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2021 | Initial release - new tool
Saab 37 Viggen » Jets (Aircraft)

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I'm hopping on this one or I will try to, taking imo a risk with some new things like 3d printed parts + resin. Hopefully the clear parts look good. Stuff is also in production so afaik nobody has gotten their kit yet.
Cool, big beast in 1:32. Will defenitely follow
30. August, 15:41
According to LSP forum, some people have recently gotten their kit from the first batch run. I placed an order for the second batch, and the second batch is said to start deliveries in Jan 2022 iirc.
30. August, 18:24
G.F Constantine
Have been told mine will be towards mid-late October. Cannot wait.🙏 Looks like a lot of prep work with parts separation and cleanup, but detail looks fantastic. Clear resin looks good....may try to make a vacuform if I'm not ecstatic over the canopy. All time favorite Jet.
7. October, 19:33
I think I learned recently that the resin, was said to be specifically uv resistant to some degree as an improvement to plain resin as I understand it, such that the clear resin doesn't yellow that easily, but I think it maybe was said that one ought to not keep the model in direct sunlight, like I guess, just next to a window.

The large resin parts, are hollow parts afaik, so no solid blocks of heavy resin.

I will try clean up the 3d printed parts a little, by a combination of scraping, sanding and adding diluted vallejo putty that self level, but have poor filling power. I honestly don't know how this will turn out, but I think I can improve on the 3d printed parts, as they obviously aren't as smooth as typical injection moulded plastic.

My initial impression from looking at the photos other's have shown, I am glad I hopped onto this. I think I will make either a metal skin Viggen, or, maybe, a white colored one.
8. October, 09:55
G.F Constantine
Yeah, if I had two(😍) I would do a splinter camo for sure, but since I get one shot at this it, will be the more typical(but worn and weathered) two tone grey scheme. The 3D parts really do look quite nice. It will be a blessing if the resin doesn't involve those really heavy duty casting block connections.
8. October, 18:45
Erik No
Since last week there is an unboxing video, is already linked here under the kit. Looks great, especially the tail is awesome.

What I don't like is that, for example, the fuselage parts are supposed to be butt glued. I'm also worried about the landing gear. I question if the printed parts will safely support the weight?

I have no idea when mine will arrive, but I'm excited as hell. 😄
No question, it must be the splinter camo! The masks from DN-Models are already here. 😉

9. October, 10:30
I think I remember that the devs said that they tested the weight of the landing gear, and iirc they tested with something like an additional kilo of weight before the landing gear finally gave in.

As for the fuselage parts, I think I might explore using custom guide pins, to avoid stressing with the work of gluinging the big parts together, and maybe reinforcing the glue work this way by adding guiding pins, to avoid simply gluing two butt sides together (no idea if the glue could ever come undone. I think super glue is bad against shear forces, so if you bump a model into a table, perhaps two previoulsy glued parts might snap off each other.

Heh, I learned recently that, if you press two parts together, gluing with super glue, it goes hard surprisingly fast, probably because the surface area of the glue becomes thin as opposed to being a ball of liquid. I will make sure to never ever use a large blog of superglue, unless, the two parts are already in good contact (as if relying on capillary reaction for the glue to seep inwards).

I wonder how super glue debonder will react to resin (!). Seems to me that, debonder will soften injection moulded plastic (which is unfortunate).
9. October, 13:04

Saab 37 Viggen

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