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Sebastian Meyner (SMey)

Jagdpanzer IV (V) - completed


10 | 23. April 2020, 10:34
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23. April 2020, 12:48
Sebastian Meyner
Welcome! The kit is really quiet amazing: what you see in the pictures is about 4 hours of work only. :)
23. April 2020, 13:28
Because you are efficient.
23. April 2020, 13:44
Sebastian Meyner ;) It's just a normal Tamiya kit 👍
23. April 2020, 14:07
Günther Decock
Dag Sebastian, ga let plezier uw project volgen. Ben zelf een grote fan van Duitse tanks.
23. April 2020, 14:55
Sebastian Meyner
Wecome Günther, have a seat :)
26. April 2020, 09:28
Sebastian Meyner
Running gear and tracks are on now. I'll do a little weathering on them and then off to the figures and some other bits and bobs...
2. May 2020, 16:53
What is this blue tube above the rear left mudguard ?
2. May 2020, 20:56
Günther Decock
Super gedaan Sebastian.
3. May 2020, 08:44
Sebastian Meyner
@Olivier: from what I could gather it's some sort of dimmed down rear light. My sources suggest it a black light (?!) hence the blue. But I have to admit, it is a bit bright indeed.

@Günther: Baie dankie! :)
3. May 2020, 09:13
Rui S
Looking good 👍
3. May 2020, 11:43
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks RuiS 👍
3. May 2020, 13:23
Clean work!
3. May 2020, 18:25
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks Neuling, but still way too clean ;) This is about to change :-D
3. May 2020, 19:03
James C
Tidy looking build and great job on the camouflage pattern. The track sags look very natural as well. 👍
1. June 2020, 18:35
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks Jim 👍 I hope I rectified the "tidyness" a bit ;)
I call this one done!
2. June 2020, 09:15
The cannon is not camouflaged. Is it Panzer Grau or some specific colour ?
2. June 2020, 11:12
Sebastian Meyner
Well towards the end of the war, guns were sometimes build into the vehicles without over painting them in camoflage (especially replacement guns) the stayed the way they came from the manufacturer which is supposed to be a dark grey tone. Tamiya's "German grey" was good enough for me ;)
2. June 2020, 14:16
James C
Very nicely done Sebastian. The dirt and dust layers around the running gear looks spot on. The assorted tarps and stowage items are really nice additions as well as the foliage on the front. And to top it off, very nicely painted crew as well. Awesome! 👍

Regarding the barrel, it's an interesting visual feature, and would look equally authentic being left in just red oxide primer... having come straight from the factory. I like it 👍
2. June 2020, 18:25
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks Jim 👍 I'm blushing ;) Well, you know how it is....sometimes a build falls together, paint flows nicely....but most of the times it doesn't work out 100% ;) I guess I was lucky this time.

In regards to the gun barrel. As far as I know most if not all german guns were primed not in red oxyd but in darkish grey tone. so a new un-painted gun (or replacement) would somewhat stick out a little or look a little out of place.
5. June 2020, 16:52
very nice result, i like it
6. August 2020, 09:03
Sebastian Meyner
Thank you Spanjaard 👍
6. August 2020, 09:11
Rui S
I agree with Spanjaard. I Really like all stuf and personal gear in the back 👍
6. August 2020, 13:11
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks Rui S! The 'stuff' in the back is only two lumps of resin from Darius Miniatures. Very nicely detailed, basically a drop fit for the Tamiya kit. The perfect AM set for modellers like me (=lazy :) ) Just a little paint, stick to the model and be done with it ;)
6. August 2020, 16:30
Rui S
But I was also speaking about the personal gear on the spare traks? Photo 9?
7. August 2020, 11:18
Sebastian Meyner
I know! ;) The run off spare track links incl. all the personal gear (AND the bucket) is one piece of resin, a more or less solid cast.
7. August 2020, 13:11
Rui S
Oh ok I see. Nice "lazy" set 😄
7. August 2020, 22:33
Sebastian Meyner
Very much so Rui S 😄
17. August 2020, 06:12


1:35 Jagdpanzer IV/70(V) lang (Tamiya 35340)1:35 Jagdpanzer IV Lang, W.SS Crew & Accessories (Darius Miniatures F35036)1:35 Panzer III/IV & Variants, 40cm Typ B (Metal Track) (Easy Metal Links EML35-002)1+

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