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Tom B. (TomsStuff)

UAZ 469 - "Field Trip"


14 10 July 2022, 17:33
10 July 2022, 18:10
Simon Nagorsnik
Oh yes, following!
15 July 2022, 13:28
Harry Eder
Me too!
15 July 2022, 15:33
Живко Джаков
Follow! I had one in 1:1 scale 🙂
19 July 2022, 05:52
Robin (WhiteGlint)
👀 Interesting, following. 👍
19 July 2022, 06:46
Simon Nagorsnik
Nice composition!
19 July 2022, 07:43
Michael Kohl
I like idea and execution so far.
21 July 2022, 20:33
Well done so far 👍
22 July 2022, 11:01
Ralf Topeters
This has a lot of potential, I'm excited! 👍
22 July 2022, 19:09
Dominik Weitzer
Nice idea. Looks good so far.
23 July 2022, 08:28
Looks great can't wait to see more
21 August 2022, 10:13
Very nice! Let me ask you:
1. How is fitting of parts of UAZ, please? Is it difficult built? I´d love to build one but what I saw in some reviews was not worth money. Not only poor fitting of parts, but also design issues of the car.
2.From where these miniatures came from?
Thank you very much!
13 September 2022, 12:35
Tom B.
@miloss: The UAZ is indeed giving me some trouble and I am in fact thinking about maybe switching to a Balaton "Buchanka". The figure is from a Modelcollect BMP-3 with interior. Same figure seems to be included in their HEMTT and MAZ combo-pack
13 September 2022, 13:21
Łukasz Gliński
Very cool concept 👍
13 September 2022, 14:09
@Tom B. thank you very much.
14 September 2022, 13:19

Album info

Building a little diorama that I will call "Field Trip" featuring a hunter, his dog and the UAZ 469 by MAC in 1/72. As the vehicle will feature some stowage in it and will be displayed as an open topped vehicle to show this. In the background, I will place a hunter´s seat scratchbuilt from styrene and maybe some wood. Finishing off the diorama will be some vegetation elements as such as bushes.

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1:72 UAZ 469 (MAC Distribution 72070)

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