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I.D.F. Magach7

(Including Academy M60A1 Blazer)

Legend Productions - Nr. LF1024

Boxart I.D.F. Magach7 LF1024 Legend Productions


Brand:Legend Productions
Product name:I.D.F. Magach7 (Including Academy M60A1 Blazer)
Product number:LF1024
Type:Detail set
Includes: Resin

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  • Panzer Modell
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    Panzer Modell
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This kit is 2 times listed for sale/trade.

EUR 85.50 1:35 I.D.F. Magach7 (Legend Productions LF1024) DE
EUR 128.25 1:35 I.D.F. Magach7 (Legend Productions LF1024) CH

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