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Thread started by Lode

Lode Schildermans added a new photoalbum.
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Project: HMS Hood
1:200 HMS Hood (Trumpeter 03710)1:200 HMS Hood 1941 Detail Up (Pontos Model 23009F1)
35 | 21. February, 22:06
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Nathan Dempsey
What a behemoth! That's more fine work Lode!
21. February, 22:29
Lode Schildermans
Thanks James. Quite time consuming though ????
21. February, 22:37
top, as always :)
21. February, 23:24
Kerry COX
A standard that is second to none.
So nice to zoom in on after I have copied it. ;)
I love it. ;)
22. February, 01:00
Lode Schildermans
Nathan, Spanjaard, James, thanks for your kind comments
22. February, 22:33
Lode Schildermans
Kerry, nice you like it, even after zooming in on all the faults one sees when zooming
22. February, 22:34
Kerry COX
Zooms are the fun part, as it reveals ALL what you do and how well you do it. :) :) :)
22. February, 23:39
Lode Schildermans
James, I'm pleased myself with the result of the hull painting and weathering. I brakes the 'flat' grey color and add realism to the model. Superstructure will take some time before I get to painting :). And I'll add a crew, since the result with the Rodney was for many an eyecathcher, including myself
26. February, 22:14
Slavo Hazucha
Cheers Lode, Great looking pom-poms, I like the weathering approach with mostly shading but in this case refraining from too much/browns/rusts - goes well with the "freshly finished for it´s sea burial" paint on the real ship and - while I really like worn paint & weather-punished ships (some really cool references appear to exist for some of the the KGV-class ships, would love to see that done in big scale... :) ), for the Hood, decent is the way

I also like the riveting job on the 4" AA´s - all just blending in to a really nice overall image
4. March, 11:43
Bart Goesaert
just learned about the 2-pdr that the tips were of another material... and that in different variations...

Nice work by the way on these guns...
4. March, 11:58
Martin Oostrom
It seems I was waiting on the old deleted album and somehow didn't register for this new one :(
Luckily I found it!
Lode, the Flemish Friend, strikes again. I have no more superlatives to add to your build(s). Funny thing is, you keep improving :D So how does one comment on an improved build, while the previous one was already labeled a masterpiece??
Back to the old "well done Lode!" ;)
4. March, 11:58
Lode Schildermans
Slavo, as you've noticed, I'm less present @Scalemates, reason why I saw just know your comment. I tried not exaggerate too much, since she was freshly paint at her loss. And I had to try out new techniques to have a realistic look, there she was paint in just one color. I intend to do a paint & weather ship with HMS Nelson (also very nice photos on that one. Thank you for such a nice comment
4. March, 21:39
Lode Schildermans
Bart, I've now build enough pompoms and read enough documentation to make them realistic. Thanks for liking those
4. March, 21:41
Lode Schildermans
Martin, my Dutch friend. I hope the search was worth the effort ;) You know I to strive to improve on each build. Well, this one is a real challenge. "Well done, Lode" suits me fine as a compliment :) Thank you for that, mate
4. March, 21:48
Kerry COX
ABANDON SHIP. !!!! The ship is sinking from too much brass that has made her top heavy. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!
Only kidding mate. ;)
Exceptional in every way Lode. I love it. ;)
4. March, 21:59
Lode Schildermans
Thank you very much, Sir
12. March, 21:20
Lode Schildermans
And a bit of progress, sanding, sanding and PE. A turret finished with the roundel (Thank you HMS Hood Association for your well documented site)
12. March, 21:22
Kerry COX
Lode. Are you going to glaze the port holes. ??? hehehehehe ;)
13. March, 00:46
Lode Schildermans
Kerr, but of course. Already done the portholes in the hull (maybe visible enough in photo 106). Why do you think I cut all that plastic for? Micro Krystal clear diluted with a bit of water gives a realistic effect of glazing
13. March, 06:21
Kerry COX
Excellent thinking Lode. Micro crystal clear works wonders. ;)
13. March, 07:26
Slavo Hazucha
The forward superstructure is coming to life really nicely I particularly like the epic observation & fire control positions.

Looking forward to those portholes! The metal rings already look awesome, this will be the icing on the cake! I just hope your material is better than my Humbrol clear, which looks great when applied, but dries & shrinks to a sorry mass best described as "dried dropped snake-skin"... :)

+ do you know when your title photo was taken - there the Hull shows a lot of wear, is that the state right before the final re-paint?
13. March, 07:29
Lode Schildermans
Kerry, I've had good experiences with micro krystal klear. id did the glazing of the walrus on Rodney with it. Good result and stable. No dried dropped snakeskin, as Slavo put's it so nice.
Slavo, more details to come. Portholes are nice detailed. With a bit of preshading , on can attend a nice result.
As for your question, according the results I find and the detailing on the ship, it must have been 31 -32 (looking at the foremast)
13. March, 08:06
Martin Oostrom
I'm riding the bus while checking your pictures. It's hard not to drool, but I might get Corona kicked off the bus if I do ;)
I like the aim assist on top of the turret :D
13. March, 08:59
Lode Schildermans
Martin, I hope you had a cool bus ride. No need to drool, mate. LOL, it did look as an aim assist on turret A. Nobody knows why the roundel was on turret A in 41
14. March, 21:35
Martin Oostrom
It must have been directive RN36B18a2: A roundel will be painted on the forward most turret on the main deck. The size of the roundel shall be 85% of the width of the turret, or 80% the length of the turret, whichever is the shortest length.
15. March, 08:23
Slavo Hazucha
@ Roundel - looks cool on the model, but I can't imagine this (particularly the all-dark 3-color combination with the base grey) would work in wartime/North Atlantic conditions... The Italian red-white stripes show on 25% of the ship maybe could, but a "small dark dot"? The crew of the Sheffield could probably testify how well "air recognition" worked... :)

But on the "small" HOOD, it's surely a welcome addition
15. March, 08:52
Lode Schildermans
Thanks for the lesson, Martin. Didn't find that on HMS Hood Association. If I am informed correctly, it appeared the first time during the Spanish civil war as neutrality marks

LOL, Slavo. Yeah HMS Sheffield looked really as a German cruiser...
The roundel is historical, so I had to put it on the turret. I faded the color with some self made grey filter
15. March, 21:53
Lode Schildermans
Some progress on the funnels
17. March, 22:54
Kerry COX
The funnel 'caps' look like a crown. !
Awsome progress Lode. :)
17. March, 23:49
Lode Schildermans
Thank you Kerry. The second one is better. Believe me, fragile stuff that takes a whole evening to assemble. I had to make some corrections though after I finished the second one. The first one is now slightly better
18. March, 06:09
Martin Oostrom
You do know I made up that directive, right?

