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Sebastian Meyner (SMey)

Scalemates Schwalbe Group build 2021


38 | 25. January, 07:19
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Nathan Dempsey
25. January, 20:19
Sebastian Meyner
Welcome mate ;)
26. January, 06:02
Palo M
That's some dedication!
27. January, 20:26
interesting 🙂
27. January, 21:36
Sebastian Meyner
@Palo M: putting some wires in is not what I call dedication ;)
@Spanjaard: welcome mate 👍

Just put down the base paint for the interiour. I'll use the painting instructions of Tamiya's Ki-61 as a loose guide, at least for the interiour.
28. January, 19:16
Jan Peters
What if japanese schwalbe.... Count me in :)
28. January, 19:33
Sebastian Meyner
Welcome Jan 👍 stay tuned....I might actually finish this one this year 😄
Did some very basic detail painting in the cockpit. Later this weekend some weathering and buttening up of the fuselage.
29. January, 19:49
Rui S
Looking great 👍
30. January, 12:03
Nathan Dempsey
Cockpit is coming together nicely.
30. January, 12:49
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks Rui S & Nathan! Cheers mates 👍
31. January, 11:39
Sebastian Meyner
I now fitted wings and fuselage together. I must say the fit is good ...well I'd rather describe the fit as tight, actually very tight in places. Just a little bit too much paint and the parts wouldn't line up properly (Cockpit and nose insert especially). Having said that, considering the price and the general level of detail I would still highly recommend the kit 👍 For the price you have to pay for one of Tamiya's 262 you basically get three of Hobby Boss's 262s :)

Still.... as a ardent disciple of Tamiya I can't wait to finally build one of their 262s in my stash 😄
1. February, 11:05
Sebastian Meyner
I think it's safe to assume that the gun bay covers weren't designed to be posed in the closed position.... :(
1. February, 19:02
Jan Peters
Near perfect fit....
1. February, 20:56
Sebastian Meyner
Well some putty and sanding will solve the problem....if it weren't for me hating puttying....a lot
2. February, 13:25
Roland Gunslinger
Count me in...Looking good, very nice cockpit 👍
14. February, 16:53
Juergen Klinglhuber
looking good...!
14. February, 18:51
Sebastian Meyner
Danke Roland & Jürgen! Wilkommen an Bord :)
15. February, 07:48
Jan Peters
Any progress to be shown? :)
16. February, 16:18
Sebastian Meyner
Hi Jan! ...well
I have to admit my motivation to sit down and do something is not the best these days. Summer has now started here and the a/c in my 'man cave' has a hard time to at least shift the heat from one side of the room to the other ;) But I'll get back into it just now....I have to! There is just over 10 months left to finish the groupbuild 😄
18. February, 13:18
Jan Peters
Summer is too long away here in the Netherlands, we had liads of snow, which is gone now, and wecare tteated to some rain atm.
Were are you located?
18. February, 18:47
too long? is it even coming? kidding of course, but you can not compare with summer where Sebastian is😉
18. February, 19:00
Sebastian Meyner
@Jan. We had rain for the last 3 weeks....what kept the temperatures in the low 30s, which was nice 😄 Now that the rain has stopped it's safe to expect 40+ for a while.... I currently live in Botswana, more or less on the edge of the Kalahari desert.
@Spanjaard 👍 ;)
19. February, 06:24
Jan Peters
40+ sounds like a nightmare to me, but I guess you get used to it. Nice to 'meet' someone from Botswana :)
19. February, 09:24
Sebastian Meyner
40+ is a nightmare indeed....since I'm actually German (...just came to Botswana for work) I guess, being Dutch, you have met some Germans before!? 😛
19. February, 09:41
Jan Peters
I have even lived in germany for several years, so yes, I have met some :)
19. February, 09:47
Sebastian Meyner
...we're EVERYWHERE 😄
19. February, 09:50
19. February, 09:51
Sebastian Meyner
Ok I finally got my mojo back :) Started to mask and paint some of the markings.....and because I felt a bit fancy a nice blue flash on the nose.
21. February, 19:20
Daniel Klink
Following great stuff
21. February, 19:22
Sebastian Meyner
Danke Daniel!
Got some more painting done last night. Next will be masking off and airbrushing the Hinumarus....if I just remembered where I put the blades of my circle cutter.....
23. February, 05:19
Jan Peters
This is looking better and better with each step
23. February, 05:27
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks for the compliment Jan, much appreciated :)
23. February, 08:29
Nathan Dempsey
I like where this is going. Looking great Sebastian.
23. February, 14:50
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks Nathan! I really like 'what ifs' ! ...and no rivet counter would know where to begin to get a nervous brake down 😄 And plenty space for ones own imagination!
23. February, 17:10
Sebastian Meyner
Having some days off work I got to cut stencils and painted the hinumarus this morning 👍
24. February, 10:41
Daniel Klink
Very cool project Seb👍
25. February, 19:21
Sebastian Meyner
Dank Daniel :)
25. February, 19:22
Sebastian Meyner
Today I added a view decals...unit markings, kill marking and what I hope is either a patriotic slogan or at least a pilot's name ;) The decals were sourced from different sheet from Lifelike & Techmod
26. February, 20:41
Jan Peters
It is really looking like a japanese aircraft, even though it is a Messerschmitt in drag :)
26. February, 20:54
Daniel Klink
26. February, 21:07
Juergen Klinglhuber
Good looking aircraft !!
26. February, 21:10
Daniel Klink
As Neuling always mentions: That red on dark green is unbeatable 👍
26. February, 21:17
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks mates! Much appreciated 👍
@Daniel: wo er recht hat, hat er recht! There's a lot of potential in that topic! How about a Bf 109G-10 as interceptor Ki-400....or something like that :)
27. February, 12:05
Sebastian Meyner
Today I started to apply some chipping and scratches using AK's water colour pencils. Time consuming but I think it will be worth it...
4. March, 19:28
Roland Gunslinger
Looking good 👍
4. March, 19:41
Guillaume Blanchet
That's a great looking build!
4. March, 21:53
Nathan Dempsey
Nice chipping. I think I have fallen in love with those AK pencils since I began using them.
5. March, 01:16
Jan Peters
I had not seen these pencils before, but the results look great.
5. March, 08:05
Sebastian Meyner
Thank you Roland, Guillaume, Nathan and Jan! Much appreciated :)
@Nathan: Yes, for small scratches and chipping they are my go to tool now 👍
@Jan: The nice thing about water colour pencils is that they're very easy to use and if you go a little bit over board with it, you can easily erase it and start over again. I just would like to point out that they are best applied on a matt surface. I normally apply the scratches right on top of the basic paint coat or a layer of matt varnish.
5. March, 08:55
Sebastian Meyner
Today I finished the weathering of the airframe. After that I adressed a main issue with basically all Kits of the 262 ( least IMHO): the main gear legs. All kits I'm aware of have them molded with the shock absorbers fully extended, as if the plane is basically weight less. What I ended up doing was cutting the each legs appart on the upper edge of the oleo. Then I shortened the oleos themselfes by about 3mm, drilled out both ends, inserted a piece of hypodermic needle for stability and then re-joined the two pieces of of ech gear leg. This should give the bird a propper (slightly nose up) position, sitting on the ground. Let's see... ;)
5. March, 19:41
Jan Peters
Nice surgery on the legs!
6. March, 07:54
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks Jan! It should correct this bird's 'posture' nicely I hope 👍
6. March, 10:15
Nathan Dempsey
Good idea with the landing gear. I'm really liking the way this build is coming along. 🙂
6. March, 14:50
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks Nathan! ...and it started more like "let's just quickly paint a 262 in Japanese colours..." ;)
6. March, 17:00
Daniel Klink
Ganz grosses Kino👍
15. March, 13:34
Jan Peters
Nice stance
15. March, 13:38
Sebastian Meyner
Danke Daniel! ....da werd ich ja rot 😛
Thank you Jan! 👍 I think I got her to sit in a propper angle now.

