Right Greg
Maybe I should have said something like "I found the 7 differences. Will the rest of mates find them?" 😄

I see you spent half a pot of putty. Many fit problems?
15. January, 18:55
Greg Baker
No, the fit is quite good. The putty was more me striving for a 100% score on this one. I didn't quite make it, but closer than usual. I also managed to glue the engines together incorrectly (ended up with one shorter than the other instead of two gradually fitting the wing sweep), so I had to pull them apart and fix the remnants of the error.

I 've got the sanding done, and the canopy masked, so we're set for some painting!
21. January, 16:17
looks nice
21. January, 16:47
Daniel Klink
Ah it develops as well as expected here 👍
21. January, 18:37
Daniel Klink
Hm,with the putty i must say i just needed a bit to fill a very small gap under the belly

21. January, 18:39
Greg Baker
I had a bit of trouble with the underwing "arm pits" but I was also very careful about the alignment on the belly, so I was a bit unwilling to shove the wings closer together. Overall the fit was very good. No complaints.
21. January, 21:46
Łukasz Gliński
Damn, that colour reminds me I got a Fh-104 "Hallore" kit for Xmas 😄
22. January, 08:24
Lode Schildermans
OMG, this is going to be a beauty
22. January, 19:30
24. January, 07:41
Red looks great, Greg 👍.
Łukasz, are you hinting that you are going to build the Hallore? 😛
24. January, 18:30
Daniel Klink
Very cool Greg... Paint it like Richthofen... 🙂
24. January, 18:43
Greg Baker
Thanks guys!

Daniel, the late 60s/early 70s DC Comics "Enemy Ace" is about a character named Hans von Hammer, who is more or less a fictional version of Richthofen. Enemy Ace - War in Heaven is a 2001 graphic novel that continues the story with von Hammer coming out of retirement during WWII. So he paints both his Bf-109 and Me262 in the same "Red Baron" livery. He hates the Nazi's, so he also refuses to paint the swastika on either of his planes. So basically... I am😉

Oh, and Łukasz - we need to see it!
24. January, 18:58
Guy Rump
Looking really good 🙂
24. January, 20:08
Erik De Smet
Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron, could hardly come out of retirement as he was killed in WW1. His cousin Wolfram von Richthofen also fought in WW1, and rejoined the newborn Luftwaffe when Hitler came to power in 1933. He fought in Spain, Poland, the Balkan and on the eastern Front. He was an admirer of Hitler, and a friend of Goring, so he could hardly be seen as an example for the imaginary Hans von Hammer.
PS : my egg 262 will not have the swastika either..
24. January, 20:43
Łukasz Gliński
One day for sure😉 What exact red shade have you selected Greg?
24. January, 21:57
Roland Gunslinger
Ohh, that looks like something special 👍
24. January, 22:01
Greg Baker
Erik - I think similarities end pretty much with "German Ace" and "Red Fokker tri-plane".😉 I'm actually a little surprised that DC wouldn't have said "no way" to having a comic series based on an "enemy hero". They really played up the "code of chivalry of the knights of the sky" angle quite a bit. I kind of wish they'd revisit the character, actually. There are lots more stories waiting to be told, I'm sure.

Łukasz - Good old Tamiya XF-7 Flat Red. It's not an Italian hot rod, so I'm trying to keep it from getting too bright. That's also why I used XF-22 RLM Gray for the undercoat.

Thanks Roland!

25. January, 03:42
Erik De Smet
Yes, Greg , chivalry is something that was present among fighter pilots. There is the story of a Belgian pilot Rodolphe de Hamecourt de Grunne, a nobelman who first fought in the Spanish Civil War on Franco's side with the Germans and Italians, flew for Belgium in 1940 at the German invasion and finally was KIA as a pilot of the 609 RAF Squadron fighting against his former comrades in Spain.
25. January, 12:06
Slavo Hazucha
Wow, only discovered this now!

First, the theme is a great idea, this is definitely a new angle of view on the 262 and the red livery looks great!

Second, beautiful job on the shading... It may not be the Rosso Corsa of the Ferraris & Macchis, but it surely looks god, the fine shading in the darker/matter tone works perfectly... 👍 Schwalbe Trophy, maybe? 🙂
25. January, 12:35
Jan Peters
Nice and rich deep red paintjob
25. January, 15:21
Daniel Klink
Excellent paintjob greg
25. January, 17:45
Maicon Werplotz
That'a really inusitate!
25. January, 18:50
Greg Baker
Erik - That I believe. However, in the comic there are scenes where French pilots jump out of their doomed aircraft and salute the enemy on their way down...😉 of course, there are also many scenes when a fight ends because one of the opponents becomes unarmed, etc.

Slavo - I'm glad you like it. Roland was teasing me to join the GB, but I was. Bit hesitant until I ran across this subject. After that, I just HAD to build the red Schwalbe.

Thanks Jan, Daniel and Maicon (even if I don't know what "inusitate" means... but it sounds good!)

