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Greg Baker added a new photoalbum.
35 | 14. November 2020, 05:45
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Greg Baker
Did someone say Messerschmidt GB? It's about time I tackled one of the "mainstream" Tintin build projects anyway, so getting in on a Scalemates GB (even tangentially) seems like the perfect excuse, no?
14. November 2020, 05:52
Erik De Smet
Should be a G variant, Greg, with Blue rider decals, I presume.
14. November 2020, 12:12
Nils Steyaert
actually, the Bordurian Bf109 was a hotchpotch of various versions, the engine & wings came from the Bertha while the fuselage & wingtips came from the Friedrich. the propellor came from the Gustav variant.
14. November 2020, 22:22
Greg Baker
Hmm... perhaps I'll switch to the G variant. I have another Academy kit after all. I knew the Tintin one was a hodgepodge, so I just went with whatever one I'd assigned earlier from my stash. After a review though, I think the wing shape makes the biggest difference.
15. November 2020, 05:10
16. November 2020, 09:00
Alec K
Ah, a true Bf 109 F (as in Frankenstein...) 😄
17. November 2020, 12:44
Roland Gunslinger
I'll pull up a chair...
17. November 2020, 13:07
Daniel Klink
Hi there, i'll take my seat too
17. November 2020, 13:53
Erik Leijdens
Interesting subject!

Fabulous boxart on the Academy kit btw..
17. November 2020, 13:57
Greg Baker
Okay... let's try this again, now with an Academy Bf 109-G...😉
19. November 2020, 07:33
Matthew A
Cue the popcorn
19. November 2020, 20:28
Greg Baker
Does anyone know where I put the Eduard PE fret that I supposedly have in my stash? Scalemates says I have one... but I can't find it. Usually I keep them in the kit box, but this one is nowhere to be found. Hmmm...
21. November 2020, 07:39
I'll in 👍
21. November 2020, 08:27
Matthew A
I wish you good hunting finding the pe. I have two boxes full of 109s but still find bits and pieces all over the place
21. November 2020, 11:26
Greg Baker
Resurrected this one. Since it'll be "in flight" (with no pilot!) I had to shave the wheels to fit inside the wells. To make it even more of a challenge, there's a bit of a slope towards the front. It was snug, but I got it in and glued in place.
2. March, 17:21
Greg Baker
Okay. Starting to make some progress on this one now.
9. March, 06:47
Alec K
Looking good Greg 👍
10. March, 12:15
Greg Baker
I masked off and painted the nose and the tail pink. A good trick I've learned is if you want to paint something yellow... paint it pink first. It really does work.
10. March, 18:10
i need to remember that, i have a few things in the bench that will be painted yellow....
10. March, 22:31
Greg Baker
Hmmm... I got an idea...
14. March, 06:28
Живко Джаков
Mmmmm. Where are the popcorn😉
14. March, 08:18
Greg Baker
Got the motor installed... but it keeps trying to pop out. I used white glue, so hopefully it will harden enough to hold it in place. I also put the decals on, but man was I disappointed with the Blue Rider decals. First, the protective wax paper seems to have stuck to the decals, so it was hell trying to clean the little bits of paper off without ruining them. Even if that wasn't a problem, they're quite poor quality. Registration issues, colour issues... sigh...

Now that the plane itself is done, I can turn my attention to the finishing touches for the base.
15. March, 06:17
Erik De Smet
Change the polarity of motor. The propeller will turn in the wrong direction, nobody will notice that, and the motor will be pushed inside.
15. March, 07:22
Matthew A
If that doesn't work "reverse the polarity of the neutron flow" that'll solve any problems!
15. March, 11:01
Slavo Hazucha
Cool stuff!

