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M65 280mm Atomic Cannon

"Atomic Annie"

I Love Kit | No. 63522 | 1:35

Boxart M65 280mm Atomic Cannon 63522 I Love Kit


Brand:I Love Kit
Title:M65 280mm Atomic Cannon "Atomic Annie"
Type:Full kit
Released:2019 | Initial release - new tool
Barcode:9580208635224 (EAN)
Packaging:Rigid box (Top opener)
Topic:M65 280 mm Atomic Cannon » Cannons (Guns)

Box contents


Dimensions: 610x360x120 mm (24x14.2x4.7 inch)
Weight: 2068 g (4.56 lbs)

Download Instruction Plans | 30834Kb (.pdf)


M65 280 mm Atomic Cannon

US US Army (1784-now) Military
  • A Co., 216 Field Artillery Bn., 7 Army 60147669 31A/ 60147671 31B
    1955 DE
    Olive Drab
  • A Co., 59 Field Artillery Bn, 7 Army 60147568 2A/ 60147657 2B
    1955 DE
    Olive Drab

Product timeline

I Love Kit
1:35 M65 280mm Atomic Cannon (I Love Kit 63522)
New tool


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1:35 M65 280mm Atomic Cannon (I Love Kit 63522)
M65 280 mm Atomic Cannon
US Military US Army (1784-now)
A Co., 59 Field Artillery Bn, 7 Army 60147568 2A/ 60147657 2B
1955 DE
Olive Drab

News Feed

Vince Jackson owns this item
31. January 2020, 03:07
Steven Van Dyck
Vince, are you sure you own this kit? It is doubted if it will appear this year. There is already an 1/72 version available.
5. February 2020, 18:35
Vince Jackson
I am offended that you would insinuate that I am lying. I am absolutely positive I own this kit. How else would I have been able to scan in the instructions? I purchased it on ebay. Item - Trumpeter 1 35 Scale M65 280mm Atomic Canon Atomic Annie Model Kit
6. February 2020, 03:37
Steven Van Dyck
I am sorry you took this as an offense, Vince. I saw the instructions and the Ebay offering with some of the cad images. Even now and having seen those there are different people discussing if it is real or it was an elaborate hoax, because there have not been much announcements made about it by the producers. See Having built the Revell/Renwal version, which took a lot of improving, I would be very interested to see the quality of this kit when built. I see there is a lot of PE. From my experience, I wonder if the maintenance platforms on the gun are done in full detail or in a reduced form. Again, my apologies for my assumption, I surely didn't think you lied but that it was an error. Thanks also to upload the instructions.
6. February 2020, 06:25
Vince Jackson
I have seen the complaints about the Renwal version and those along with the odd scale made me to not want to build it. I want to standardize my armor builds in 1/35. Having seen a number of these beasts I wanted to build one but really didn't want to settle on the Dragon kit. I was about to get the 1/72 when on a whim I searched Ebay for a 1/35 atomic canon when the 1/35 popped up. The price seemed steep so I searched the net to research it. Trumpeter is always a little pricey and I learned it was a new release. The first of any product is always more expensive and I hoped to find it elsewhere. I didn't. So I was nervous when I ordered it but the seller had it to me in two days and it was legit. That's when I added it here. It is now in storage waiting for my retirement to build it. I will be looking into getting a custom barrel made like Tamiya did with the M40 for better accuracy. If you do get the kit, please let us know how it goes. I'd be interested in your opinion since you already built the Renwal kit.
6. February 2020, 13:59
Steven Van Dyck
For the moment I have no plans yet buying this new kit, because of the probable 10% scale difference with my Renwal one and also the price tag. I used two simple brass tubes for my barrel, because there seems to be no tapering on both straight pieces. I used the kit and the Tankograd manual for reference about diameter and length of these tubes, so this might differ in your kit. I only had to add the Renwal muzzle, showing the right bore at the front, I only had to add some rifling, and the short tapering segment between the tubes. I must give Trumpeter this: that the barrel for my Kondensator kit, having a taper, had a flawless fit. It took very little polishing to make the seam disappear.
6. February 2020, 16:36
With this, and a 1:35 scale bicycle, I can finally build the diorama I have always wanted to build.
30. January 2020, 18:05
Steven Van Dyck
Are you really considering doing this in 1/35 in stead of 1/72? I also contemplated this when I built mine, but such a dio would take at least a 2 m x 1 m base. Unless you're planning to depict the moment it is tipping over, which could be even more spectacular.
30. January 2020, 18:33
>> such a dio would take at least a 2 m x 1 m base

I may have to dispense with the bicycle. ;)

But seriously, that's roughly the same size as the 1:35 scale A4 launch site I am currently building, so they can go on top of each other.

I have recently started my first 1:72 scale armour kit (a Mörser Karl on transport wagon), but it turns out I find the scale too small for the model to be interesting. I was surprised how small a Panzer IV Munitionsschlepper is in that scale. But these guys will be displayed along with a Leopold and a Dora (yet to be built), and that kind of ruled out 1:35...

P.S. Great work on that Kondensator!
30. January 2020, 19:02
Steven Van Dyck
Thanks. I only build 1/72 if there is a plane on the dio, but I thought maybe you wanted that Pacific wrecker and the other truck too on it. Should be manageable in small scale.
5. February 2020, 18:43
Steven Van Dyck
If this will be engineered like their Kondensator kit I'm building, I'd akmost be tempted to build a second one...
30. January 2020, 06:23

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