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Jim C
James C (Jim C)

RAF Panavia Tornado GR1


20 | 31. August, 22:11
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James C
A couple WIP pics of the Italeri Tornado. I'd advertised this kit for sale very cheaply on a local trading website, but after 6 months I hadn't got any buyers. As I wasn't prepared to drop the price any lower than what I already had it listed for, I decided to just build the bloody thing.

Being a smaller subject that the F-14, I haven't encountered any warpage like I did on the Italeri Tomcat build, so that is a plus, and the fit so far has been pretty good as well in comparison. But it still remains to be seen how well the forward and rear fuselage halves will mate up. The molding quality is pretty rough as was to be expected with no consistency across the recessed panel lines with the depth varying considerably across the entire airframe.

Anyway, will see what I can do with it...
31. August, 22:24
Jos Jansen
Hey James, good to see you're building planes again. I've heard that the Italeri kit should be a molding nightmare...?
31. August, 22:28
James C
Thanks mate 😉

Yeah, I've heard a lot of negative comments on this one, and can believe most of them after building their F-14. My main concern is the wing gloves as apparently this is a real problem area with these Italeri Tornado kits.

I think starting a build like this assuming that it's going to be a turd is a good thing as sometimes you end up being pleasantly surprised... and isn't so much of a let down when you do run into issues.
Will see how it goes...
31. August, 22:32
James C
A bit of a milestone reached with the airframe now assembled and testing sitting on its landing gear. Thankfully it's not a tail sitter due to the weight I added to the nose.
There was a bit of a step where the nose attached to the fuselage due to the cone having a slightly larger circumference, but I have mostly eliminated that now with some careful sanding.

Attaching the forward fuselage to the rear wasn't quite as simple due to there being very minimal surface area to apply adhesive to. I had to use some 0.5mm stock plastic card to create "lips" beneath the arch of the upper spine, and below the horizontal surfaces between the intakes for the rear section to line up on and adhere to. It appears to have worked out quite well, and I only have minimal gaps with which to deal with now. I also used a long strip to reinforce the join on the bottom of the forward fuselage which you can see in the first album picture.

I have also assembled the loadout, but not done any cleanup on these yet.
2x External fuel tanks, 2x Sidewinders, 4x Iron bombs and 1x each ECM and Decoy pods.
I've still got to install the refueling probe, but will wait until after the main canopy is attached.

Next up is to start taking care of the joins and gaps...
2. September, 20:06
Nice start, James. 👍
Looks like you are going for the Luftwaffe Klappdrache.

Cockpit detail of the kit seems to be quite good. Nicely painted.
2. September, 20:11
James C
Thanks mate 😉

When I pulled it out, and rinsed off all the parts, I was set on doing the Luftwaffe camouflaged version (not the anniversary version as depicted on the box art) but then Clifford finished his RAF machine from the Gulf War which looked equally as appealing! As this boxing also has several RAF Gulf War markings as well... I'm very tempted to do one of those instead. I guess I will have to decide soon...
2. September, 20:24
James C
A bit more progress made on the clean up of the joins on the fuselage and vertical tail, but still need to fill the gaps inside the cockpit where both halves joined together. Also got the refueling probe installed and then installed the troublesome wing gloves on the leading edges.

As I'd read in other build reviews, the fit of these parts wasn't all that great. The instructions would have you glue the top and bottom parts together before installing on the airframe. But I found it best to mount the bottom part by itself directly into position with some Tamiya extra thin... leave it for several minutes to partially set, then install the upper piece over the top and then nudge them into position before the glue fully cured. Curiously, the fit on the bottom was near perfect... unlike the more visible upper piece. A piece of scrap 0.5mm card was used to plug the larger gap on the right hand side. Hopefully a bit of vallejo filler will be enough to clean up the rest without destroying the surrounding panel lines.

I scratched together some release handles for the ejection seats out of some wire and while they don't look all that great up close, should work out ok once installed in the cockpit with the canopy closed. I had purchased some after market resin seats and some 3D printed decals to use on the instrument panels and side consoles, but found them to be too large to use on this kit which leads me to believe that this kit is possibly slightly under scale? The resin seats in particular were notably larger than the kit seats.

