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Nathan Dempsey added a new photoalbum.
34 | 14. January 2019, 23:31
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Nathan Dempsey
Finally had some time for this project. Mated the wings to the fuselage & added raised rivets. Next will be sanding the mated areas up to 12,000 grit and rescribing.
15. January 2019, 00:35
Clifford Keesler
I built this one about 2 years ago. Nice choice of Decals.
15. January 2019, 00:38
Erik Leijdens
Interesting Nathan! I started this kit too a couple of months ago but unfortunately it's on hold now since my Expert choice decals disintegrated when applying them! Hope you have more luck with since Expert choice is the only game in town for F-94 decals.
15. January 2019, 09:52
Nathan Dempsey
What markings were you doing Erik? I have a spare set of decals (set #1 and #2). I want to do the first MiG shoot-down, which means I'll have to cobble together using set 2. If you want set #1 (48-34) let me know.

15. January 2019, 12:59
Erik Leijdens
Hi Nathan, I had chosen the red "Hells Angels" livery.. The #1 set would be very welcome! So I can finally finish it..[img1]
15. January 2019, 21:00
Nathan Dempsey
PM me your address and I'll ship it out.
16. January 2019, 01:44
Nathan Dempsey
Had time to work on the ejection seats today. Uploaded a pic.
17. January 2019, 01:22
Erik Leijdens
They look great Nathan 👍
17. January 2019, 22:18
Clifford Keesler
Agree with Erik, they look great.
17. January 2019, 22:22
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks guys! These were the resin seats from the KMC cockpit set for the T-33. The etch seats from the Reheat set looked really clunky and were quickly tossed in the bin (I did put them in the recycle bin!).
18. January 2019, 01:37
Clifford Keesler
Yea I think the F-80, F-94 and T-33 all used the same seat. I used a resin cockpit on mine, but do not remember who made it. I did the version on the Box Art.
18. January 2019, 02:17
Nathan Dempsey
Ahh some good news! Just found the Caracal 48003 F-94 Buzz Numbers. This will make it so much easier to finish the kit in the markings I want.
20. January 2019, 16:38
Nathan Dempsey
Buzz numbers arrived late yesterday which inspired more work. Built the wing-tip tanks, added the Reheat etch fuel ports, and primed.
7. February 2019, 14:19
Clifford Keesler
Looking good.
8. February 2019, 00:32
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Clifford! Finished the landing gear last night and added some etch to the canopy.
23. February 2019, 14:41
Nathan Dempsey
Keeping the good mojo here in the 50s era I'm going to finally complete this build. I've changed my mind about the markings and have reflected that on the project image.

Today I installed the seats & the radar operator's hood. I also added a baseplate for a reflector gun-sight.
25. March, 21:10
Maciej Bellos
Looking good!
25. March, 21:55
Erik Leijdens
Nice Nathan!! Mine still resides proudly in the display cabinet with your decals 🙂
25. March, 22:06
Clifford Keesler
Looking really nice Nathan. Where did you find the re-heat detail set?. I have the Hobby Craft F-94A and F-94B and the Kitty Hawk F-94C.
26. March, 00:01
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Maciej, Erik & Clifford!

Erik: I love that build. It was so nice to see those markings brought to life.

Clifford: I bought them from the Reheat table at an IPMS Nationals many years ago. Bought several things 😄
26. March, 00:42
26. March, 00:54
Clifford Keesler
I think I have that set of decals for mine also. Are they the Experts Choice set?
26. March, 00:56
Nathan Dempsey
Yes, one set is Expert's Choice. I only need the yellow stripe for the tail out of that set.
26. March, 01:01
Nathan Dempsey
Today I attached the rear stabilizers and finished the gunsight in the cockpit. Next up will be getting the canopy attached. I haven't decided if I want the canopy open or closed.
26. March, 20:08
Clifford Keesler
Nice gun sight. With all that detail in the cockpit, it would be a shame to close it up.
27. March, 04:48
Nathan Dempsey
I agree Clifford. However, after much test fitting I just could not get the innner sill and locking mechanisms to line up on the canopy. Also, the piston that pushes up the canopy was at a wonky angle once everything else was semi-close to fitting.

Good news though. I spent last evening giving the canopy some 12000 grit sanding, then a Future dip and it is so clear now that you can easily see everything in the cockpit.
27. March, 15:14
Sebastian Meyner
Following with great intrest :)
27. March, 15:15
Nathan Dempsey
Welcome aboard Sebastian 👍

Today's work has just been attachment of a couple of small parts in the cockpit & much preparation for the primer & paint.
28. March, 13:01
Nathan Dempsey
Canopy is attached and an undercoat of gloss black that should show for the interior when painting is completed.
31. March, 14:16
Clifford Keesler
Looking nice sir.
31. March, 23:41
Nathan Dempsey
Thank you very much Clifford 🙂

I was able to get everything primed and ready for paint.
1. April, 00:03
Roland Gunslinger
Oh, i missed this one. Very nice cockpit 👍
3. April, 19:51
Patryk S.
Following! Looking great so far!
3. April, 19:56
James C
Tidy work Nathan. Looking awesome 👍
3. April, 20:08
Clifford Keesler
Agree with James, awesome.
4. April, 00:39
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Roland, Patryk, James & Clifford!!

