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added a new photoalbum.
2 29 December 2013, 00:55
I got this kit off EBay for 10 dollars,no decals so I did a what-if with decals I had and I think it looks cool
29 December 2013, 00:57
What do you think mates?
29 December 2013, 15:59
Looks pretty good 🙂 Looks well built and a solid paint job.

one tip tho with the mighty cat 🙂 .. Pheonix pallets were white on this scheme😉

29 December 2013, 16:51
Thanks Augie 😄 I'll fix the Pheonix pallets later
29 December 2013, 16:56
I guess I won't be fixing the Pheonix pallets,I ran out of white paint. I'll get some within next week.
29 December 2013, 17:58
Either way looks good,

What colour did you do the exhausts?
29 December 2013, 18:00
I did a 50/50 mix of Model Master Jet exhaust and gunmetal,both enamels
29 December 2013, 18:06
Nice combo 🙂

Thought about dry brushing with some silver to bring out the details too?
29 December 2013, 18:15
I did that in the cockpit,I always drybrush the cockpit
29 December 2013, 18:22
Good idea, try it around the exhaust too. Not too much but a little just to bring out the details
29 December 2013, 19:04
Ok,I'll try in on my next build
29 December 2013, 19:06
Cool 🙂

Dont be afraid to ask for any hints or ideas trust me I'm still leaning tricks all the time
29 December 2013, 19:19
Ok 😄 sounds good
29 December 2013, 19:28
My workbench is messy ain't it? lol
29 December 2013, 20:05
Lol Brandon.. look at my galleries.. you'll see messy there
29 December 2013, 20:28
Fabian D.
looking good Brandon
messy?... should I compare your clean workspace with the few free square inch on my bech??? ....better not 😄
29 December 2013, 20:35
@ Fabian. Thanks 😄, mines clean? Lol
@ Augie. Your workbench isn't too bad,I still think mines worse,look at all those paint spills. I always spill the little paint pots lol
29 December 2013, 20:45
Fabian D.
should I really post a pic of my chaos?😉
If that bothers you, just cover your bench with a newspaper or something eles you can throw away if it gets too dirty...
29 December 2013, 20:50
Chaos? It's THAT bad? lol
29 December 2013, 20:55
Ha trust me fabian.. mine is lot worse
29 December 2013, 21:01
Fabian D.
Depends on who you ask... I think it´s just a bit messy😉
29 December 2013, 21:02
Fabian,does yours have paint spills everywhere?
29 December 2013, 21:08
Fabian D.
not directly on my bench, but on the (former) writing pad I use... my problem is the other stuff around, brushes, paint jars, other tools, parts from old PCs half painted figures, stuff, random stuff and other stuff😉

Maybe cleanig up is a good new years resulition 😄
29 December 2013, 21:15
I think that'll be my New Years resolution too,mine needs some cleaning. I'll clean out my jar of stuff,I have things in there like bottle caps to old unclean paint brushes,you name it and it's probably in there😉
29 December 2013, 21:33
Clifford Keesler
Mine is a disaster,super glue all over it paint. Scratches cut marks etc. Plus all my assoreted junk. LOL.
29 December 2013, 21:43
LOl mines paint.. glue.. nail varnish....

You can tell when a girl is also a modeller.. she has nails painted in colours most girls have never seen..
29 December 2013, 21:44
Hunter Cummins
Mines acctually clean in the middle but a muss on the sides😉😄 and that was my new years resolution last year ahah
Oh and brandon is their a bf109 canopy in there lol
And brandon what do you think about my next project ??
29 December 2013, 21:45
@ Clifford: mine has dried super glue lumps all over it,and paint spills
@Augie: lol 🙂
@Hunter: I don't think there's a bf109 canopy in there lol,you're next project looks really cool. I'm looking forward to see that and did you upload the new bf109 pics?
29 December 2013, 21:53
Hunter Cummins
Oh crap that sucks lol and I thought so to and tney will be up in a minute😄
29 December 2013, 22:20
Charlie Spitfire
very nice mr b
28 January, 05:53

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