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SR-71 Blackbird

Revell | No. 04967 | 1:48

Boxart SR-71 Blackbird 04967 Revell


SR-71 Blackbird
Full kit
2021 | Initial release - new tool
4009803049670 (EAN)
Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird » Jets (Aircraft)
Contents SR-71 Blackbird 04967 Revell

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Project: SR-71 Blackbird
1:48 SR-71 Blackbird (Testors 7584)1:48 SR-71 Blackbird Cockpit Detail Set (True Details 48478)1:48 SR-71 Blackbird : Part 1 (Caracal Models CD48100)4+


News Feed

Wrong scale. 1/72 is standart scale. No one need this useless huge 1/48.
27. August, 20:54
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Dawid Branski
Revell's glamour shots of SR-71 and Razor crest look really terrible.
24. October, 13:32
Well whats useless to one person is anothers gold, i'll be having 5 and I'll enjoy building them all.. as thats my scale.. dont like it, keep your opinions to yourself.
24. October, 13:50
I like the last sentence 👍
24. October, 14:50
Eduardo Arguijo
I allready have my razor crest on back order. Looking forward to it
24. October, 23:18
Alessandro Pettinacci
Just because you don't want it does't mean everyone else should not be allowed to have it. Don't like it, don't buy it. Many people prefer langer models for various reasons. There is no standard scale or the right or wrong scale, there's just what you like.
25. October, 11:02
Chris H.
The kit is already on the Revell homepage. 205 parts, 89,90 Euros.
22. August, 19:12
Thomas Mayer
Four mates marked this kit as being in their stash. A kit that still has not been available! NOW I am curious...
2 | 20. December 2020, 09:02
Dieter Leemans
LOL indeed, I think they mean wish list haha
23. April, 10:25
Markus Antonius
happens all the time with kits that are not yet released... there is at least one guy who has it in his stash.
23. April, 10:39
Thomas Mayer
Maybe to make the others jealous... :-D
24. April, 14:42
Thorsten Ungerechts
Maybe big thumps? Happens to me sometimes. But when I see it I change it and put it to the wishlist.
9. August, 21:35
Kelly Pedron
YES! It's about time someone (besides Italeri/Testors) came out with a 1/48 SR! The Italeri/Testors SR is okay (I've built two of them so far), but the molds ARE 40 years old!
2 | 5. August 2020, 01:27
Aaron Bennett
Uh oh, the value of my Testors SR-71 kits and accessories stash just took a nose-dive!
5. August 2020, 02:28
Slavo Hazucha
This is on my wishlist since it got announced in Nurenberg this year... 🙂

Aaron - probably time to hit the e-bay button before everyone get´s the news... But then - it says new tool 2021, but who knows...
5. August 2020, 08:41
I'm hoping to use it and Older ones to bash good builds.. who knows.
5. August 2020, 12:46
Jeremy Wiltcher
Hopefully they do an A-12 and a YF-12 as well.
5. August 2020, 13:11
Aaron Bennett
I'm really excited about it, but you're right, now may be the time to part with some of it. This is always a risk as a model collector I guess. A new tool bringing down the value of a once sought after kit. This has happened quite a bit to me recently. Trumpeter with their 1/48 Whirlwind really dropped the value of my Classic Airframes kits , Academy's 1/48 Huckbein took my AMTech kits way down, Modelcollects 1/72 B2 hurt my Testors stash, and now this. Please know I'm complaining at all here, I love new releases, just an interesting aspect of modeling.
5. August 2020, 14:42
Pero Susinger
I never thought of my kits as an investment. 😄
24. April, 10:09
Gerry Sinks
Hello new guy here.
Has anyone heard anything new about this release?
Maybe delayed due to COVID?
20. February, 22:42
It will be out in October.
6. March, 19:44
Awesome, now I can't wait for the "SR-17"! xD
22. May 2020, 17:30
jimmy christy
revell is usually terrible with part fitting so this bette help there image or im getting a big revell poster and shooting it with a nerf gun
29. June 2020, 14:41
Daniel Campos
Please Revell, PLEASE don't screw up on this one...
14. May 2020, 12:14
Christian Ristits
Holy Sh***! What a great outlook to 2021 😉
31. January 2020, 08:35
Konrad Limmer
Yesssss! That looks promising😉!
31. January 2020, 12:20
Henk Haveman
It will be huge too!
31. January 2020, 12:22
Soeren .
I hope it will be better than their F/A-18 in 32....
31. January 2020, 12:25
Jeremy Wiltcher
I'm definitely looking forward to this one too, And I agree hopefully it goes much better than the 1/32 F/A-18E, and on time!
31. January 2020, 12:34
New tool 1:48 scale SR-71? Way to go, Revell! But please, please don't botch this up like the 1:32 scale F-18...
29. January 2020, 21:14

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

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