Being a bit re-occupied with other stuff, today I at least got a moment to clean up the gear legs and check the angle my Hien (...swallow) sit at on her own three legs :)
15. March, 15:23
Roland Gunslinger
Wow, looks great 👍 Finish line in sight😉
15. March, 16:05
James C
Fabulous looking paintwork and assorted chipping👍
15. March, 16:42
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks Roland and James! Much appreciated 👍
15. March, 18:25
Rui S
Very Nice Outcome. Great diferent work 👍
15. March, 21:59
Sebastian Meyner
Thank you Rui S, I'm glad you like it 👍 ...but I'm not done yet ;)
16. March, 05:52
Sebastian Meyner
Today I was working on one of my personal none-favorites....the landing gear. At this point in the build I'm honestly just trying to get it over with as fast as possible 😛
19. March, 19:04
Jan Peters
I feel your pain, the landing gear is my least favorite task too. Stick with it, it is almost done :)
19. March, 19:42
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks Jan! It's not really a pain, the problem is more that the closer I get to the end the more likely it is for me to lose interest in the whole project ;)

Almost forgot to paint the jet exhausts...nice distraction from the landing gear though 😄
19. March, 20:40
Daniel Klink
19. March, 20:48
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice.
20. March, 02:57
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks Daniel and Clifford!
20. March, 08:44
Nathan Dempsey
The exhaust came out well.
20. March, 14:16
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks Nathan! Only my second serious attempts with metal paints (the first being my Ki-61...). I used gun metal from Ak's Xtreme metal range. For the heat discolouration I used highly diluted clear blue and black. I'm actually quiet happy with the result.
20. March, 17:01
Looks good, indeed
20. March, 19:47
Sebastian Meyner
Thank u Spanjaard, much appreciated 👍
21. March, 05:40
Juergen Klinglhuber
Yes - the build is looking good and the extra on the exhaust paid off - Top 👍
21. March, 13:23
Sebastian Meyner
Thank you Jürgen! :) I had planned to finish this project tonight...however: I just snaped off a main gear leg and the canopy... :(
21. March, 13:58
Sebastian Meyner
I call this one done! Finally...not many kits that looked so good in the box and are generally a quiet nice build, were fighting me that hard. For example a main gear leg broke in two different places, at two different times, the gun sight and the central landing gear cover snaped off not to be seen again...must be a "parting gift" from this little stinker of a kit :( Generally I am happy with the result though.
21. March, 19:02
Nathan Dempsey
Fantastic finish and a really great idea for a subject. Nice one Sebastian!
21. March, 20:31
Roland Gunslinger
Great idea and beautiful result 👍 Congrats!
21. March, 20:55
Daniel Klink
Fantastic result mate... I am really thrilled by the look of that Camo-Bird Combination..
21. March, 21:05
Jan Peters
Most excellent result Sebastian, really convincing!
21. March, 21:35
Sebastian Meyner
Thank you mates for the kind words & encouragement! I'm very happy that you all seem to like my idea of the Japanese swallow :)
22. March, 10:05
Clifford Keesler
Very nice job.
22. March, 18:57
Sebastian Meyner
Thank you Clifford! Much appreciated mate 👍
22. March, 18:59


1:48 Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1b (HobbyBoss 80375)

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