So if the 3 lines on the searchlight align with the red lines on the insignia, it´s a guaranteed kill?😉
15. March, 11:59
Greg Baker
Yep. 😉
17. March, 05:48
Greg Baker
And there we are... done~!
17. March, 21:53
Daniel Klink
Just got Love this one 👍
Very cool Greg...
17. March, 22:14
Matthew A
Spot on. I found your comments about the decals particularly illuminating.
17. March, 22:15
Greg Baker
Thanks guys. Everyone builds the Bordurian Bf109 from Tintin... so I had to come up with something a little bit different!
17. March, 22:28
Erik De Smet
Mission accomplished Greg, but arggh ... It should be Messerschmitt not Messershmitt on the base ( the c is missing)
18. March, 09:21
Chaz Gordon
Another one bites the dust. Nice work Greg.
18. March, 09:28
😎 work, really nice idea, ❤️️ it
18. March, 13:14
Greg Baker
Damn! That's not the first time I've let a typo sneak into the base labels! You'd think I'd learn. Oh, well, that can be fixed easily enough. Thanks for pointing it out!
18. March, 14:23
Alec K
Another cool build Greg 👍
18. March, 17:46
Matthew A
Trust a Belgian to shine a light on any errors in a Tintin bulid
18. March, 22:30
Greg Baker
Hah! Erik's always got a critical eye! He keeps me honest! 🙂
19. March, 14:03
Roland Gunslinger
Looks great 👍 When I saw the searchlight I was looking forward to Batman.
19. March, 14:23
Greg Baker
Hah! Maybe a build for the future!
19. March, 14:25
Nils Steyaert
now that's one hot looking Bf109, very nicely done 👍
28. March, 09:37
Łukasz Gliński
Really nice. 👍 Where do you get these fancy stands from?
28. March, 09:48
Greg Baker
Thanks Nils! I've seen a lot of these Tintin Bf109s before, so I wanted to do mine just a bit differently. Łukasz, the stands are little rubber wood boxes that come from Vietnam. I bought them at the "dollar store" in Korea. Once I realized how good they would work as a base for my models, I went and bought as many as I could find. So now I have (hopefully) enough to last for all my Tintin projects.😉
28. March, 14:38
Łukasz Gliński
Interesting. How about the lettering? Do you make it yourself? Are these decals? Or?
28. March, 16:05
Greg Baker
Yeah. The lettering on the base is homemade decals... which is why, as Erik pointed out, I can't spell Messerschmidt.😉
29. March, 06:07
Martin Oostrom
Messerschmitt ;)
29. March, 06:08
29. March, 06:59
Erik De Smet
Caeser or Caesar ? Minute 3:16
29. March, 10:48
Roland Gunslinger
Cäsar/Caesar is correct.
29. March, 11:07
Chip H
Nice job again, Greg! I enjoy seeing your builds.
29. March, 11:23
Amrith Punja
Excellent Build Greg , I had built this quite some years ago, but your dio is awesome....
29. March, 13:05
Lode Schildermans
These Tintin dioramas are always a pleasure to see, Greg. Hat of
29. March, 19:48
Łukasz Gliński
That discussion reminds of some Americans saying Case-R (Kaysahr?) 😄
30. March, 08:52
Greg Baker
Funniest pronunciation story that happened to me was when I was an international student studying at university in Korea. I met a guy from Finland named "Petri", but as we were talking, other people kept interrupting us to ask him questions and they were calling him "Peter".

So I thought maybe I heard him wrong, so I said "sorry, I thought your name was Petri?" He replied "yes, that's right."

Then, when I asked him why everyone kept calling him "Peter", he said:

"People think that because I have an accent in English, I don't know how to pronounce my own name."😉
30. March, 14:32
Greg Baker
I broke down laughing, but ever since then, I've always made an extra effort to get the pronunciation of people's names correct. 🙂
30. March, 14:37
30. March, 14:40
Matthew A
Does this explain why the 109 is a hybrid Youtube Video

2. April, 16:20
Matthew A
The time stamp of the video didn't work. 39:26 shows a profile of a 109F being used as reference.
3. April, 12:07
Greg Baker
I've watched this video many times, but never noticed that before. Sharp eyes!
4. April, 06:59
John Thomas
More nice work, really like your base
4. April, 13:20

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