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Ploesti Heroes Part 1

Pyn-Up Decals - Nr. PYND48043

Boxart Ploesti Heroes Part 1 PYND48043 Pyn-Up Decals


Brand:Pyn-Up Decals
Product name:Ploesti Heroes Part 1
Product number:PYND48043
Includes: Waterslide decals

Decal options

The markings supplied are as follows:

  1. B-24D-70-CO, Wongo Wongo!
    US Military US Army Air Forces
    513 BSm 376 BG 28
    Ploesti Raid, Romania | August 1943 (Result: Crashed) | Desert Pink
  2. B-24D-65-CO, Fightin' Sam
    US Military US Army Air Forces
    566 BS, 389 BG A+
    Ploesti Raid, Romania | August 1943 | Olive Drab/Neutral Gray

In-Box Reviews

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