Something to be wary of if intending to build this kit and are considering purchasing aftermarket accessories.
3. September, 20:19
Clifford Keesler
It is looking good James, looks like you are whipping it into shape. I rather enjoyed building the 2 Tomcats I have built of theirs, I did not run into any problems with them and they sure beat the old Monogram/Revell ones, which I have a boat load of Lol.
4. September, 02:09
James C
Thanks Clifford 😉

To say that this kit is better than the Italeri F-14 is like saying cat shit tastes better than dog shit... not that I'd know the difference, personally of course 😉.... or do I.... hmmmm ? 😉
4. September, 18:15
Clifford Keesler
That's a good one. Lol.
4. September, 22:35
Hi James C, this is looking excellent! I put my build for my italeri tornado on hold sometime ago for many of the reasons discussed in this thread. Your sterling accomplished work may make me resurrect it and give it another bash! 👏👍
4. September, 22:40
James C
Hehe Cheers Clifford & Neil 😉👍

@ Neil... dig it out again mate, as you did a top job on the Typhoon.
I didn't have the gumption to tackle that one and sold it off instead.
5. September, 05:27
Konrad Limmer
Looking nice James! Great progress! 👍🏻
5. September, 05:54
Jos Jansen
I would definitely go for the Gulf War version James...follow your build with great interest!
5. September, 06:41
Roland Gunslinger
Count me in....
Looking good James 👍
5. September, 06:46
nice, I would vote for gulf war as well, I just like the nose arts 🙂
taking a seat
5. September, 10:54
James C
Thanks guys 🙂
5. September, 21:42
Daniel Klink
Following and nice progress James👍
5. September, 21:46
James C
Thanks Daniel 🙂

After thinking it over, I've just ordered a set of Hataka acrylics that includes a suitable colour (US Army Desert Sand) to use for an RAF Tornado from BNA in Aussieland. I will use the Hobbyboss kit to do the colourful and very eye-catching Luftwaffe version instead. Unfortunately this will mean the project goes on hold for a couple weeks until the paint arrives.
10. September, 20:12
James C
Still plodding away on this build, but admittedly the filling, sanding and re-scribing (my pet hates) is becoming quite tedious now. Anyway, nearly ready for primer... RAF paint hasn't arrived yet anyway.
24. September, 22:08
Arif Saeed
I'm sure this will look great when finished James, great effort so far mate 👍
24. September, 23:07
Clifford Keesler
Coming along nicely.
25. September, 19:03
James C
Thanks Arif and Clifford 🙂

Finally finished with the sanding and filling and sealed everything under several light coats of Stynylrez white surface primer. I'm still waiting for the paint to arrive from BNA, but in the meantime will get the pre-shading and final micro sanding done in readiness.
11. October, 22:10
James C
I finally got the base colour finished today. Will give it a day or so to cure properly before I mask off the black on the nose and wing/tail leading edges etc.
18. October, 02:07
👀 Oh, she really is pink. Looks nice with the shading done, James.
18. October, 10:41
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice James. Pretty in pink. Lol.
19. October, 00:45
James C
Heheh, cheers guys 😉

I got the nose and assorted trim painted black today then mounted the engines/rear end and landing gear. Just a couple of touch-ups still left to do, then will give it a couple coats of clear gloss ahead of a panel line wash and decals. Pics to follow...
19. October, 01:50
Konrad Limmer
Very nice progress James! Looking forward to the final steps and Roll out🙂
19. October, 07:50
Interesting Idea with the use of pink as a bas layer. The result looks really convincing 👍
19. October, 09:17
James C
Many thanks Konrad & Daniel 🙂

@ Daniel - Yeah, most of the pics that I used as reference of RAF Tornado's in this scheme during the Gulf War had a pink hue to them; so that is what I was trying to replicate by doing the pink base coat prior to the "Desert Sand" going over the top.
I'm quite chuffed at how it turned out. 😉
19. October, 16:46
Clifford Keesler
Looks great on her legs.
19. October, 22:37
James C
Cheers mate 🙂
20. October, 00:01


1:48 Tornado IDS (Italeri 2648)1:48 Panavia Tornado Pitot Tube & Angle Of Attack probes (Master AM-48-032)

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