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Thread started by bughunter

On the HLJ page is stated "This item is discontinued and is not expected to come back into stock."
What might be the background for this?
Lockheed Martin
F-35A Lightning II
Tamiya 1:48
61124 2022 New tool
3 January, 08:56
Could it be a rights issue? On the Tamiya home page nothing is mentioned.
3 January, 17:51
I asked HLJ and they answered quickly:

"Unfortunately this means that we have taken as many orders as we expect to be able to fill with the amount of product we're likely to receive. Even if we were to accept additional orders at this time, we would not be able to fill them.

There's a chance that the manufacturer may re-release the item, but at this time we unfortunately have no news regarding a reissue."

Interest seems greater than the first edition ...
4 January, 07:15
wow, I find hard to believe Tamiya won't capitalize on this massive success and re-release even in different version/configuration
4 January, 08:03
Roland Revolvermann
That thing is just ugly 😄 I actually know some who buy ALL new but skip the F-35. Every F-35.
We also had the much cheaper Meng F-35. Here in Germany the Tamiya costs €90+ and the Meng was sometimes available for less than €40. Yes, Meng isn't as good as Tamiya, but it's still a very good and modern kit.

For me, €90 is a price I'm just not willing to pay for a 48 model kit anymore. Especially since there really isn't much to an F-35.

I think Tamiya knows very well that the market for an F-35 is nowhere near as big as for an F-14 or F-4.
4 January, 08:28
Well Roland with a wishlist of 554 and still counting i have to say that it's not that bad with the F-35's market in scale 1/48. I do agree with you that the F-35 is ugly especially when it looks like the one on the Tamiya box.
5 January, 12:36

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