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El Alamein

(Curtiss Tomahawk IIB [A01003] & Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4B Trop [A02062])

Airfix - Nr. A50148 - 1:72

Boxart El Alamein A50148 Airfix


Title:El Alamein (Curtiss Tomahawk IIB [A01003] & Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4B Trop [A02062])
Includes: Plastic sprues, Waterslide decals, Brush, Paint, Glue, Clear parts

Decal options

  1. Curtiss Tomahawk Mk.IIb
    UK Military Royal Air Force (1918-Now)
    112 Sqn. AN218 / B / Menace
    Battle for El Alamein EG | 1942 | Dark Earth, Middle Stone, Azure Blue
  2. Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-4 trop
    DR Military Wehrmacht Luftwaffe (German Air Force 1935-1945)
    8./ZG 1 S9+LS
    Battle for El Alamein, El Daba EG | 1942 | RLM79 RLM78

Product timeline

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2003 Classic Fighter Jet Museum, Parafield airdrome, Adelaide, Australia
Pictures: 15

by Alan Williamson on ARCair

Curtiss P40E Warhawk
Curtiss P40E Warhawk
2000 EAA Convention, Oshkosh, USA

by Steve Stohr on ARCair


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Status: Ideas | Scale: 1:72 | Albums: 0
1:72 El Alamein (Airfix A50148)
Status: Completed | Scale: 1:72 | Albums: 1 with 19 images
1:72 El Alamein (Airfix A50148)
Status: Completed | Scale: 1:72 | Albums: 1 with 60 images
View Project
1:72 El Alamein (Airfix A50148)


Brian McColl added the Airfix El Alamein (1:72) to his completed kits.
23. March 2016 at 00:19:09 Share
Ben Batten added the Airfix El Alamein (1:72) to his completed kits.
13. March 2016 at 10:29:36 Share
Anthony Jordan added the Airfix El Alamein (1:72) to his completed kits.
20. September 2014 at 23:04:16 Share
Robert R
Both kits are based on new toolings from 2011/12, with this release being exclusive to Modelzone. Unable to connect either kit for this type of double/set to a timeline. The Tomahawk is based on original tooling A01003, and the Bf109 on A01008 (as far as I can figure).
20. May 2013 at 00:26:04 Share
Bill Gilman Nice set - what are the markings?
20. May 2013 at 03:19:09
Robert R I think so too :)
The Tomahawk is 112 Sqn, AN128, simply coded 'B' and named "Menace". Airfix date it at 1942 and simply Western Desert. The Bf109 is from 8./ZG1 and is marked S9+LS, based El Daba, Egypt, 1942. Did a little bit of digging brought up some conflicting info on Tomahawk and nothing for the 109. From what I can gather "Menace" was a favourite of Ace Flt Lt. Neville Bowker at Sidi Barrani. It was in this aircraft he got his confirmed number 3, taking down an S.79 on 14th Sep 1941. He was finally shot down (taken PoW) in 1941, albeit in a different aircraft (Tomahawk (AN283). Not sure what happened to Menace (AN12 8). However by time of El Alamein in 1942 (both July and Oct battles) 112 Sqn were reportedly flying kittyhawks. :S

20. May 2013 at 17:05:16
Robert R ***AN218 = "Menace" ......sorry.
20. May 2013 at 17:11:18
Tom The Bf-109 has the extra sprue contained in A02062 (tropical filter, alternate spinners & centreline stores)
08. June 2013 at 23:43:00
Robert R Also noticed the Bf-109 Trop filter on the new kit doesn't have the mesh detail you get on the old kit (but does look a little neater/straighter), and only comes with the 250kg bomb or drop- tank, and not the extra option of 4x 50kg bombs that came with the old kit (A02048A)
11. June 2013 at 17:53:30
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