Funnels look gorgeous
18. March, 07:16
Slavo Hazucha
I can imagine this took time! Time putting it together & time looking happily at the beautiful results ;)
18. March, 08:25
LOL Martin. you got me there!
18. March, 09:45
Urban Gardini
Oooooh, look at that funnel! PE 'n brass magic!
18. March, 10:16
Lode Schildermans
Spanjaard, Martin had me too. Slavo, it gives satisfaction when it's done, not for its looks, just because it is done, ???? Urban, this kit is a lot of brass and a few pieces of plastic
18. March, 22:32
18. March, 22:40
Urban Gardini
Well, you don't get much use of the majority of the kit parts so that way it's an expensive kit!
18. March, 22:46
Lode Schildermans
Urban, ships in 1/200 are, but when I divide the prince by the number of hours spent, it becomes cheap ;)
21. March, 16:53
Lode Schildermans
Well, mates, the bridge is a RPIA, but at the end, the dryfitting came out pretty well
21. March, 16:53
Urban Gardini
That's how I count as well. Our hobby beats just about any hobby there is when it comes to hour per money invested in the build. What's expensive is the stash itself but not the projects.
21. March, 18:07
Urban Gardini
But what I meant with it being expensive is that you exchange most of the kit parts with after market...
21. March, 18:09
David Taylor
looking good Lode making the brass work good,hats off to Pontos designers
21. March, 18:55
Peter Hardy
Yeah, I'd be happy with that. Excellent progress!
21. March, 21:22
Slavo Hazucha
Among other things, I really admire how clean your builds look like unpainted. My work-in-progress stuff is a hopeless ugly mass blend of plastic, filler, CA, smears of colors & stuff. On your builds, there is no trace of any glue, not even of a tool touching the metal Unless you paint the PE parts over with "PE- brass" before taking pictures...! ;)
21. March, 23:05
Peter Hardy
Pretty sure he's been taking Harry Potter lessons Slavo. "Expecto Cryo"!
22. March, 01:36
Lode Schildermans
Urban, David, Peter, Slavo, thanks mates for the encouraging kind words
22. March, 17:20
Lode Schildermans
@Slavo, hardly to imagine your WIP is an ugly mass blend of all things, seeing the crisp projects you make. Paint it in brass would be too much effort, just for a photo. It's practice, practice and more practice
@Peter, I tought that spell @ Harry Potter, not otherwise
22. March, 17:26
22. March, 21:32
Tim Heimer
Lode , I've seen your work before and I see it now and you continue to fascinate me with your skills, patience and dedication to your builds. Keep it up mate!
28. March, 01:53
Kerry COX
The binnacles. ?
28. March, 02:27
Lode Schildermans
Tim, thanks mate. Well, I just enjoy the PE (most of the time) because it really adds value to a build, especially shipbuilding.
28. March, 19:58
Lode Schildermans
Right Sir. He binnacles in PE
28. March, 19:58
28. March, 20:26
Lode Schildermans
He was The of course. Can I box a compass, hahahaha. On what scale, Kerry? I admit, I wouldn't have understood it without the link
28. March, 22:16
Kerry COX
That was the very first thing I was taught when I went to sea at 15. :) ALL good sailors can box a compass we were taught. ;) Look out for the lubbers line too. ;)
28. March, 22:50
Peter Hardy
What a fantastic pe kit a ship's compass would make!
28. March, 22:57
Slavo Hazucha
I half-expect Lode to add an actually working 1/200 Compass to this one - With these Jedi metal-bending powers it must be possible! ;)
29. March, 08:10
Lode Schildermans
Kerry, compass and lubbers are necessary assets :)
29. March, 17:36
Lode Schildermans
Peter, should be fun to make one 1:1 scale :)
29. March, 17:36
Lode Schildermans
Slavo, my dear mate, you're expecting too much. Well, after a weekend of metal-bending powers, I finally got the pelorus sights, searchlight sights, ALO and ADO done.
29. March, 17:41
Kerry COX
Lode, forgive me showing off with the nautical terminology, but for a builder of so many fine examples of the worlds navies, I just had to test your knowledge. (The devil made me do it. !) hehehehehe
;) .
29. March, 21:04
Martin Oostrom
A compass would be nice. But an inclinometer would be awesome!
30. March, 12:58
Kerry COX
All ready attached to the binnacle. :) :) :)
30. March, 16:55
Martin Oostrom
I meant the one in the wheelhouse, below the rudder indicator :D
30. March, 17:58
Peter Hardy
Ffs. This is getting too much for us land lubbers!
30. March, 21:22
Lode Schildermans
Martin, Kerry, you've plenty ideas...It would be great to copy your inclinometers, compass. You've a lot to learn me :)
Kidding. The details the makers of Pontos put in this set are awesome, but difficult. It's an experience not to repeat a second time, believe me
30. March, 21:27
the magic continues.... awesome
30. March, 23:01
Lode Schildermans
Spanjaard, the curses and spells are the common things through my builds. The things you call magic
3. April, 16:09
Slavo Hazucha
Never did the tortures & rewards of our hobby get a better summary presentation than in pic 137 of this thread...!

Lode - we see the parts & the model, but we never see any tools in the backgrounds & corners of the pictures... I really believe telekinesis & power of the mind is at work here... ;)
3. April, 19:26
Lode Schildermans
Hahahaha, believe. I've all torture tools one requires. But I always clean up my desk at the end of a building session. Yeah, I guess picture 137 shows the result of the torture sessions. But I know what price lies behind the efforts, once painted, washed and drybrushed. The satisfaction of awesome detailed pieces bringing this ship to the beauty she was. Previously, I did battleship closer to WWII with 'easier' superstructures. HMS Hood was between the dreadnaught era and the modern battleships, which is much more complicated. But mate, what an enjoyable build. And I've already new techniques in mind for the next one
3. April, 21:22
Peter Hardy
Excuse me while I look for my jaw on the floor around here somewhere. Lode? You are magnificent!
3. April, 23:16
Tim Heimer
You mean you've still got more tricks up your sleeve? I'd have thought you've extinguished every trick by now!
3. April, 23:25
Peter Hardy
As Al Jolson used to say Tim, "Ahh, you ain't seen nothin' yet"!
3. April, 23:28
Jay Dubya
I've seen plenty already and its super impressive Lode.
4. April, 00:06
Lode Schildermans
@Peter, did you find your jaw back? Thanks mate for the compliment
@Tim, yet a lot to learn. So the next one, I wanna try other techniques
@Jay, thank you for liking
5. April, 18:05
Peter Hardy
Nope! Still stunned Lode and I am not exaggerating. Just blown away with everything!
5. April, 21:47
137, oh yes, were you had your walking stick stick next to those nice 1/12 metal models.... strange that it has the shape of a toothpick.....
5. April, 22:17
Lode Schildermans
I got finally the brakewaters assembled. And primed. Next stage, painting, washes and weathering. A bit of rust seams appropriate
8. April, 19:52
Tim Heimer
Lode, It's looking real good! I just don't get why you painted a bulls eye on the turret! LOL
9. April, 01:52
Lode Schildermans
Thanks Tom. And LOL. The bulls eye seemed to be on the A-turret as a recognition for planes indeed. But it is historical,and I intend to make her as accurate as possible
9. April, 20:46
Lode Schildermans
First brakewater finished
9. April, 21:57
Peter Hardy
Nice weathering on the breakwater Lode. Done just right!
12. April, 09:59
Martin Oostrom
Not just right. It's Lode right!
12. April, 12:46
Greg Baker
Man, this is looking good.
12. April, 15:28
Lode Schildermans
Aft construction almost done. And a some small parts finished
12. April, 17:54
Lode Schildermans
Peter, a lot of documentation and research :)
Martin, you know me hey. Always trying to improve for more realism
Greg, my mate, thank you. I can almost here the intonation in that sentence

