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7 | 26. October 2020, 13:04
Interesting. Did Airfix always leave out the swastika symbol on their kits? I could swear I saw such things on kits when I was a kid in the late 1980's, but I guess I must have imagined seeing them on Airfix kits. I had to buy aftermarket symbols for this, but they were unfortunately not Cartograph quality, and probably printed on some mediocre printer.
26. October 2020, 13:34
If you don't like the raised panel lines, I think it would be somewhat straight forward to sand or gently cut them off, assuming you don't end up with pits and scratches in the process. I have had success using Trumpeter's chisel tools, for removing protruding plastic detailing on surfaces, but one has to be careful not to dig into the plastic with the corner of the chisel tool. Now that I think about it, I should consider rounding the two corner edges on my chisel tools, I don't see the point (no pun intended) of having a sharp corner on all my chisel tools.
26. October 2020, 13:37
Hi! There was no swastika included in this kit.

Thank you for your suggestion, I've been meaning to try to that sometime. This time though I think I'll keep them because I want to make this a quick build (I have several other projects that have been languishing for months) and I want to try some weathering techniques on raised panel lines before I use them on my Revell 1/48 F4U-4.
26. October 2020, 13:46
Dave Flitton
26. October 2020, 20:39
Thanks! Please feel free to leave any comments/suggestions/critique!
27. October 2020, 17:29
Patrick Hagelstein
Hey Otto! What's the matter in picture 11? Paint coming out sputtering?
9. November 2020, 07:10
Hey Patrick! Yeah, paint would spit out at the slightest bit of pressure released to the airbrush although the paint nozzle wasn't opened. I believe this problem is called ("Continuous Paint"). I was able to fix this by disassembling my airbrush and giving it a good clean.

Here's a good resource that helped me:
9. November 2020, 08:29
playtime 222
They did have them in the early 70s to my recollection. When the EU (or specifically West Germany only?) passed the law (1980-ish?), the magazine Scale Aircraft Modelling, who used to include a decal sheet every month, included a sheet of swastikas to help modellers finish their subjects. You still get japanese kits that get imported to the EU via Germany including decal sheets with the swastikas cut out with a pair of scissors to comply with the law. You can tell they were cut our on import as they were often packaged in plastic which had also been cut. Funny old world.
9. November 2020, 09:07
I started building Airfix planes in the late 60's and never did I find any swastika in the box. Frog kits included them and other brands too but not Airfix.
9. November 2020, 09:25
playtime 222
I was UK then Oliver (NL now). Were they snipped out? So if they were manufactured in UK or import there first, our experiences may differ.
9. November 2020, 10:49
Patrick Hagelstein
Wow! That's a helpful article! Good thing it turned out fine then. :)
9. November 2020, 16:30
Dave Flitton
Looking good! The paint is good, keep going!
9. December 2020, 23:29
Thank you Dave!
10. December 2020, 12:56
I applied Tamiya TS-13 Clear (spray can) and I got an orange peel texture. Can someone please tell me how to prevent this from happening in the future?
11. December 2020, 06:08
playtime 222
So many things can cause this :( Maybe one of these rings true?
11. December 2020, 12:07
I did some tests on styrene and it seemed to be a question of applying it much lighter than Testor's Glosscote. Then again, when I applied it it was 10F warmer, so it may have been the temperature too
24. December 2020, 17:59
Ben M
OttovonLindberg, I want to thank you for the article you linked to above (don's airbrush tips). I learned a lot from it, and for the first time I'm able to paint fine lines with my airbrush. Thanks for sharing!

I built a temperature and humidity measurement device with an arduino in my garage where my paint booth is:

I've found it helpful to keep notes on how my painting went vs. this data. I definitely take more care to make sure it is warm enough before shooting paint.
5. January, 01:04
Thanks Ben, what type of paints do you use?
5. January, 02:25
Ben M
Hi OttovonLindberg, I use Tamiya paints mostly. I have success spraying them if I am careful. They can be hard to brush but I can usually get it "good enough". The flat base is cool because you can mix it into gloss paint and get anything from satin to flat depending on how much you add. I use vallejo metallics and it took me a while to get a good result, but I have it mostly figured out now.
5. January, 03:30

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