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B-52G U.S.A.F

Stratofortress Strategic Bomber

Modelcollect | No. UA72202 | 1:72

Boxart B-52G U.S.A.F UA72202 Modelcollect


B-52G U.S.A.F Stratofortress Strategic Bomber
Full kit
2018 New parts
4589913215467 (EAN)
Boeing B-52 Stratofortress » Jets (Aircraft)


Boeing B-52 Stratofortress

Boeing B-52G Stratofortress
US US Air Force (1947-now)

Box contents

Plastic sprue, Photoetched fret, Decalsheet (waterslide)

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(Model Aircraft Monthly Vol 19 Issue 11)
Model Aircraft Monthly | Vol 19 Issue 11
English (TOC: 9 lines)
November 2020


The 64 people that have this kit on their wishlist may want to read all of my comments below about this kit before you buy! I won't buy any other boxings of these future kits until i know if they have the correct configuration of the model in the box!
19 August 2018, 15:32
GUYS READ THE INFORMATION ATTACHED IF YOU INTEND BUYING THIS KIT!!!!! Considering how long this kit has been in getting here. You think it would be correct! Think again... 🙁
21 August 2018, 03:11
Calvin Gifford
Looks like I am going to wait until they (hopefully) revise the tooling!
10 December 2018, 07:17
Yes this is so annoying. Now they get the second release wrong also. With the late model B-52H still fitted with the Vulcan 20mm tail gun (No long tail ECM parts) and yet giving you only the AGM-129 cruise missiles! The tail code decals look way too big also. I don't believe them when they say they will make a fix to the incorrect parts and supply them free of charge? How are we suppose to get them?
That's why I'm telling everyone, Hopefully if people don't buy them then they will be forced to fix it in order to sell them. I thought by now they would have sorted out the mistake they made on the first release. BOYCOTT BUYING THE B-52's. Don't get me wrong i like the kit but i would like it a lot more if they got it 100% right. I shouldn't have to wait for a fix to build it nor should i have to buy a correction set from someone else. 🙁
11 December 2018, 00:50
Calvin Gifford
Like many manufacturers, they are probably betting on the fact that many people either won't know the difference or won't care enough for them to actually fix the tooling.
11 December 2018, 02:49
I hope these kits aren't a disappointment. I have one on the way from Hong Kong as i write this. The photos I've seen of the test shots look O.K. yea just O.K. nothing to get excited about though really, The detail looks a bit sparse. And no real improvement on the AMT now Italeri kits. And ONLY ONE CHOICE OF MARKINGS! really? Seems to me they are going to milk these kits as hard as they can by changing very little such as weapons and only one choice of markings in every boxing. The B-2 is good but the weapons look very average and only one choice of bombs that appear poorly detailed. They have a weapons set planned for release (more money!) really for kits like this there should be 3 or 4 decal options and GOOD WEAPONS included! The next boxing of the B-2 is listed on HobbyLink Japan (with a different bomb) for a pretty steep price! I'm loosing interest in these pretty quickly ):
4 August 2018, 03:14
The B-52G Just arrived to my work! I must say it looks pretty good. Nice crisp molding, Like the old AMT one but a bit sharper as far as detail goes. Good cockpit detail and the weapons bay is well detailed too with a rotary launcher for 8 missiles. They include 20 x AGM-86 and 9 x AGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missiles. A bit of a odd amount but you could put 8 AGM-109 on the rotary launcher and 12 x AGM-86 under the wing pylons i guess? The landing gear detail is nice too good wheels etc. But only one set of markings in a kit of this size is a bit disappointing, but there is quite a few aftermarket options around. The markings are for Old Crow Express 57-6492. I 'm not a fan of the way they did the cockpit windows though i would prefer a one piece flight deck with the windscreen but they made the tiny windows on top separate parts with a one piece U shape windscreen to slide into place (this makes it harder to hide glue on the small top windows!) But overall looks pretty good, There is some large ejector pin legs hanging off the rear side of the wing panels they will trim off without any problems. Overall pretty nice! If you don't have a AMT/Italeri release you might want one of these big BUFFs 🙂
13 August 2018, 06:55
Just looking at the profile of this kit and someone has added a comment that the decal option in this kit is incorrect for the parts included in the kit? Can you explain what is incorrect who ever wrote this? I think it must be something to do with the "tail gun section" maybe? or is it the fact it has AGM-86 cruise missiles and needs wing root extensions?
19 August 2018, 13:53
Here's the answer!
The kit has a couple of errors that need fixing to make the version on the decal sheet here's a link to a full list of the issues.

scroll down till you see the entry about the modelcollect kit!

here's what is says.

The kit is completely engraved. The parts are split nearly similar like in Italeri kits. The kit UA72202 has one big problems. The box art shows plane with "wing root extensions" and ALCM pylons for AGM-86C missiles, BUT the kit contains only the ALCM pylons and AGM-86 missiles, but the front fuselage parts are missing the "wing root extensions" !!! The decals in the kit are for 57-6492 "Old Crow Express", which you can not build from the kit as the real plane had "wing root extensions" and AGM-28 pylons (both missing from the kit)
The kit contains tail section from "D" version.
19 August 2018, 15:04
So once AGAIN a new kit with problems!!!! NOT GOOD ENOUGH and a bad mistake for a new company to make. But having said that it is still a better kit than the AMT / Italeri one in the sense of a full bomb bay (AMT kit is sealed up below with no detail) plus the flight deck is much better detail in this kit too. So we have to scratchbuild the wing root extensions and the 40 inch tailplug (That's in some AMT boxings) to get this looking right. Maybe someone will do a resin correction kit for it! How about it Barracuda!!!! you guys did a great job of the B-1B update kits for the Revell/Monogram kit.
19 August 2018, 15:17

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