Well, a bit of vacation now, so I hope to do some progress. The bridge is very tricky to paint and reassemble. Keep your fingers crossed mates. It will make nail or fail this build
14. April, 20:34
Slavo Hazucha
Well, I've placed my bet! Don't think I will lose it... ;)
14. April, 20:40
Lode Schildermans
Slavo, you didn't lose the bet, but some small repairs to do. ANd than for the second nail it or fail it part on the forward structure, the mast.
16. April, 15:23
Tim Heimer
Lode, we're here if you need a shoulder to cry on? Poppycock! You'll nail it!
16. April, 20:13
Lode Schildermans
Thanks Tim, good to know I've shoulders cry on. I nailed it, but believe me, to assemble the parts was a clusterfuck. The assembly itself is not the difficulty, but some parts had to be painted first before assembling them. Not possible to paint it afterwards. But I'm very glad I nailed this one. Now the last real difficult part before the rigging in a few months
16. April, 20:33
Tim Heimer
Too cool! Glad to hear that.
17. April, 00:22
Martin Oostrom
Ahe kooks ready to set sail!
17. April, 05:54
Lode Schildermans
Tim, thanks mate. The foremast dryfitted, and yet still not complete. A fck PE monster. So, I did some binocular stands, just for fun and to do something else
Martin, far from it, but she's starting to look as a ship
20. April, 21:38
Slavo Hazucha
The binoculars look spectacular with the blue glazing! But first and foremost, the juggernaut mast & observation posts look really impressive and - how else - flawless in execution :)
20. April, 21:48
Peter Hardy
Damn! What a sight to wake up to this morning!
20. April, 21:54
Kerry COX
I would venture to say that if one ran his finger along any surface of this HOOD, and then put that finger on the tip of a tongue, there would be the taste of sea salt.
So realistic Lode. ;)
Will there be sea gull droppings too. ? hehehehehehehe \Love your work mate. :)
20. April, 22:56
Greg Baker
Wow.. now that's a thing, to be sure...
20. April, 23:30
Tim Heimer
As long as the Bismarck ain't around It's all good! I can only imagine Lodes basement at night! LOL
21. April, 02:56
Lode Schildermans
Slavo, thank you for your nice compliment. Less flawless than you think but flawless enough :)
Peter, nice to hear I gave you a good morning feeling
Kerry, good idea to add real sea salt on the Hood, lol. As for the sea gulls, my marines are allowed to shoot them off
Greg, thank you, my friend. It is a big complex thing for sure
Tim, Bismarck is in the stash, but not allowed r the naval wharf yet
21. April, 15:49
Lode Schildermans
Dryfit of the forward structure
25. April, 16:14
Slavo Hazucha
All looking great and stylish now in grey! The glass also came out fine, looking pretty real Is there more laser-cut wood coming or did the Hood have other materials/colors on the superstructure decks?

