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SR-71 Blackbird

Revell | No. 04967 | 1:48

Boxart SR-71 Blackbird 04967 Revell


Title:SR-71 Blackbird
Type:Full kit
Status:Future 2021 | Initial release - new tool
Barcode:4009803049670 (EAN)
Topic:Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird » Jets (Aircraft)

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1:48 SR-71 Blackbird (Revell 04967)
New tool



Alternative SKUs for Revell 04967: RV-04967

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1:48 U-2R Dragon Lady (HobbyBoss 81740)1:48 SR-71 Blackbird (Revell 04967)1:48 KC-135 Stratotanker (ID Models )4+
Northrop T-38A-55-NO Talon
US Military US Air Force (1947-now)
1 RS, 9 RW 64-13301
2010 - Beale AFB, CA
1:48 SR-71 Blackbird (Testors 7584)1:48 SR-71 Blackbird Cockpit Detail Set (True Details 48478)1:48 SR-71 Blackbird : Part 1 (Caracal Models CD48100)4+
1:48 SR-71 Blackbird (Revell 04967)
1:48 SR-71 Blackbird (Revell 04967)

News Feed

Thomas Mayer
Four mates marked this kit as being in their stash. A kit that still has not been available! NOW I am curious...
2 | 20. December 2020, 09:02
Kelly Pedron
YES! It's about time someone (besides Italeri/Testors) came out with a 1/48 SR! The Italeri/Testors SR is okay (I've built two of them so far), but the molds ARE 40 years old!
2 | 5. August 2020, 01:27
Aaron Bennett
Uh oh, the value of my Testors SR-71 kits and accessories stash just took a nose-dive!
5. August 2020, 02:28
Slavo Hazucha
This is on my wishlist since it got announced in Nurenberg this year... :)

Aaron - probably time to hit the e-bay button before everyone get´s the news... But then - it says new tool 2021, but who knows...
5. August 2020, 08:41
I'm hoping to use it and Older ones to bash good builds.. who knows.
5. August 2020, 12:46
Jeremy Wiltcher
Hopefully they do an A-12 and a YF-12 as well.
5. August 2020, 13:11
Aaron Bennett
I'm really excited about it, but you're right, now may be the time to part with some of it. This is always a risk as a model collector I guess. A new tool bringing down the value of a once sought after kit. This has happened quite a bit to me recently. Trumpeter with their 1/48 Whirlwind really dropped the value of my Classic Airframes kits , Academy's 1/48 Huckbein took my AMTech kits way down, Modelcollects 1/72 B2 hurt my Testors stash, and now this. Please know I'm complaining at all here, I love new releases, just an interesting aspect of modeling.
5. August 2020, 14:42
Awesome, now I can't wait for the "SR-17"! xD
22. May 2020, 17:30
jimmy christy
revell is usually terrible with part fitting so this bette help there image or im getting a big revell poster and shooting it with a nerf gun
29. June 2020, 14:41
Daniel Campos
Please Revell, PLEASE don't screw up on this one...
14. May 2020, 12:14
Slavo Hazucha wants this item
16. March 2020, 11:34
Slavo Hazucha
Something to stay calm & count days for... ;)
16. March 2020, 11:36
Lode Schildermans
Now this is a bird I'd like to build by you. I liked the Aardvark a lot, and even saw it from very close 30 years ago, but it doesn't match the Blackbird (from a shape point of view, not what you'll make of it. Your talent makes even an ugly duck a swan)
16. March 2020, 22:58
Greg Solomon
And I just bought two 1/48 kits at an estate auction too...
20. March 2020, 23:46
Slavo Hazucha
Would have done the same given the chance... What were the odds for a 48-scale Blackbird coming...

Lode thanks mate, I am already imagining some new techniques & experiments to try out on this, heat-matted black color, fuel streaks... ;)
21. March 2020, 11:15
Lode Schildermans
Slavo, just what the blackbird needs :)
21. March 2020, 16:45
Günther Decock
Dag Slavo, een van de mooiste vliegtuigen in de geschiedenis. Ik ga zeker met veel plezier uitkijken naar uw vorderingen.
10. April 2020, 12:31
Slavo Hazucha
Hallo Günther - ik ben het er helemaal mee eens - ik hoop alleen dat het vroeg in 2021 uitkomt en op mijn bescheiden bankje past ... :)
11. April 2020, 17:02
Peter Hardy
Thought I'd pick up Brian Shul's Sled Driver book 'cause I have a passing interest. I didn't and now regret not buying 50!
12. April 2020, 09:58
12. April 2020, 10:12
Slavo Hazucha
@ Peter - The things we don't buy... You can still have a used one for 470$ or a new one fore 700... :D

As for the video - If only I could have such conversations with the Austrian highway police... ;)
12. April 2020, 13:23
Augie wants this item
31. January 2020, 14:44
Clifford Keesler
I am looking forward to this one. But it will probally be 2023 by the time it gets to the states LOL.
23. February 2020, 01:16
Nathan Dempsey
Perhaps I should save my Caracal decal set for this kit...
23. February 2020, 01:49
Clifford Keesler
A 1:48 SR-71 is just going to be awesome. Wish they would do YF-12.
23. February 2020, 04:22
looks like nice build
23. February 2020, 05:58
Heres hoping.

Clifford, might be able to graft a old italeri yf-12 nose on.. maybe
23. February 2020, 10:30
Clifford Keesler
Yea, if you can get ahold of one. They are crazy expensive on Evil-Bay. LOL.
23. February 2020, 19:47
Well I can try and get a mold of my YF-12 :) then you wont need to
23. February 2020, 20:10
Clifford Keesler
Sounds good.
23. February 2020, 21:39
Will let ya know how I get on :)
23. February 2020, 21:43
23. February 2020, 21:44
Christian Ristits
Holy Sh***! What a great outlook to 2021 ;)
31. January 2020, 08:35
Konrad Limmer
Yesssss! That looks promising ;)!
31. January 2020, 12:20
Henk Haveman
It will be huge too!
31. January 2020, 12:22
Soeren .
I hope it will be better than their F/A-18 in 32....
31. January 2020, 12:25
Jeremy Wiltcher
I'm definitely looking forward to this one too, And I agree hopefully it goes much better than the 1/32 F/A-18E, and on time!
31. January 2020, 12:34
New tool 1:48 scale SR-71? Way to go, Revell! But please, please don't botch this up like the 1:32 scale F-18...
29. January 2020, 21:14

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