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1:48 Grumman HU-16 Albatross

Timeline for RVHP (48038) Grumman HU-16B Albatross

Decals for two USAF Versions 354th TFW and Camo SAR from Da Nang

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Grumman HU-16E Albatross (RVHP 48046) Grumman SA-16A Albatross (RVHP 48035) Grumman UF-1 Albatross (RVHP 48036) Grumman HU-16B Albatross (RVHP 48038) Grumman HU-16D Albatross (RVHP 48045) Grumman HU-16B/ASW Albatross (RVHP 48048) Grumman HU-16B/ASW Albatross (RVHP 480487)

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