The Bismarck being what it is will certainly try to sneak out to open waters at some point, but no worries, the Royal Navy will sort things eventually... ;)
25. April, 17:19
Greg Baker
Seriously, Lode... leave some modelling for the rest of us!
26. April, 05:30
Lode Schildermans
Slavo, no more wood. The lower decks were in corticene et upper decks in anti slip grey. The corticene is faded and a bit dulled. It does come pretty good out, but had quite frankly a though job to got the foremast straight. So for the colors, I will have to play with fading and subtle weathering
Greg, every type of modelling is different ;)There is plenty other stuff to do, such as Tintin, Australian trucks and so on. Thanks for the compliment, buddy
26. April, 16:05
Lode Schildermans
Started to add details on the main bridge. And weathered the funnels with streaks of the smoke coming down
26. April, 16:09
Martin Oostrom
That grey is freaky, depending on the light. One picture it's light grey, another dark grey. Lode invented colourshifting camo paint!
Very nice work as always my Flemish friend
26. April, 17:27
Tim Heimer
Nice weathering!
26. April, 17:37
Lode Schildermans
Martin, if that is the impression you have, than the paintwork is accomplished. it is exactly what I see with my own eyes. Just a matter of point of view and the natural light does change the effect.
Thanks Tim, still a lot to weather though
26. April, 18:54
Tim Heimer
I'm sure of that! So far so good!
26. April, 20:35
Lode Schildermans
As you say Tim. So far good. But not a build to repeat. I've never experienced such a difficult build. I learn a lot tough
26. April, 21:08
Martin Oostrom
I was amazed when I saw your Warspite. Howe was better, Rodney was supreme, and you are still learning??
26. April, 21:29
Lode Schildermans
Martin, so much to learn Salt techniques, chipping, dioramas. Not done exploring and learning, mate
26. April, 22:17
Peter Hardy
Love the staining Lode, especially the funnel work. Just brilliant.
26. April, 22:35
Lode Schildermans
Thank you Peter. I tried to simulate a smoke / water effect on the funnels with some washes. Happy about the result
27. April, 07:32
Lode Schildermans
The first boats are done. 3 done, 12 to go
30. April, 15:45
Steven Van Dyck
Painting is nice. The wood seating of the small one seems very fragile, can the seams be fixed with wood glue?
30. April, 16:23
Lode Schildermans
Steven, they are fixed with CA (carefully done)
30. April, 16:49
Tim Heimer
30. April, 22:52
Lode Schildermans
Thank you, Tim. I've made some more progress on the boats
10. May, 20:17
did youy delete your album by accident? (if so I'll restore it.... or is this a bug?)
10. May, 20:30
Lode Schildermans
I don't know. I've the impression it's a bug, but I would be glad if the album would be restored. If not, I've to upload all the photos again. I didn't press on delete
10. May, 20:38
restored... please let me know if it happens again
10. May, 20:39
Lode Schildermans
Thanks. I will
10. May, 20:48
Chris Greathouse
Lode, your work is master class for sure. I don't know how I missed the startup of this beauty.
10. May, 21:12
Martin Oostrom
Each of the boats is a piece of art in itself
10. May, 21:49
Kerry COX
I can only agree with all your friends comments and compliments.
Outstanding and wonderful work on all aspects of your builds Lode. ;)
10. May, 22:27
Greg Baker
Lode must've breached the quality controls... too high and the safety measures automatically delete the album. Can't have mortals staring directly into the face of the divine... :)
10. May, 23:34
Peter Hardy
Lode every Monday morning you manage to make me marvel at the results of your weekend's labours. I have used all of my superlatives, so I won't wax lyrical yet again. Pete
11. May, 00:02
Lode Schildermans
Chris, thank you. You're not too late to be part of this journey. It will sure take some time
Martin, Kerry, I do consider each of the boats as a little project within the project. And each project has a begin and ending. Kerry, I do my best, hey.
Greg, I think Tim of SCM deleted because of the volume of the album ;), not of breaching quality controls. In that case, the bunch would have a lot of deleted albums. I am just a mortal fellow who likes to build ships and tries to learn, no more, no less
Peter, thank my dear friend. It's more the labour of past week I post, not only the weekend. I can't build that fast :)
@all, thank you for your comments. They are encouraging
11. May, 20:13
those boats are simply amazing... no surprise of course ;)
11. May, 22:33
Lode Schildermans
Spanjaard, thank you for your nice words. Pity it is no surprise anymore. You guys expect way too much from my builds. The quality of my builds ain't higher than yours, it's just different
13. May, 07:49
Slavo Hazucha
Great looking small boat festival Sea-life is not only returning to Venice, but also to the HOOD´s deck! ;)
13. May, 13:41
Tim Heimer
Lode, we don't expect that much. We just marvel at what you accomplish and are just amazed. Just when we've seen the best you pull another rabbit out of your hat!
13. May, 20:37
Daniel Klink
Great Lode!
That life boats are like brillant Builts by themselves!
13. May, 21:02
Lode Schildermans
Slavo, Hood is indeed a small boat festival. 15 boats in total . Well, Scalemates, they are done. I kept the best ones (IMHO) till the end. I wanted to be sure with the other ones before assembly.
Well Tim, as said to Slavo, I kept 2 bunnies in the hat till now ;)
13. May, 21:10
Lode Schildermans
Daniel, thank you for your fine comment. I did enjoy (most of the time) the boats. Each of all different and a little project in the big project.
13. May, 22:20
Chris Greathouse
That's a boatload of work! Awesome :)
13. May, 22:28
Kerry COX
Are you going to make a couple of painters and have them curled up on the fore deck of each launch. ? ;) hehehehehehehe :)
13. May, 23:38
Greg Baker
oh my...
14. May, 00:08
Lode Schildermans
Chris, it was indeed a load of work.
Now Kerry, that might be an idea...
Greg, you saw a white rabbit?
14. May, 21:28
David Taylor
Question Lode being the PE King which method do you use to remove your PE from the fret.
16. May, 19:44
Greg Baker
Mental telepathy... I suspect.
16. May, 23:07
Martin Oostrom
Laser vision!
17. May, 09:19
Greg Baker
I suspect Lode has mental powers because today I found myself looking up the timeline for a 1/720 scale USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier... why? Why would I be doing that? ;)
17. May, 11:31
Lode Schildermans
David, my method is quite simple. A cutting mat and I use scalpels n°11 (I buy them at the local pharmacie. Far more better than the scalpels for modelling as excel knives and about 5 times cheaper) After cutting, sanding the to eliminate the burrs
So Greg, Martin, no special skills here.
Greg, either you want to do a warship, either you've been to long in lockdown ;)
17. May, 21:08
Kerry COX
That is one word I will be glad to never hear again................."LOCKDOWN." !!!
I have had 12 weeks of 'isolation', hardly getting as far as the footpath on my 'daily walk'.
My modelling has saved me from going totally off the twig. !
17. May, 22:21
Good to see you around Kezza :)
17. May, 22:47
Lode Schildermans
Kerry, I will be glad to scrap that word from the dictionary. Fortunately, I had the luck to continu to work on site most of the time. The spare time went to modelling to keep my mental health safe.
18. May, 05:09
Kerry COX
Lode. My 'isolation' is just becoming a pain in the patoot, but, modelling has saved me, and no doubt, all others here. ;)
18. May, 05:12
David Taylor
Lode,thanks its the method I use.Just thought you might have a better method.Ordered a set of scissors from Italeri to try,will let you know.
18. May, 14:50
Günther Decock
Knap gedaan Lode. Geweldig detail en stapels PE zo te zien :)
18. May, 15:37
Lode Schildermans
David, you're welcome. I'm looking forward to your feedback regarding the Italieri scissors
19. May, 05:00
Lode Schildermans
Dank je wel Günther. De stapels PE (18 vellen dus) en details gaan natuurlijk hand in hand
19. May, 05:00
19. May, 16:00
James C
Outstanding attention to detail Lode. Beautiful work thus far.
21. May, 18:02
Lode Schildermans
Thank you Jim. WIP on the mainmast. 90 % done
24. May, 13:28
Lode Schildermans
Started some detailling
4. June, 20:40
James C
How's the mast coming along?
5. June, 07:18
Lode Schildermans
Jim, just a few ladders to install, but done except the rigging
5. June, 07:31
Michael Hickey
She is looking brilliant mate.
5. June, 07:35
Tim Heimer
Just beautifully amazing!
5. June, 13:31
David Taylor
Will you be doing HMS Repulse next Lode.Before her refit she looked very close to the Hood.
5. June, 17:07
James C
Fantastic Lode. Also just noticed the transparent glass windows amongst other things. Awesome
5. June, 18:39
Martin Oostrom
"Started some detailling" Yeah right. :D
This whole build is detailing to the max Lode. And you are very very good at it (saving some superlatives for later when needed)
6. June, 12:33
Slavo Hazucha
The top platform with all the binoculars & equipment looks fabulous + very nice job on the heraldry piece!
7. June, 07:58
Lode Schildermans
Michael, Tim, thank you for your nice comment, mates.
David, Repulse is in my stash, but I haven't got any idea when starting that build. Probably when I am redoing the PoW
Jim, only noticable in the detailed photos. Glad you saw the glazing. It is done allover, even the portholes
