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Thread started by Lang_DF

Rafael Lang added a new photoalbum.
25. June 2020, 04:14
Hi Rafael,

I'm not a fan of this, and this is going in the wrong direction.

scalemates albums are not designed for "pure" reference pictures....they are not searchable and consume space.

there are other website with better capabilities for such reference pictures collections.

the reference images (all your albums) you uploaded consume 3GB of data. If everybody starts adding full reference albums they like (cars/aircraft/ships/....) there is an explosion of data we can't handle
2. July 2020, 20:33
Rafael Lang
Hi Tim, sorry for that!

my idea was to organize my buildings in advance, not for just pure references

I will follow your advice and look for other sites to post only the references and delete the albums here to save space! my sincere apologies, I do not wish for any confusion and harm anyone!

i thought they would help everyone, i didn't know they weren't searchable, because I always see the montage albums of the mattes too when looking for a specific theme!

and again sincerely, I'm sorry!
2. July 2020, 21:58
Bob Hall
External Hard drive, It's where I keep all my Police Car and Mustang Reference photos.
2. July 2020, 22:57
Synology NAS is where I keep mine, grouped in folders by genre and then subject.
2. July 2020, 23:12
Rafael Lang
Starbase101 Can you send me the link in the PVT please?
3. July 2020, 01:08
Rafael, it's a private home network, no external access, sorry.
3. July 2020, 01:38
Rafael Lang
Ah yes! Im sorry Starbase, now I understand you! I was thinking that you had bought an external space on some website!
3. July 2020, 02:18
I think reference photos are invaluable to the hobby. Having a searchable dbase would save everyone the legwork research that Rafael is doing for us. Reference links to offsite storage would be appreciated, then maybe a new album post would only need to have a couple of teaser pics plus the link...
3. July 2020, 02:26
Rafael Lang
thanks for the support JD, I am looking for a solution regarding the database to be able to redo upload the photos later!

for now I am taking advantage of the service already done selection and saving with this organization that I posted! so I'm slowly erasing the albums! as I put it on the external HD and cataloging it correctly so I can post in the same way!

I don't want to get in trouble for Tim and anyone, so let's be patient that one day everything will work out!
3. July 2020, 03:07
Rafael Lang
well Tim, it's late now, almost 3am, i'm really tired, i woke up very early yesterday and spent the day at the hospital with my wife! so if you allow me tomorrow when i wake up i still download the albums and delete them from here, all right? thanks for understanding and good night everyone, see you! ;)
3. July 2020, 05:49
Woah, take it easy buddy, remember it's just a hobby, no matter how serious you are about it! ;) Take care of yourself and your family. Wishing you well, JD :D
3. July 2020, 06:08
no stress!!!!
3. July 2020, 06:14
Rafael Lang
I'm calm, I swear! :D :D :D the text problem is that they have no voice intonation! thanks for the health wishes! I wish the same for you too! see you later guys!! ;)
3. July 2020, 06:22

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