The AK Xtreme Metal has cured and today I'm hoping to get enough time to add a clear coat and maybe some shading.
4. April, 14:21
Nathan Dempsey
Added some layers of AK Xtreme Metal to darken the exhaust area. First was Dark Aluminum, then Burnt Metal.
5. April, 19:13
Jos Jansen
Shiny work...👍!
5. April, 19:40
Clifford Keesler
Nice metal work.
6. April, 00:46
Erik Leijdens
The AK turned out great Nathan. It's a very durable paint, I masked it off just minutes after I sprayed it on, didn't affect the paint at all!
6. April, 12:03
Nathan Dempsey
Thank you Jos, Clifford, and Erik!

I agree Erik!! The AK paint is amazing. I think of all the years this kit sat half-complete because I was too terrified to try a natural metal finish. While this one isn't perfect, the paint is forgiving enough for me to learn and get a little better each time.
6. April, 12:48
Erik Leijdens
Same here! I popped my NMF cherry on the F-94 too 😄
6. April, 13:08
Nathan Dempsey
Added the anti glare panel today.
7. April, 13:51
Nathan Dempsey
I must say that I'm pleased with the way the blue came out on the fuel tanks. Tamiya XF-8
7. April, 18:42
James C
That's some impressive paint masking Nathan 👍
7. April, 18:45
Nathan Dempsey
Thank you James! The F-89 gave me fits with all the stripes, and this was plain relaxing by comparison😄
7. April, 18:55
Clifford Keesler
It sure looks great. I ordered some AK extreme metal paints yesterday. Looking forward to trying them. I have a boat load of Alclad II, but have not worked up the courage to try it. Maybe on one of my T-33's.
8. April, 01:28
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Clifford 🙂

I haven't tried the Alclad since I'm kinda hooked on the AK stuff.
8. April, 16:06
Roland Gunslinger
Very nice paint/mask -ing job 👍
8. April, 16:25
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Roland!

More masking today. I painted some anti-glare on the wingtip fuel tanks. I also spent a while masking off the wing-walk areas and will paint that this evening.
8. April, 20:17
Nathan Dempsey
Wing walks completed. Although these are included in the Experts-Choice decal set (2 sets on the sheet) I decided to paint them on to get the full contrast the ultra-matte finish of the Tamiya XF-1 Flat Black.
9. April, 18:56
James C
That's looking really sharp Nathan 👍
9. April, 18:57
Clifford Keesler
Looking awesome there sir.
10. April, 02:39
Erik Leijdens
Those tanks are great! Sharp masking!
10. April, 06:56
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks very much James, Clifford & Erik!!

Today the decal application has begun. When I applied the unit insignia, it ended in a change. The Caracal set has a much more detailed unit insignia, but when compared to the darker blue on the tanks is much too light. I ended up using the less detailed but more color correct unit insignia out of the Experts Choice set. Don't get me wrong, the Caracal set is mega awesome. In fact I bought another F-94 to do one of the A models on that sheet.
10. April, 18:31
Clifford Keesler
Where can I find that Caracal sheet Nathan?
11. April, 01:48
Donald Dickson II
Jumping in late. Looks great!
11. April, 02:58
Nathan Dempsey
The decals are complete. Now just attaching the landing gear doors & tires as these were quite fragile. Hopefully I'll get some pictures up tomorrow of the completed build.
13. April, 01:18
Clifford Keesler
Looking forward to that.
13. April, 01:26
Nathan Dempsey
Sorry for the delay, but I found a few more very small parts that I had to install. Two small bumps on the tail and the pitot just in front of the front landing gear. I also found a decent amount of PSP plating in the stash and I'm considering making a base.
14. April, 15:10
Clifford Keesler
That would be cool.
15. April, 00:08
Nathan Dempsey
I decided to upload the completed pictures here. That PSP base is going to take WAY too long to finish. Enjoy!
15. April, 20:26
James C
You don't see very many builds from this era. Very nicely done Nathan 👍
15. April, 20:28
Patryk S.
Fantastic result! Congratulations!
15. April, 20:31
Roland Gunslinger
Another beauty to add to the collection. Everything brought out of the kit. Lovely build, very nice 👍 Congrats!
15. April, 20:33
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks James, Patryk & Roland !!!

I'm glad this one was finally finished after all this time.
15. April, 23:21
16. April, 01:20
Guillaume Blanchet
Nice work! It's a beauty.
16. April, 01:28
Clifford Keesler
Beautiful build Nathan. Well done.
16. April, 01:46
Maciej Bellos
Fantastic result Nathan. Well done!
16. April, 03:17
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks very much Donald, Guillaume, Clifford & Maciej 🙂

Now for the opponent build: La-9
16. April, 11:11
Sebastian Meyner
Now that's a good looking bird 👍 Well done Nathan!
16. April, 11:34
Christoph Schnarr
Very nice model 👍
16. April, 16:16
Ben M
just beautiful.
16. April, 18:32
Eric Thornton
That's lovely, nice job!
16. April, 18:34
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Sebastian, Christoph, Ben & Eric! Also, thanks to all the likes from everyone 😀.

I'm glad everyone is enjoying this old Hobbycraft kit.
16. April, 21:00
Jos Jansen
Nice work Nathan...!
17. April, 18:25
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Jos!
I'm going to hang out in the 50s for a bit.
17. April, 20:37
Erik Leijdens
Fantastic end result Nathan! The NMF is great and it's a colourful bird!!
22. April, 04:15
Nathan Dempsey
Thank you very much Erik 🙂 I had great inspiration from your build.
22. April, 12:26
Rui S
Nice bird 👍
24. April, 14:17
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Rui!
24. April, 17:36

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