Martin, I meant that now all the tiny bits and pieces are coming up (hatches, bollards, reels,...) but I agree that Pontos made this an awesome detailed PE monster
Slavo, the bridge and top platform are quite equipped in this kit, and I still have to add some parts,....and figures. On the other hand, the heraldry piece is not as I wanted, but to small in this scale to implement all colours.
Many thanks to all you guys for this heartwarming comments
7. June, 19:33
Lode Schildermans
Details, details and some more. It appears there is no ending is this kit
9. June, 20:58
Martin Oostrom
And that is a good thing?
I like the winches. It looks so real
9. June, 21:13
Lode Schildermans
Martin, it surely does look nice, but even I want to do another kit from time to time, LOL
10. June, 08:21
Slavo Hazucha
Well, the mine-sweeping pig next to the turret definitely looks like a kit of it´s own... I also remember seeing a Tiger (not HMS Tiger :) ) next to the HOOD in it´s early days...
10. June, 10:28
James C
Nice work on all the stowage lockers and reels etc. You can really appreciate how small all these items really are in the zoomed out pictures and equally appreciate the detail work on the close ups BTW, what is the function of all the assorted reels?
10. June, 19:43
Lode Schildermans
Slavo, you remembered well I started a landbattleship in the early days...well, there are a lot of kits of it's own in this build. Lucky me, I didn't buy one kit, a bought dozens, lol. To do you pleasure, I insert temporarely some pictures if that beast on this album
James, that is really a nice comment. If even zoomed out the pictures show detailed work and being appreciated, than I am a very happy builder. Most of the reels are rope reels, but there a are real shipmates here who can better answer to this question, and learn it to me too
10. June, 20:43
James C
By themselves, the small individual items don't look like much, but collectively, and once finally positioned really just adds to the overall build and is fascinating to watch it slowly come together piece by piece.
I wonder if the reels have something to do with storing the assorted lines for hanging the pendants when not in use?
10. June, 21:02
Lode Schildermans
I agree on that James. I noticed that on my previous build. A deck was full of small details and without looks oddly empty. Put on a dental stick, they are just detailed pieces without purpose, but once installed, they make a ship coming to life. BTW, I hope you like my progress on the Tiger I. I'll put those pics in a specific album ;)
10. June, 21:14
James C
I wondered what had happened to your Tiger build. Looks awesome mate but deserves it's own album ;)
11. June, 19:56
Lode Schildermans
And some progress on the bow section and upper deck with hatches, sky lights, reels,...
30. June, 20:15
Peter Hardy
Love the reels Lode. Very nicely done!
30. June, 22:47
Tim Heimer
Lode it's always fascinating to look at the progress in your builds!
1. July, 03:45
Lode Schildermans
Peter, thank you. I was quite of them too. First time they came out as wished
Tim, fascinating because the progress is so slow ;)
1. July, 20:04
James C
208 images and counting documenting the fascinating process of constructing this fabulous build, and still going... That's dedication! Looking amazing Lode
1. July, 20:57
Lode Schildermans
Glad you like the fascinating process and dedication. Much appreciated my friend
2. July, 19:32
Tim Heimer
Yes we do!
3. July, 02:33
indeed :)
3. July, 06:58
Slavo Hazucha
The mighty HOOD is living up more & more to it´s name with every step posted... Coming close to that magic moment when it stops looking like a work-in-progress model and starts getting almost indistinguishable to pictures of the real ship...
4. July, 14:48
Lode Schildermans
Tim, Spanjaard, words a modeller always like to Hear
4. July, 20:56
Lode Schildermans
Slavo, you describe perfectly the feeling of thta point were a model turns from a build to an almost finished model. It is indeed the magical moment when it comes to live. When the last ladders, railings are added and the figures man her, she becomes a story. What you see now is the cover. Thank you for capting that moment
4. July, 21:00
Peter Hardy
Out of compliments, just a big thumbs up!
4. July, 22:46
Lode Schildermans
Peter, what can a modeller expect more than big thumbs up. Thx, my friend
7. July, 09:53
7. July, 20:35
Lode Schildermans
:) Thanks Martin
7. July, 20:52
Lode Schildermans
Started the splinter shields.
14. July, 21:56
Greg Baker
I don't even know what those are, but it sounds impressive. I was thinking about you yesterday when I bought my very first ship (well, first one that I don't intend to cut up, put wings/wheels/flappers on, etc.). It's a Hasegawa 1/700 u-boat, and I actually plan to build it as a uboat... and I'm looking for a 1/700 Fletcher-class Destroyer too... ;)
14. July, 23:56
Slavo Hazucha
Looks like a simple PE bent wall, but then you have all those triangular reinforcements... The Devil in detail... will look great when done!
15. July, 08:01
Lode Schildermans
Greg, finally convinced??? Just kidding, if you've a Uboat and destroyer, it sounds like you've a story in mind waiting to be told. You've all the skills to make these models
15. July, 20:18
Lode Schildermans
Slavo, you've a very keen eye to detail. The bending is only difficult because of the angles and to get them exact, but the difficulty are indeed the triangular reinforcements. Count about 15 till 20 per splinter shield, all of them to put straight without glue traces. As in the Right Stuff said by Chuck Yeager, I'm chasing the Devil out there
15. July, 20:21
Nathan Dempsey
Sounds about right Lode!
15. July, 20:26
Greg Baker
Well, I just watched The movie "Greyhound", and... y'know... ;)
15. July, 23:23
Lode Schildermans
Thank you, Nathan . Greg, since a few months on my list, but not yet in the theaters here :(, so I don't know...
16. July, 05:16
Peter Hardy
Good movie Greg?
16. July, 06:07
Greg Baker
It was supposed to be in theatres, but was released a few days ago on Apple TV instead. I've watched it twice already and quite liked it. It's a very tight movie... almost like a one-man show... with no fluff. I suspect scale model builders will appreciate it's authenticity, but the unwashed masses will probably wish for more of a face was put on the conflict. Tom Hanks commands a Fletcher class Destroyer and three escort ships (two British Destroyers and a Canadian Corvette) in defence of a North Atlantic convoy against German U-boats... that's the movie... no musical interlude necessary.
16. July, 07:33
James C
You never cease to amaze with your photo-etch work Lode.
17. July, 02:28
Martin Oostrom
You're doing a beautiful job Lode. The weathering is consistent, gluework impeccable. You must have been a master shipbuilder at John Brown in a previous life.
18. July, 09:18
so trained the spiders that usually do the rigging, to also do the welding of PE? because there is no glue to be seen there....
18. July, 23:50
Greg Baker
19. July, 13:52
Steven Van Dyck
No, the welding is done by fire ants.
19. July, 19:01
Tim Heimer
And the beautiful woodwork is done by carpenter ants!, but they're easy to spot because of toolbelts they wear!
19. July, 21:02
Lode Schildermans
James, thank you my friend. That is a huge compliment you're giving.
Martin, well, if I believed in reincarnation, I surely must have a connection with the sea ;). You know, my parents bought me a flower class when I was 11 or 12. It must have been a Matchbox kit, I stopped because I didn't knew how to build it. So far for the master shipbuilder.
Spanjaard, Steven, Tim, my dwarfs would be insulted if they knew you called them spiders, but they reply extremely well to the given instructions
21. July, 20:48
Gary Dahlström
Ah, I love me a nice, big ship model! Lode, this is incredible work. I think we can all appreciate the long-term dedication it takes to bring one of these kits to life, as you have. Bravo!
21. July, 21:35
Lode Schildermans
Gary, such a compliment given by a builder who has done the USS Constitution, is top notch. I never tried a sailing ship, and regarding your accomplishment, you're a true ship builder. Surely you know what a long-term dedication means. Thank you for nice comment on my work
21. July, 21:46
Lode Schildermans
Added the ladders and railings on the main bridge. She's coming to the end stage, bit by bit
2. August, 19:09
Steady becoming a complete masterpiece. I hope I have a chance to admire her in person.....
2. August, 19:31
James C
The railings look perfect Lode. I also like the subtle weathering and discoloring that you've applied to the funnel, lower hull and anti-fouling/boot line. Looking outstanding.
2. August, 20:17
Kerry COX
You bring the biggest smile to my face every time I open your pages Lode. As having tried but a couple of times to tackle the ship building side of me, I am in awe of your skills, patience and dedication to your work.
Salute the master. ;)
2. August, 20:48
Tim Heimer
3. August, 07:10
Gary Dahlström
I just love how it dwarfs the cutting mat. Lode, do you also make your own display covers? Also do you find that the hull is flat enough where you can work on it like that without a wooden building board?
3. August, 20:26
Lode Schildermans
Spanjaard, thank you for your so nice compliment. Well, she will only make one journey to Affligem in october 2021. She is a way to fragile to do more voyages.

