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Thread started by Plastic Addict

Nathan Dempsey added a new photoalbum.
12 | 29. June 2019, 17:17
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Nathan Dempsey
Wanted to post pictures of this one since Martin is doing the pink Citroen. This one is on hold since my little one threw it across the living room.
29. June 2019, 17:36
Chris Greathouse
What in the holy hand grenades is that? and what's it from? And is scary face legit or added for fun?
29. June 2019, 17:39
Dmitriy Andreeshchev
Looks insane, but I Love it!
29. June 2019, 17:40
Nathan Dempsey
It's from Maschinen Krieger or SF3D for those of you building in the '80s. Chris, I added the face for fun. Thanks Dmitriy! This is based on some artwork by Kow Yokoyama and I started converting it years ago. It sat on the shelf for a very long time and only in the last year or so have I painted it. I was almost to the finish line when my little one broke it.
29. June 2019, 18:06
Chris Greathouse
It's unreal! very cool looking!
29. June 2019, 18:52
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Chris! Athough the camo looks crazy it's based on what some British vehicles used in North Africa in WW2.
29. June 2019, 19:51
Chris Greathouse
I love the propulsion system, very interesting spread of jets. Also, when this was subjected to the offspring terrorist attack :P :P What was broken, is it salvagable? or is this how it's going to be forever more?
29. June 2019, 20:59
Nathan Dempsey
The whole landing gear structure on the far side was broken and/or missing. I'll probably have to scratch (re) build it.
29. June 2019, 21:23
Martin Oostrom
Some added battle damage can make an interesting diorama.
Camo is based on the ones worn by the Matilda's?
29. June 2019, 21:47
Chris Greathouse
Just put it up on blocks in front of a redneck mobile home diorama.... It'll fit right in... and would explain scary face too :P
29. June 2019, 22:00
Nathan Dempsey
I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet. Having it broken was a huge mojo killer (on all my projects).

Martin: I actually first saw this camo on a Long Range Desert Group Ford or Chevy truck.
30. June 2019, 04:52
Martin Oostrom
I wonder how well the pink worked in the desert. Can you imagine the military in the 40's: "Sarge, I have an idea. Let's paint our stuff pink!" That must have ruined some sergeants morning tea!
30. June 2019, 08:27
Nathan Dempsey
From what I understand it worked quite well. I think once they realized that, the loud colors didn't matter much.
30. June 2019, 14:22
Nathan Dempsey
Added a few more pictures. Two are the ones from the art book where I got the idea and the last image is the gun I was scratch building for underneath.
30. June 2019, 16:22
Slavo Hazucha
The face and the pink underbelly look like some of the inside-out turned mutations from "The Thing" Kurt Russel movie... :)
30. June 2019, 18:03
Nathan Dempsey
One of my favorite movies by the way... perhaps it was subconscious. Still much work to be done on the bottom. The pictures show the first of the oil washes.
30. June 2019, 18:47
Nathan Dempsey
Yep! Chris thought is was just yanking his chain about that pink. :P
11. July 2019, 02:14
Torsten Wendt
Strange painting 8)
9. November 2019, 15:14
Nathan Dempsey
Just a bit of fun :) Thanks for posting to this one, as it has reminded me that I really need to repair that landing skid and finish it.
10. November 2019, 00:22
Alex Murphy
Once you weather it, it'll look great. Intense colors, ruined by the elements is a MaK hallmark!
10. November 2019, 03:25
Slavo Hazucha
Happy to see this one will get a chance... This thing absolutely convinced me that the scariest ever camo-color seen from a soldier on the ground perspective could be "freshly gutted entrails pink"... The chaotic technical layout adds the rest... ;)
2. December 2019, 11:17
Nathan Dempsey
After completing my last project and still trying to decide on the next I realized this needed to be repaired and completed. I worked a bit this morning and added the two main braces. Photo added as well. I've decided I'm going to try and make my actual repairs look like an in-field replacement by finishing it in a different color than the rest of the build.
7. January, 18:06
Very cool! I'm glad you decided to return to this build!
8. January, 03:50
Torsten Wendt
That's 8), like the model
8. January, 09:18
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks JD & Torsten!

I finished one of the secondary braces last night and should attach the main landing gear today. The skid was the only surviving part and I'm happy I won't have to scratch-build it :)
8. January, 17:18
Nathan Dempsey
Another pic added of continued repair work. Kit parts have been added to the newly made structure.
10. January, 18:44
10. January, 18:45
10. January, 18:46
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks MoJo & Markus :)

Its nice to finally see the finish line.
10. January, 23:43
11. January, 13:02
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Torsten!
11. January, 17:48
Nathan Dempsey
The new strut is going to the paint shop today. Some primer then the selected color FS30277 which felt like a standard Ma.K color :)
12. January, 20:45
Nathan Dempsey
Well the new strut is on and painted. Now just a bit more weathering on the overall build, then a flat coat.
13. January, 20:46
Stefan Schacht
very nice
13. January, 20:49
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Stefan :)

Today I'm going to concentrate on finishing up the laser gun.
14. January, 14:47

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