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Sebastian Meyner (SMey)

Aichi M6A1 Seiran, completed


12 | 18. September 2020, 18:45
Very good work! I like all the scratches, dents and holes on and in the panels.
18. September 2020, 19:40
James C
That's an impressive build, lovely paint work and paint chipping 👍 Bugger... now I want one!
18. September 2020, 20:09
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks for yor kind words mates :)

The scratches/chipping was done by simply drawing the scratches onto the paint job, before clear coating it. I jused AK's water colour pencils for the first time and I have to say I'm quiet pleased with the result.

@James: Then by all means get one ;) It's one of my favorite Tamiya kits and is actually one of Tamiyas more affordable kits and well worth every cent 👍
20. September 2020, 06:39
Agustin Prellezo
Good paint work!
20. September 2020, 08:24
Andy Ball
That is fantastic!..."aspirational"
20. September 2020, 08:47
James C
It's tempting mate, but I've got waaaay to many kits to build already. Perhaps when I thin the heard a little more😉
20. September 2020, 08:55
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks mates!

James: there is no such thing as way too many 😄
"...only one more" always goes ;)
20. September 2020, 10:35
Wow, stunning job Sebastian!
20. September 2020, 14:54
Sebastian Meyner
Thank you Gorby and all of you mates for your encouraging words! With this build I did a couple of 'firsts'. Besides the extensive use of water colour pencils for the weathering, this is also my first (aircraft) build on which I did not use any decals at all. I am really happy you like it 👍
21. September 2020, 05:38
Ricardo Reis
Very nice Sebastian, congrats!
5. October 2020, 09:21
Sebastian Meyner
Thank you very much Ricardo! :)
5. October 2020, 13:09
Excellent work Sebastian, chipping is fantastic and very real!
5. October 2020, 13:26
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks Micky! ...the chipping was done with AK's water colour pencils. I basically just draw the scratches onto the paint job, before the first clear coat. I can recommend these penciles for this kind of work 👍
5. October 2020, 15:07
thanks for the tip
5. October 2020, 16:34
5. October 2020, 17:15
26. October 2020, 21:30
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks mate, much appreciated 👍
27. October 2020, 05:58


1:48 Aichi M6A1 Seiran (Tamiya 61054)1:48 Aichi M6 Seiran (Montex MM48075)1:48 M6A Seiran (Eduard EX168)1+

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