James, Kerry, my friends, what to reply to your likes. I admit that the weathering and discoloring gave what I hoped for. It was the only way to bring this single colored ship to life. Almost all details are now on the ship. Next stages the f**king rigging (I don't know any shipbuilder who likes that process), main railings and figures and maybe the ship's mascot. Bringing the biggest smile is one of the greatest compliments a builder can get, Kerry. Thank you for that.

Tim, thanks for your steady following and compliments.

Gary, not figured out yet what display is going to cover this beast. Just ideas in my head. And yes, all battleships I've already build have a flat bottom hull. And a cutting mat turns easily to manipulate this big one.

What I didn't figure out yet, is an environment to take some decent pictures
4. August, 21:25
i admire your modellings skills, but the fact that you actually dare to move those beauties out of home is also something to admire as well....i will need to set that in calendar then ;)
4. August, 22:15
Tom ...
How. Did. I. Not. See. This. Already! Was I in a coma?

Another exemplary build, Lode! I'm in awe as usual. Don't know how you do it, sir.

[Still can't believe I missed this build... WTH]
4. August, 22:24
Tim Heimer
Lode it is with great joy to watch you build these beauties, but more of a joy watching your skills increase with each build, each year. You must get a gratifying feeling each time you find a new way with something you've improved on. Keep it up mate!
5. August, 03:46
Slavo Hazucha
Railings all around & "a bit of rigging" and she should be ready for the final pictures trials :) Looks finished, but I guess there is still a good number of working steps & sessions (careful look at the pics still shows a pin-hole or a space on deck where "something" is clearly bound to arrive, but now it is perhaps at least possible to judge their number... Unless you plan to add "life" & all the stuff going on on board like with the Rodney, I dare hope we get a final reveal soon... And I am really-really looking forward to that!
5. August, 07:43
Michał Karczewski
Can wait for final product. Weathering is nice.
5. August, 09:17
Lode Schildermans
Tom, there is so much nice work here on SCM, one can't see everything. Welcome on board of this journey

Tim, true that I try to improve on each build, which makes sometimes the choice harsh. There are a lot of photos of even more detailed ships, helping me in the search to improve and is what I try to implement in 1/200 scale models. I was thinking of the use of salt techniques on the Nelson, worn out at the end of the war.

Slavo, you've seen it well, I've still all the mushroom vents to do, the rafts, some small hatches to put in place,ladders, etc....and of course, figures to add life to the ship :). So the final reveal will take some more time.

Michal, thank you. I hope by the end of Autumn to reveal the final product
5. August, 19:07
Gary Dahlström
Looking awesome. Your mention of rigging reminded me that I have a bunch of ratlines still to weave on my pirate ghost ship. Add that to the ever-growing list.

How much rigging is on one of these mid-century warships? I see in the photos a couple of halyards on the superstructure and radar mast. Is there much more? Are you running your rigging line over some beeswax before installation? What are you using for line? Kit supplied or a model shipways product?

One of my handiest rigging tools is a couple of sets of alligator forceps. I'm not sure of your exact application, but if your unfamiliar, look at a pic and you'll instantly know if you need a set.

I am really enjoying this build; I'm building vicariously though your album. I was looking at the 1:200 Missouri, and tallying up the score for all the aftermarket goodies. But with three teens still in the house it's all fantasy; I'll have to wait for college to reclaim a room to display it.

Have you ever donated any of your work to a museum? Because, you know, that's where it belongs.

6. August, 01:19
Lode Schildermans
Gary, I use rigging thread of Infini models. Applied with CA glue (just a tiny drop) and I use tweezers to put them in place. Thank you for enjoying the build :). The Mighty Mo is in my stash, but it won't be the next project. Probably HMS Nelson in het BPF camo.

Never considered to donate my ships to a museum, except my own little warship museum ;). Personally, I don't think it has that quality. I've seen better and worse.
8. August, 20:45
Lode Schildermans
Today, I put the last 2 boats in place. Tricky stuff and I ended a bit with mess. So be it. It was the best shot a could give. A bit of rust weathering to camouflage the faults and then see what it gives
8. August, 20:50
Gary Dahlström
The rigging on the davit looks great - where is this "mess" you speak of? Tell me, the boat on the deck, what's it's purpose? It looks a bit like a pleasure craft. Perhaps to shuttle the skipper to shore?