One thing that ticked me off is that I'm missing two pieces for the front landing gear. The support rod I must've sacrificed to the carpet monster myself, but after reviewing my sprue shot, I noticed that the side gear door was missing from the beginning. I scratched up some substitutes, but since I was really trying my best, it feels like a poor choice. I also started applying some decals. I've never had any luck lining up the little dotted lines on the wings. They always seem too long for the marking guide. Oh, well, artistic license I guess.
26. January, 07:03
That looks cool 👍 i like the red baron hommage
Now open canopy, goggles and a long white scarf 🙂
26. January, 08:29
Juergen Klinglhuber
Greg - it looks great.
Nothing to add....just WOW.
26. January, 11:13
Wow, Greg... This decoration looks great, so I hope that silvering don't cause problems.
26. January, 18:38
Daniel Klink
That shading is really great stuff Greg. Looking awesome that Swallow in Red 👍
26. January, 18:44
Giannis Kaltapanidis
Stunning! Tribute to Red Baron?
26. January, 18:50
Lode Schildermans
It has a sinister look in that matt red with the shading. Never saw a Me262 like that, but what beauty
26. January, 22:06
Daniel Klink
Yap Lode perfect descriptin!
Would easily fit as Hellboys Privat Jet👍
26. January, 22:51
Greg Baker
Thanks guys! Hellboy's private jet is perfect! I couldn't quite put my finger on it until you said it. I'm quite please with how this turned out. Strangely enough, after spending a long time searching for the missing landing gear strut, I dropped one of the wheels while glueing them on... and there it was sitting on the floor just waiting to be picked up! I guess the carpet monster felt bad and returned my offer.😉

That made me feel a little better about it. Now, at least, the missing piece is not directly my fault. Anyway, the plane itself is done. The matt finish has left the decals quite silvered, so I think I'll try another coat of future to even it out and hen maybe a matt finish.

Other than that, just a paint job on my Hans con Hammer Luftwaffe figure to accomplish, and try a little something different for the base... and then I can get back to my Haunted Tanks and Tintin Jaguar Mk.X.

I am debating my next build though... do I build another "strange" Me262 for the GB? Or do I go with the Enemy Ace Fokker Dr.I vs. "The Hangman" Spad XIII project?
27. January, 07:29
Nils Steyaert
must say, the Me262 looks good in red 🙂
nice work 👍
27. January, 07:35
Go for the Fokker and Spad project and show Daniel how you rig as you go along....😎

Nice piece, bro....
27. January, 07:42
i like the lady in red 🙂
27. January, 09:12
Looks good in red! Nice work, Greg 👍
What kind of other Me 262 do you have in mind?
27. January, 11:32
Greg Baker
Oh, man... I'm not sure anyone needs to see my rigging skills up close and personal.😉

As for the other Me262, I'm thinking of the "Black Knight of Berlin" - Focke-Wulf Fw190D-9 & Messer..2A-1a (Hasegawa 64727, 1:72)

1:72 Focke-Wulf Fw190D-9 & Messerschmitt Me262A-1a (Hasegawa 64727)
27. January, 14:45
Very good looking build!!
27. January, 15:56
The Black Knight looks interesting, I would love to see you build it.
There are still some days left before the group build comes to a close, so no need to rush it. 😄
27. January, 20:27
Erik De Smet
I guess that the Black Knight is another weird comic story ?
27. January, 20:37
27. January, 21:26
Greg Baker
Erik... They're ALL weird comic stories. That one happens to be written and drawn by Japanese artist Leiji Matsumoto.
27. January, 22:16
Jeramy Boileau
Great work as always Greg!
28. January, 15:52
Nathan Dempsey
Nice build Greg. The coloring looks spectacular on the Me 262.
28. January, 15:56
Roland Gunslinger
Very nice Greg 👍 But I didn't expect anything else.
28. January, 16:01
Greg Baker
Thanks guys! All finished now!
28. January, 16:23
Jan Peters
Most excellent work, nice base too!
28. January, 16:49
Łukasz Gliński
Extraordinary Schwalbe, but the stand is cool too 👍
28. January, 17:05
Slavo Hazucha
Very cool - I already revealed my feelings about the plane, so it´s time to mention the base which looks very cool too - after all the BW (meaning Black/Wood 🙂 ) bases of the 144-scale projects it´s like when my parents bought their first color TV!

Good stuff, big scale - big show!😉 👍
28. January, 17:52
Alec K
Very cool project Greg. Black 262 sounds great to me 👍
28. January, 18:09
Alex K
Thumbs up for the unmistakable "Greg Baker" touch! 👍
28. January, 18:46
Very nice job. Congrats!
I also agree with the Black Schmitt 👍
28. January, 19:02
Erik De Smet
Well done, master Greg !
28. January, 19:11
excellent 🙂
28. January, 20:05
Lode Schildermans
I fully agree, Spanjaard. A typical Greg build in his unique style
28. January, 20:57
Rui S
Nice work 👍
28. January, 21:12
Greg Baker
Thanks guys. I'm so glad I have a unique style. 😄
28. January, 21:14
Slavo Hazucha
You certainly do... so under no circumstances choose one of your models as a murder weapon... everyone would know... 😄😉
28. January, 21:36
28. January, 22:48
Clifford Keesler
Cool ME-262
28. January, 22:52
Clifford Keesler
Cool ME-262
28. January, 22:52
Greg Baker
So great Clifford said it twice!

Well, by unpopular demand, I decided to dive into the second Me262 in my stash. I have to say, the Hasegawa kit leaves a lot to be desired as a follow-up to the much newer Academy kit. But since it's wheels up and a pilot in a closed cockpit I'm going to take the path of least resistance.

Scalemates Schwalbe Group build 2021 | Album by strobez (1:72)
29. January, 07:23
Juergen Klinglhuber
Greg - great model! congrats!
Looking forward to your next Schwalbe coming.....
29. January, 14:40
Guy Rump
Looks great 🙂
29. January, 17:38

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