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Sebastian Meyner (SMey)

Tiran 5Sh


8 | 16. May 2020, 18:09
Sebastian Meyner
Another one "liberated" from the shelf of shame 🙂 Started this one more than two years I call it done!
16. May 2020, 18:11
James C
Nice looking build Sebastian 👍 Did the stowage items come with the kit or did you add them yourself?
2. June 2020, 07:37
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks Jim! No, the stowage is a mix of Verlinden, Legend and god knows what..... I mostly wanted to "fill the tank with stuff" as the israelis used to do. Otherwise the vehicle looks a bit to clean for my tase.
2. June 2020, 09:12
Clean and realistic: you achieved a good balance!
2. June 2020, 15:47
Sebastian Meyner
Danke Neuling! 👍 Wenn ich das erreicht habe, bin ich zufrieden :)
2. June 2020, 16:05
James C
Yeah it's a common problem with Tamiya armour kits (which is why I asked) plenty of assorted stowage bins but nothing to fill them with. It was the same with their Challenger 1 kit. Your additions look great and not over done. 👍
2. June 2020, 18:19
Zach Wilson
the weathering is really subtle. Looks fantastic!
2. June 2020, 18:27
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks Jim & Zach! Much appreciated 👍
3. June 2020, 19:57
Rui S
Nice clean paintjob & model. Well done 👍
3. September 2020, 22:12
Sebastian Meyner
Thank you Rui S!
4. September 2020, 07:18


1:35 T-55A (Tamiya 35257)1:35 Tiran 5 (Tamiya 35328)5+

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