It all looks fantastic. In that last pic I've been groovin' on the trio of searchlights.
9. August, 13:41
Christian Bruer
I have not been on this WIP for a while, so I have to study all the excellent effort you have made. Very very nice work my friend
9. August, 13:50
Lode Schildermans
Thank you Gary. The rigging on the davits is all made of PE. I had an issue with on of the belts broken during installation, so I had to make some repairs which left glue spots :(. What boat are you referring to? There are 13 boats on the deck :) The searchlight are a resin kit (within the Pontos set) They are very detailed. With the liquid chrome for the mirror it gives a nice effect indeed.

Christian, thank you for your nice comment. It's highly appreciated
11. August, 05:08
Lode Schildermans
There seems to be no end on these PE parts. Flag staffs prepared, as the 50ft beam on the port and star board sides
12. August, 20:23
Gary Dahlström
Lode: holy crap, I just noticed all the small craft in pic #228. I had no idea that these leviathans carried so many. I'll rescind the question in order to do my own research on what these were used for. They all look great btw.

So much PE, you must experience a little eye fatigue. What, if any, optical aids do you use? My paying job involves computers, so I wear a pair of Gunnar gaming glasses. I frequently reach for them when working with small bits. They provide a bit of relief from bright lighting and add a bit of magnification. Do you have any tips/tricks for working thru that much PE?
13. August, 00:07
Lode Schildermans
Gary, indeed a lot of small crafts. I'll come later to you with the answer on your first question. PE is indeed magnifiying glasses al the the time. Mine are from HBM, 1,0 to 3,5. Tips and tricks, mmm. Well, I consider them as small projects, each one on on their own. In a final stages, all of them come together in the master project.
25. August, 21:23
Kerry COX
Yes. Your so right Lode. :)
Each PE assembly can be called a 'Kit within a kit' add infinitum.
The most time consuming part of any project, no matter how proficient one becomes at the PE side of this hobby.
This is why Lode has got the reputation he has.
Big salute to those who get it right every time.
25. August, 23:24
Greg Baker
Beautiful as always. I recently bought a 1/700 Fletcher-class Destroyer from Tamiya and had a moment where I considered getting a PE/resin upgrade set... "Lode makes it look so easy!" ;)
26. August, 13:37
Bart Goesaert
Give in to it Greg.... I'm also busy learning to deal with these railings and supersmall details...
26. August, 14:06
Lode Schildermans
Kerry, you make me a bit shy with your most kind comment, and yet with a smile from one ear to the other. Thank you, my friend.

Greg, it looks only easy. Some parts are simple, other complex. Sometimes it fits like a glove, sometimes sweat and curses. But I don't need to convince you that what looks simple, it is often the fruit of many attempts. And sometimes, it is easy ;)

Bart, if they are supersmall, just need just Stronger magnifier glasses :)
26. August, 18:31
Bart Goesaert
Not for the moment yet. I've tried working with these and can't get used to it. So my still trusty eyeball is still up for the job, aided by some clear lights...
26. August, 19:11
James C
I love the angled on bow and stern shots.... really shows off the lines of this beauty quite well. Also, a great start I see on the rigging.
17. September, 19:20
Lode Schildermans
Bart, keep those eyes.
James, thanks for liking my friend. On the other hand, it only appears a great start on the rigging. I had to deal with a lot of issues of parts coming off
18. September, 16:20
James C
Oh bugger. I hope nothings been damaged too seriously :(
18. September, 20:48
Lode Schildermans
All repaired my friend. Only the builder will see the damage done
18. September, 23:18
James C
Good to hear mate... I had feared that something catastrophic might have happened.
19. September, 06:10
Slavo Hazucha
I certainly would not be able to see any faults or lasting damage... I can imagine the work on the rigging & all being a challenge - the whole of the rigging really makes an important overall element in the ships appearance and scale-impression and the different aspects, tensions, sag and realistic appearance are not a trivial topic... But as ever, that casts no doubt on how the result will, in due time, be here! ;)
23. September, 07:51
Lode Schildermans
James, to be honest, it was catastrophical. Half the foremast to pieces. With lot of patience and time, I managed to restore most.

Slavo, fortunately, she's big enough to mask the faults ans damage ;) Well, rigging isn't my favorite part of building, but I try always to go as far as I can. It is the only small part that completely alters the look from a build, to a realistic project. It always surprises me how it does change a ship. HMS Hood doesn't have the easiest rigging scheme, but the result is on its way. It is done for about 80% now. Photos will be posted shortly, mates
23. September, 21:12
Kerry COX
It's unfair of us to expect that every time you tackle some aspect of your ship builds that they will be perfect. :-/
We all know how good you are Lode and, how much effort you make to be as good as you can be.
I just hope that your 'catastrophes' don't get to you and make you doubt yourself.
FYI......I still think there is no one better. ;)
23. September, 22:27
Tim Heimer
Well said Kerry!
24. September, 03:49
Lode Schildermans
Kerry, that is a very nice comment. Thank you for the compliment, which I accept with great attitude, knowing your skills. The thing with PE, is that is rests fragile, even when it is put in place and for some activities, as there is rigging, one touches easily fragile parts. Well, it is part of shipbuilding :)
Thank you for considering me as a talented shipbuilder. very nice to hear, and you've met already some.

Tim, thanks mate
24. September, 09:04
Gary Dahlström
Lode, I beg to differ - I see no "catastrophe." I know the difficulty in midship rigging when all those port and starboard fiddly bits make it difficult to be comfortable when running a line. I doubt a skilled surgeon could've produced better results. It all looks perfect.
26. September, 13:02
Lode Schildermans
Gary, believe, they are there, but you can't see them in the photos. In the meantime, the rigging will be completed today (I hope) apart from some minor details I'll add on later. The result is satisfying, but not spectacular. I hope to add some pictures this evening or tomorrow.
28. September, 09:12
Lode Schildermans
And added some photos with the full rigging without the details though
28. September, 21:14
James C
I thought that the P/E work was intricate enough... but that rigging just adds another level of realism entirely.
Fantastic work mate, and great to see some more progress
29. September, 05:12
Michael Hickey
Love the rigging it looks fantastic.
29. September, 09:47
Kerry COX
What a delight to see all that spider web work of yours Lode. You have got to be so satisfied with what you have achieved.
29. September, 10:20
Slavo Hazucha
It looks fantastic - In my humble opinion, consistency of the whole appearance is even more important than one spectacular detail that imbalances the build and scale-impression - and here we have a consistency on the level that visually practically matches the original - the rigging, ladders, scale thickness of elements & co - very, very pleasing to watch...

