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Rafael Lang added a new photoalbum.
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Panther Ausf.G from Waffen-SS on the Champs-Élysées in front of the Arc of Triumph. Paris, France. - June 1944
22. April 2020, 06:00
Patrick Hagelstein
Those are some great pictures! Can't remember seeing any of those before.
2. May 2020, 06:24
Rafael Lang
Thank you Patrick, I'm uploading from my HD some pictures what I taked over the years and giving as a references for the mates!
2. May 2020, 06:26
2. May 2020, 06:34
Nice photographs. I have a problem with n°8. I do not think any Parisian in his/her right mind would cycle so close to a Waffen SS Panther in June 1944. And should it be a parade, the avenue would be empty with soldiers lining both sides. Those tanks are most probably rushing to meet the Allies who just landed in Normandy.
23. June 2020, 17:54
Rafael Lang
Hi Olivier, Thank you! if you stop to think the problem with #8 is repeated in #9 too! it makes perfect sense when you say that these tanks are probably running to find the Allies who just landed in Normandy, but in this case I just followed the photo captions given by the Bundesarchiv for the photos!
23. June 2020, 19:57
Patrick Hagelstein
Maybe 'parade' refers to the Champs-Élysées itself? Where those captions in English or German?
23. June 2020, 20:03
Rafael Lang
Hi Patrick, those captions in Bundesarchiv are in German (and sometimes have the WW2 German captions too) and I translate most of them using google translate!
23. June 2020, 22:17
Patrick Hagelstein
Hi Rafael, maybe something is 'lost in translation' then. ;)
25. June 2020, 15:25
Patrick Hagelstein
Still a great collection of pictures! :) 👍
25. June 2020, 15:25
Rafael Lang
maybe something like this way Patrick! but is simple to resolve! let's erase ''the parade'' and keep the remaining text! 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄
25. June 2020, 17:33
Patrick Hagelstein
😄 😄 😄 That'll work! 👍
25. June 2020, 18:31
Mike Kryza
Thx a lot again Rafael! Your pics are always welcome!!
25. June 2020, 18:56
Rafael Lang
thanks Mike!😉
25. June 2020, 19:29
Rafael, I was not complaining or implying that You had done something wrong. But so many photographs found on internet have strange or wrong captions.
25. June 2020, 20:07
Rafael Lang
yes yes, i understand you Oliver! but that one, to avoid further confusion, it is better to reorganize the text to a more informal and simple understanding!

I'm was looking in German / English dictionary, and the correct meaning for 'Parade' can be to: walk or march in public in an ostentatious or attention-seeking way.

here are one of the caption of the same photo sequences: ''Frankreich, Paris.- Parade der Waffen-SS-Division "LSSAH" (Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler), Panzer IV vor dem Triumphbogen (Arc de Triomphe); SS-PK''
25. June 2020, 20:37
Regarding photograph 21 there is something wrong with the name of the location. Bures sur Yvette is in the south west of Paris (23 km) but Bures and Arracourt are indeed in Meurthe et Moselle and approx. 360 km East of Paris. A US vs German tank battle happened there in September 1944.
25. June 2020, 21:38
Picture 26 shows a very special and interesting camouflage pattern on the first Panther.
25. June 2020, 21:40
Rafael Lang
Olivier, ok, I got it! so in that case the confusion was mine! because I even remember when I organized these photos of seeing the Bures sign (photo 13) and unintentionally made the link as if they were the same cities
25. June 2020, 22:04
Kaspar Kallin
the 5. panther photo has the Daimler-Benz brackets for spare road wheels
19. July 2020, 18:09
Rafael Lang
thanks for correcting me! my mistake!😎
20. July 2020, 03:21

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