Rest assured that if any fails may be instant eye-catchers to you as the builder, always looking at the known error (I know this feeling all too well :D), for us, they remain far invisible in the labyrinth of shapes and details of this epic build...
29. September, 11:20
you may not consider it spectacular, but for most of us, is beyond words.
29. September, 13:38
Lode Schildermans
James, my friend, thank you for being so gentle and polite. PE is intricate, rigging less but more tricky. But it does add another level of realism. It always surprises me that just a few threads can give that effect.

Kerry, mate, it's my pleaure to share the delight with the bunch here. I am satisfied, however, she is not yet complete ;)

Slavo, you've the talent to synthesize in one comment the essence of shipbuilding. I'm very pleased with your comment and you should see the big smile on my face. If the watching pleases my friends, I've done a good job. Thank you

Spanjaard, a littlebit exagerated ( ;) ) but I had to catch up with your (all of you) achievements which improve continuesly at a high level. What a pleasure to be part of such a group of talented builders
29. September, 17:41
Christian Bruer
Your HMS Hood comes out better and better. I much like the painting and weathering as well as the sharp and detailed rigging. I hope to see you and your magnificent work next year :)
4. October, 15:13
Martin Oostrom
Due to a severe Builders Block on my side, I haven't been checking out Scalemates much lately. Just yesterday I did some painting and now I'm catching up here. And to see what I have been missing!

It is pure joy to see you have been chugging along. I just spent over 45 minutes checking out this build from start till the not yet finish.
The last few pictures show a stunningly beautiful model of a famous ship. It takes the rest of the pictures to truly appreciate the workmanship and perseverence and dedication to quality that you're displaying.

You are way too modest in deflecting the rightfully deserved praise. Stand up and be recognised as a marvellous shipbuilder
4. October, 21:02
Lode Schildermans
Christian, thank your for your most kind comment. As for myself, the weathering is the most succeeded part, and despite I dislike rigging, I've never gone such in detail as on the Hood (where the book Anatomy of a ship - HMS Hood was very helpfull with the rigging scheme). First of all, meeting you again next year would be great. I can't promise if she will be there. Such a fragile build, that I have to choose my moment to reveal her to a public. But, if you're next year at Veldhoven, know it is just 50 km from where I live...
8. October, 17:54
Slavo Hazucha
The weathering is done really well & very plausibly - the hull receiving a visibly different degree of maltreatment than parts "farther from the sea" - the attention to such things make her look ever more like a real believable ship... The underwater part is also absolutely convincing. Next issue of the Anatomy of a ship could benefit from these practical examples ;)
8. October, 18:50
Lode Schildermans
Martin, sad to hear you suffer Builders Block. I know the feeling. You're a brave man to spent 45 minutes of your precious time to scroll the HMS Hood album. This is one of the best compliments a builder can get. Probably, I am too modest about my builds, but that is my nature. Don't get me wrong, I am proud of my builds, and I am aware they can stand amongst other fine craftsmen. But there is always space to improve when I see better models, so I try to improve ;) Your compliments are highly appreciated, my friend, and maybe, I should take more credit for my work
8. October, 19:39
David Taylor
Lode you say you dont like rigging.looks perfect to me ,big thumbs up.
8. October, 20:34
Lode Schildermans
David, it is because I do dislike it, that I can't give the best shot. It is tricky business, but I also known the outcome, which is the only drive to do it
8. October, 20:37
David Taylor
As a young apprentice I got all the awkward jobs,all I was told was persevere,persevere it definitely works.
8. October, 20:40
Lode Schildermans
It surely is tha case in shipbuilding, David. Perseverence is a requirement, I guess
8. October, 21:16
Tim Heimer
O.k Lode. After putting on my glasses and admiring your work on this, and watching you build this...the first thing I must say is that your weathering skills on the last few ships have improved so much that this one looks awesome!, the second thing is the rigging job you did. I can see how you might not like it but considering the amount on this ship compared to others you've done, I can see why you don't like it because you know where the short fall are. My advice to you is...stand back and look at it, admire that you made it though that hell and say....anyone who doesn't like it is a son of a B!
9. October, 03:46
amen to that Tim!
9. October, 08:03
9. October, 08:06
Lode Schildermans
Tim, since when do you use glasses ;)? Just kidding. Yeah, I also do like the weathering on this one, and it more and more familiar to me. A part I like. It is not that I dislike that much to do rigging particulary, but the times one has to do it again. It creates glue spots and decreases the possible perfection. That is the real reason. The amount of rigging does satisfy me, my friend, not the overall quality.

I did stand back, and I do agree with you. It is not that bad :). Your last sentence reminds me of one of my favorite movies, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...where Tuco shouts....son on a B :)

I appreciate very much your comment (which is for one time a serious one, ???? )

Spanjaard, you're becoming religious?

Martin, thx. Hope you recover soon from modellers block
10. October, 21:34
God forbid that!! :D :D
10. October, 22:31
Martin Oostrom
It just might happen Lode. I started mt F-86 back in June to get my mojo back. It has done exactly the reverse. I feel like Alan in Two And A Half Men. I try to do the decent/right thing, and somehow it bites me in the a$$.
11. October, 07:46
James C
I recall when I built my A20 Boston I decided to use a single length of EZI line to stretch from the tail to the radio mast behind the cockpit. The process took far longer than it should have, and really turned me off attempting to do it again. That was just ONE length... I can't even contemplate how complicated the rigging was to do on this, but it looks superb!
11. October, 18:47
Tim Heimer
Lode....I still think we're being Hoodwinked! LOL
11. October, 20:34
Lode Schildermans
Spanjaard, I had to know you're not that catholic ;)
Martin, you're back with your super fast build
James, thanks for your appreciation, knowing what rigging is about
Tim, of course you are ;)
13. October, 21:30
incredibly nice. congrats !!
20. October, 21:19
Lode Schildermans
Thank you, Jayjay
20. October, 21:48
Lode Schildermans
Sailors, sailors and more sailors. The scene is in my head, but still a shitload to paint ;)
13. November, 21:22
Martin Oostrom
More like a boatload :D
13. November, 21:25
Lode Schildermans
Indeed. And you didn't see the complete set of sailors, Martin. But some will be painted in white costumes, for HMS Nelson
13. November, 21:52
Greg Baker
Make sure you paint their bootlaces and shirt buttons! ;)
14. November, 08:01
Lode Schildermans
Greg, painting bootlaces would go a bit far, but shirt buttons are painted, you know
14. November, 14:52
James C
Bloody hell! You must have the patience of a saint to even consider trying to paint figures in 1/350 scale! They are going to look amazing once placed aboard.
14. November, 16:48
Lode Schildermans
James, no problem. They are almost twice that size (1/200) but with the next 1/350 build, I'll do probably some figures too
14. November, 17:31
James C
Doh... yeah I meant to say 1/200, but even still that is insane!
14. November, 17:33

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